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Bryan Kramer - How to Embrace Your Inner Focker


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Published in: Marketing
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Bryan Kramer - How to Embrace Your Inner Focker

  1. 1. INBOUND15 How to Embrace Your Inner Focker Bryan Kramer CEO, Purematter
  2. 2. INBOUND15 What is a Focker?
  3. 3. INBOUND15 Here’s what it means to me: Genuine Have a heart Embrace Your Imperfection Sense of Humor
  4. 4. INBOUND15 Hard to embrace imperfection as a person or brand when people are watching you.
  5. 5. INBOUND15
  6. 6. INBOUND15 Embrace Your Human Moments
  7. 7. INBOUND15
  8. 8. INBOUND15 Too Polished Or Robotic
  9. 9. INBOUND15
  10. 10. INBOUND15
  11. 11. INBOUND15 Be a Focker: It’s ok to be imperfect as long as you are you. It’s ok to laugh. It’s how you earn your way…. into the circle of trust.
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