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Anne-Mari Leppinen - Finland FTTH Network Investment by Municipalities


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Anne-Mari Leppinen's presentation to the INCA Rural Broadband Seminar, Reaching the Final 10% on 20/11/13 in London

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Anne-Mari Leppinen - Finland FTTH Network Investment by Municipalities

  1. 1. FTTH-network investment of municipalities Anne-Mari Leppinen Reaching the Final 10% Seminar 20th November 2013 London
  2. 2. Suupohja FTTHnetwork Suupohjan Seutuverkko Oy (SSV) is a non-profit limited company owned by seven municipalities in Western Finland, founded in 2005 The length of the network is over 1500 km and implemented 100% with own fibre cable Operates both in public and private sector All the public places such as schools, hospitals, libraries, day care etc. have fibre and they form one big secure intranet connections! All the villages in the area have FTTH-network and anyone can join it! Many customers in little villages are already using 150 Mbits/s symmetrical internet
  3. 3. Operational model INFRA LAYER Building, maintaining, owning, renting dark fibre/capacity SERVICE LAYER Internet, IPTV, etc etc SP N O SERVICE PROVIDERS CAN USE THE INFRA FOR FREE ! SP SP SP F E E S • free competition among ISPs • decreasing prices & incresing quality •ISPs do not have to invest in the physical cable, they can concentrate on the services Maintenance fee SP Service fee
  4. 4. Different roles of municipalities • Ownership • Municipality as owner of passive infra • Municipality as owner of passive and active infra • Municipality as member of co-operative • Financing Broadband for everyone 2015-project 33%/33%/33% • Municipality guaranteed loans • Municipality loans • Municipality issued broadband vouchers • Equity in the limited company • Reserve for invested non-restricted equity • MOST IMPORTANT • Strong support from public sector!!! • Ensures smooth decision making process, permitting • Political people’s attendance in village events etc.
  5. 5. Benefits for municipalities
  6. 6. ENGAGE & manifesto • Addresses the building of HSB networks at efficient cost, translating best practice into effective and efficient policies. • Rural and urban areas are equal players in the development of new digital infrastructure and services • Target of the manifesto to gather wide support & influence all political layers • Sign online 1. Digital Infrastructure for European Competitiveness 2. High Speed Broadband is an Essential Utility 3. Financial instruments 4. Public Investment Plays a Vital Role 5. Open Access Networks are the Way Forward 6. Regulate to Support Equity Between Urban and Rural Areas 7. Fibre First 8. Manage the Transition from Copper to Fibre 9. The Role of Local Authorities Should be Strengthened 10. Knowledge Transfer, Piloting and Applied Research
  7. 7. Thank you! Anne-Mari Leppinen +358-40-678-7199