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Maggie Georgieva - Stop Guessing & Start Selling with HubSpot's Predictive Lead Scoring

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Maggie Georgieva - Stop Guessing & Start Selling with HubSpot's Predictive Lead Scoring

  1. 1. INBOUND15 Stop Guessing & Start Selling with HubSpot’s Predictive Lead Scoring Maggie Georgieva Sr. Product Manager, HubSpot
  2. 2. INBOUND15 Maggie Georgieva Product Manager on Contacts, Workflows, Campaigns. A sugar addict.
  3. 3. 1. What’s Wrong with Standard Lead Scoring? 2. Demo Time: A Dive into HubSpot’s Predictive Lead Scoring 3. Empower Sales & Marketing with Predictive Lead Scoring
  4. 4. INBOUND15 Lead scoring is a mechanism of assessing your highest and lowest quality leads.
  5. 5. INBOUND15 What’s Wrong with Standard Lead Scoring?
  6. 6. INBOUND15 Standard Lead Scoring is heavy & burdensome.
  7. 7. INBOUND15 It takes a lot of work. You don’t have the time or resources to set it up. PHOTO CREDIT: JD HANCOCK
  8. 8. #INBOUND15 …what's been holding us back is just not having a good understanding of the actions that people take and what value to assign to them… HubSpot Customer
  9. 9. INBOUND15 It’s hard to validate. How do you test its accuracy and make adjustments based on that? PHOTO CREDIT: JAMES BLUNT
  10. 10. #INBOUND15 I'd like to be able to easily go back in and assess the real quality of leads to decide whether our scoring criteria is accurate. HubSpot Customer
  11. 11. INBOUND15 It’s too simplistic. You’ve set up something but you know it is not even half of what it could be. PHOTO CREDIT: ΡANAYOTIS
  12. 12. #INBOUND15 We are excited about setting up a more complete system and have plenty of ideas...but day-to-day tasks never end. HubSpot Customer
  13. 13. INBOUND15 Sales & Marketing still disagree. Even when you have set up lead scoring, the chances are the marketing and sales teams disagree on it. PHOTO CREDIT: TAMBAKO THE JAGUAR
  14. 14. #INBOUND15 68% of B2B organizations with marketing automation score their leads. Only 40% of them reported that their sales teams agree that lead scoring adds value. SiriusDecisions
  15. 15. INBOUND15 There must be a better way…
  17. 17. INBOUND15 A grade or score calculated based on historical data that shows how likely a contact is to close into a customer. It can be used by Marketing to create more qualified leads and by Sales to focus effort on the most valuable contacts. Predictive Lead Scoring
  18. 18. INBOUND15 Why HubSpot? Why now?
  19. 19. INBOUND15 Solve for the customer. It addresses our customers’ pain points and empowers them to grow faster. PHOTO CREDIT: CORY DOCTOROW
  20. 20. INBOUND15 We have the technology. HubSpot hosts your contacts data already. We have the technology & knowledge to come up with predictions. PHOTO CREDIT: TEXTURE X
  21. 21. INBOUND15 We power Marketing & Sales. With HubSpot Marketing and HubSpot Sales, we have created an ecosystem to power both teams. PHOTO CREDIT: GINNY
  22. 22. #INBOUND15 “…whether predictive modeling will be a "feature" embedded in other systems or a "product" sold on its own. My intuition is it's a feature: marketers simply want to select on model scores the same way they’d select any other customer attribute, so scoring should be baked into whatever marketing system they’re using.” David Raab, Industry analyst
  23. 23. INBOUND15 • Aren’t sure which contacts in your database are high quality. • Have at least 500 contacts in your database. • Have contacts in your database who are Customers. • Have historical data in your HubSpot account. • Are or aren’t using standard Lead Scoring currently You are a good fit if you…
  24. 24. INBOUND15 2 Demo time: A Dive into HubSpot’s Predictive Lead Scoring
  25. 25. INBOUND15 Now together let’s explore: • Where you can find this tool • How to activate it • What the data shows you Demo time!
  26. 26. INBOUND15
  27. 27. INBOUND15
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  29. 29. INBOUND15
  30. 30. INBOUND15
  31. 31. INBOUND15
  32. 32. INBOUND15
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  34. 34. INBOUND15
  35. 35. INBOUND15
  36. 36. INBOUND15
  37. 37. INBOUND15
  38. 38. INBOUND15 3 Empower Sales & Marketing with Predictive Lead Scoring
  39. 39. INBOUND15 How do you empower Sales?
  40. 40. INBOUND15 Build a view for Sales. First things first. Ensure your sales team has the most qualified leads.
  41. 41. INBOUND15 Send visit notifications. Notify Sales when high quality contacts visit your website.
  42. 42. INBOUND15 Watch the leads on social. Set up Social Streams and watch your most qualified leads on Social to engage with them further.
  43. 43. INBOUND15 Set up a Sales workflow. Set up a workflow or sequence for Sales to enroll these most qualified leads in.
  44. 44. INBOUND15 Find the owners of the best leads. See who owns the most qualified leads in your database and if there are any you should re- assign.
  45. 45. INBOUND15 How do you empower Marketing?
  46. 46. INBOUND15 Find your best channels. Find out which channels bring you the most qualified leads and leverage them.
  47. 47. INBOUND15 Find your best offers. See which conversion events contributed to generating your most qualified leads.
  48. 48. INBOUND15 Nurture less qualified leads. Create a workflow to nurture leads who sit in the middle.
  49. 49. INBOUND15 Use smart content. Customize the content these contacts see in order to qualify them further.
  50. 50. INBOUND15 (general blank slide) We have got the data.
  51. 51. INBOUND15 (general blank slide) We have got the data. We got the technology.
  52. 52. INBOUND15 (general blank slide) We have got the data. We got the technology. GO GET ‘EM!
  53. 53. INBOUND15 THANK YOU!