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Keith Vinning's presentation during the Dutch study visit - 7 and 8 March

Published in: Education, Business, Technology
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  1. 1. FTTH Dutch LightKeith VinningFujitsu Telecommunications Europe Ltd FUJITSU CONFIDENTIAL © Copyright 2011 Fujitsu Telecommunications Europe Limited
  2. 2. PresentationWhat Fujitsu is doingUK opportunitiesWhat we are not doingTechnologiesPIAChallenges 2 FUJITSU CONFIDENTIAL © Copyright 2011 Fujitsu Telecommunications Europe Limited
  3. 3. What is Fujitsu’s role in providing for the ‘Final Third’ Fujitsu is working to deliver a Wholesale open Access network in Areas that benefit from match funding through BDUK, ERDF or other Public funding initiatives. Currently we are progressing through the ‘Competitive Dialogue’ procurement process with proposals to  The Welsh Assembly  Cumbria  North Yorkshire  BDUK frame contract  Individual council projects First Contracts not expected to be awarded until 2012 with work commencing Q2 2012 Funding arrangements from European sources – fluid at the moment. Need to move quickly if we are to meet 2015 deadline in the final third. Some challenges Fujitsu Open Access Network Business Relationship Model Infrastructure Providers  Customer Demand OSP, ISP, Cabinet Install, Customer installations  Access Trackside Fibre  Funding Duct + Pole Access  Reduction in the intervention area Leased /Shared B/haul Fibre Wholesale Retail Network Independent Network Operator Operators  Progress Community Networks Public Service Positive opportunity for Fujitsu Customer Front Service Desk Help Design UK&I Consumers of Fujitsu Network Solutions Wholesale Business and Services Network Design Residential Network Build Network Operate FTEL Services
  4. 4. Fujitsu OAN Service Delivery Mechanisms – Fibre Copper Wireless Centralised In-Premises Outside Plant Point of Presence Handover Point Fibre Fibre Fibre Service NID Dist Provider Point Handover Switch NNIResidential Triple Copper Fibre O Play NID MSAN D F ServiceBusiness ProviderEthernet Handover Air Fibre Switch NNI Wireless NID Mobile AntennaBackhaul Air Ground Air Switch NID Station Satellite Hop Common Open Access Service Management Platform
  5. 5. Fujitsu TalkTalk and VM trial of BT PIA - The Wirral New Access Fibre Delivery RFoG Overhead New Access Fibre Delivery ALA DP Existing RFoG VM POP (Birkenhead) Backhaul BT DP Fujitsu Active Ethernet Switch BT Duct Aggregation O D Meet BT Footway Box F Me Breakout LLU Multi Chamber BT Duct Joint Existing User AreaTalk TalkBackhaul Greasby BT Telephone Exchange 3.2 km Spine or 425m DP to pole 11 final drop Core 62% Footway Connections Talk Talk POP 38% Ave. 25m Carriageway 85% PIA 100% PIA 100% PIA 69mtrs new dig
  6. 6. Wirral Trial Installation Fibre ConnectionsResidential Estate Greasby BT Exchange Arrowebrook Overhead Fibre BT Pole 1760 BT Pole 1752 DP’s Talk Talk POP Fujitsu Interface Joint @ PIA Spine Interface BT Pole 1754 pticreach OpticReach OpticReach OpticReach 0.2db Loss TalkTalk 0 .5 dB Los s Service Only 0 .2dB Los s 0 .5 dB Loss BTCablelink 0.2dB Loss BT Joint (12f) Overhead Fujitsu TalkTalk in Cable 0.2dB Loss Blown (12f) Service Only Chamber Fujitsu Fibre DP (12f) BT Pole 1750 Fujitsu VM Meet Me Chamber Breakout Joint Virgin Media Emtelle (Spine to Splitters Distribution) Fujitsu Virgin Media Link Cable Joint (16f; 2x 8f) 0.2dB Loss 0 .0 dB Loss Blown Fujitsu Spine 0.2dB Loss Fibre 2.8km (144f)to Home 0.67dB Loss 0.2dB Loss Breakdown Loss not included in Fujitsu Budget Joint Fujitsu (12f) 5.0dBNote: Loss Budget @ 1550nM Spine & Access Connections VM POP (Birkenhead) Cable Loss 0.24dB/km 6 FUJITSU CONFIDENTIAL © Copyright 2011 Fujitsu Telecommunications Europe Limited
  7. 7. Wirral Trial Installation Fibre Connections – Virgin Media ISP (RFOG) Residential Estate Greasby Fujitsu Interface Joint Overhead Fibre BT Pole 1760 Measured Fibre Tests A to B @ PIA Spine Interface BT Pole 1752 DP’s BT Pole 1754 Pole 1750 Pole 1752 Pole 1754 Pole 1760 OpticReach OpticReach OTDR Test OTDR Test ILM Test ILM Test F1 = 0.68dB F1 = 0.48dB F1 = 1.92dB F1 = 1.17dB OpticReach F2 = 0.62dB F2 = 0.47dB F2 = 1.52dB F2 = 1.83dB 0 .5 dB Los s F3 = 0.36dB F3 = 0.26dB F3 = 1.14dB F3 = 0.71dB 0 .2dB Los s B F4 = 0.32dB F4 = 1.27dB F4 = 0.88dB A Overhead 0 .5 dB Loss F5 = 0.62dB Blown Fibre DP B Fujitsu 0.2dB Loss BT Pole 1750 (12f) Fujitsu Emtelle (12f) Fujitsu Breakout Joint (Spine to Distribution) Virgin Media Fujitsu Splitters 0 .0 dB Loss Link Cable Virgin Media (16f; 2x 8f) Joint 0.2dB Loss Blown Fujitsu Spine 2.8km (144f) 0.2dB Loss Fibreto Home 0.67dB Loss Fujitsu 0.2dB Loss Breakdown Joint B B Loss not included in Fujitsu Budget Fujitsu (12f) 5.0dB Note: Loss Budget @ 1550nM Spine & Access Connections Cable Loss 0.24dB/km VM POP (Birkenhead) 7 FUJITSU CONFIDENTIAL © Copyright 2011 Fujitsu Telecommunications Europe Limited
  8. 8. Final Drop Connections 8 FUJITSU CONFIDENTIAL © Copyright 2011 Fujitsu Telecommunications Europe Limited
  9. 9. Happy customer and contented council Local Authority Highways Group Feedback: “It was a pleasure to help your company through the process. As for feedback, my inspector Norman Pratt had no issues other than the one ladys access to her property, to their credit the lads onsite conducted themselves professionally in his opinion. As for myself, I can only say that it was a help that you made contact with us prior to the works starting, and the discussions that took place after viewing the plans were a benefit to both parties. These discussions also gave Wirral Council a heads up into what to expect and what we expected from your company. The co- ordination was also successful regarding the access to apparatus and suitable times (i.e. weekend works)” Wirral Borough Council 9 FUJITSU CONFIDENTIAL © Copyright 2011 Fujitsu Telecommunications Europe Limited
  10. 10. 10 FUJITSU CONFIDENTIAL © Copyright 2011 Fujitsu Telecommunications Europe Limited