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Mark collins city fibre inca state aid 24072012

  1. 1. State Aid in Urban Networks INCA State Aid Seminar 24th July 2012
  2. 2. CityFibre Strong relationships with cities and public sector networks• One of the UK’s leading fibre optic infrastructure providers D D• 30,000 km of fibre in the ground in 50 UK towns and cities, Delivered over 100 fibre networks D D• Largest FTTH network in the UK 20 June 2009 David Coates• Supported by two of the world’s leading D D Mobile 07710 754338 E-mail: investment banks; Macquarie Capital and Dear applicant, Citigroup Investment partners NHS Pathways CMS Change Notice: Pathways 6.4 Content in DOS APPLICATION FOR MEMBERSHIP OF THE CORPORATION OF DERBY COLLEGE 20/07/2011 (“THE CORPORATION”)• Thank you for your recent enquiry about joining the Corporation of Derby College. I enclose £500m investment to build 15 FTTx cities Backgroundapplication form together with notes for guidance which give details of the duties of a an Governor, personal qualities looked for, eligibility requirements and instructions for making an As you may be aware the clinical content of NHS Pathways is upgraded periodically - application. D typically twice per year as spring and autumn releases. The forthcoming release of PathwaysThe introduces significant changes, notafter the Search Committee but tosubmitted 6.4 Corporation make an appointment to the clinical content itself has the recommendations. The process of consideration can be quite long. You may be invited for D Symptom an initial (SGs) and Symptom Discriminators and possiblyare reflected in the second Groups interview with the Search Committee, (SDs) that asked to attend a Clinical Details section of the DOS. necessary. The Search Committee will then decide which names are interview if this is felt to be put forward to the Corporation.To empower the UK society by delivering This change introduces revised structure, content and wording, which will allow services and commissioners to capture and validate their owncan exceed the numberthe vacancies and it may The number of candidates for appointment capabilities without of need for Pathways be the case that although personally suitable, you cannot be recommended for immediatetransformational fibre infrastructure that is Engineering partner Authoring appointment, either because there are no back to the local healthneed for the Board to review. This gives control of the data vacancies or there is a community and will enable the movethat its composition broadly reflects the community it serves in terms of age, gender, ensure away from t employedgeographical spread, to ensure clinical safety. over the past year experience, etc. Achieving a balance is, however, a secondary consideration to the most important requirement, which is that a candidate must bea foundation of economic development personally suitable for appointment. To facilitate this development it is necessary to introduce the Pathways 6.4 content to the DOS: The proceedings of the Search Committee are conducted in the strictest confidence. No D information given to, or obtained by, the Committee is used for any purpose other than the consideration of candidates for appointment as Governors. your area has migrated to DOS only you will see this once The process itself is not new DOS. and there is no reason why candidates should not mention to those known to confidential, them the fact that they have applied. It is certainly proper to discuss your candidature with New content will initially are alongside the your line manager. during the migration phase. your referees and, if you sit in employment, existing content This will enable live NHS Pathways users to continue to access current Pathways content until such time as they switch to NHS Pathways 6.4. Derby College Outline Plan Date: Form - Covering Letter.doc Application Issue 20 June 2009 NextGen Roadshow Our intended plan for this migration is outlined as follows: 17th July 2012 - Slide 2 The NHS Pathways 6.4 content will be added to new DOS prior to your migration
  3. 3. CityFibre adds significant valueto cities EstablishingWe will invest up to £35m of private funding per city InfrastructureWe will build a new citywide fibre optic network Competition• Future proofed for the next century CityFibre givesAn open network for all: service providers, enterpris• Public services – transformational connectivity for es and mobile schools, hospitals, public services operators a better• Business – low latency gigabit networks for SME’s choice of access and enterprises network• Residents – the best broadband through FTTH• Wireless – dark fibre powering the next generation of mobile and wireless services NextGen3 Roadshow 17th July 2012 - Slide 3
  4. 4. Realising the „super-connected‟ city Healthier Economy Happier Society Better Retail Services: (now and in the future) Open Active Networks: Fixed and Wireless (Enable Innovation) Open Passive Fibre: NextGen Roadshow 17th July 2012 - Slide 4
  5. 5. Everyone benefits from our Well Planned CitySupported by a consortium of service provider sponsors support deployments in conjunction with the Urban Broadband Fund or similar Opportunities for the Public Sector to Private Sector Distribution Consumers with 100Mbps+ Consumer sector: FTTH internet access Sponsors symmetrical Network SME with Gbps site to site SME sector: FTTP internet services and Private Sector Large enterprise sector: Large corporate P2P and Sponsors resilient ring connectivity Gigabit, low latency fibre for business Core City Metro Network Mobile sector: 3G, LTE, 4G backhaul, data centres Fibre to base stations and small cells Public sector devices:Traffic Control Public Sector CCTV, Sponsors systems, municipal WIFI CCTV, traffic control, municipal WiFi Public sector networks: schools, colleges, Core network, Public Sector anchor client, Council, schools, libraries, public health universities, healthcare NextGen Roadshow 17th July 2012 - Slide 5
  6. 6. CityFibre is state aid friendlyRequirement State Aid CityFibre’s approach in intervention areas ComplianceOpen Access ✔ Structurally separated independent network. Open dark fibre. Open access wholesale services.BenchmarkedWholesale Pricing ✔ Dark fibre NGA has no comparable benchmarks in UK. Access will be benchmarked to EU examples. Active wholesale benchmarked to UK market.Infrastructure Re-use ✔ We would consider using ducts provided by the City. BT PIA is too restrictive, so unlikely to be usable. Co-ordination with cities to limit environmental impacts.Clawback ✔ Compatible if pegged to level of state aid. A mechanism to re-invest ‘over compensation’ in network growth is preferred.Technology Neutral ✔ Not applicable to CityFibre, however, in an urban environment passive fibre will underpin wireless technologies State Aid Considerations 1st June 2012 - Slide 6
  7. 7. City of York – “Digital Infrastructure Capital of the North” Can State Aid Extend FTTP Coverage? – illustrative example NextGen Roadshow 17th July 2012 - Slide 7
  8. 8. Balancing state aid with CityFibre‟s £500minvestment programmeOur stated aims for our Well Planned Cities:• Rollout to 1.0 million homes, 100,000 businesses• 15 cities, with a private investment of circa £35m per city• More towns and cities to follow…Considerations for State Aid:• State aid is compatible with CityFIbre’s private investment approach• Intervention areas must be carefully defined• Match funding opportunities• CityFibre is supportive of the new EU guidelines NextGen8 Roadshow 17th July 2012 - Slide 8
  9. 9. Thank You “A healthy economyMark Collins needs more fibre inDirector, Policy and Regulation its diet”CityFibre Holdings07973 Be inspired NextGen9 Roadshow 17th July 2012 - Slide 9