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IM Your Doc Case Study


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How Idaho Kidney Institute simplified their communication, streamlined their workflow, and improved patient outcomes using IM Your Doc secure messaging.

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IM Your Doc Case Study

  1. 1. Idaho Kidney Institute Simplifies Communication, Streamlines Workflow and Improves Patient Outcomes using IM Your Doc Secure Messaging 7650 SE 27th Street, Suite 200 Mercer Island, WA 98040 | 1 (800) 409 8078 “Before we started using IM Your Doc, I had to call or page the doctors about patients. I would then have to sit and wait for a response. With IM Your Doc, I can ask the questions and get the answers much faster with less disruption making it easier on nurses, doctors and leading to better care for patients." Kailonni Bloom, RN Nephrology About The Organization Idaho Kidney Institute is a four physician practice with three offices providing kidney disease care to patients in southeastern Idaho. The physicians at Idaho Kidney specialize in the treatment and management of chronic kidney disease, uncontrolled high blood pressure, post kidney transplant care, diabetes related kidney problems, anemia and dialysis care. The practice has more than 6,700 patients and a full time staff of 50 which includes dialysis clinicians. The physicians at Idaho Kidney provide nephrology services in Pocatello, Blackfoot and Idaho Falls.
  2. 2. Idaho Kidney Institute has been providing kidney disease care for over 10 years. The number of patients, staff members and office locations has continued to grow. With that growth however, the need for more efficient communication modalities became clear because their primary reliance on phone and fax communication was impeding care resulting in: Challenges for the nursing staff to communicate critical values to the busy physicians in a timely manner 'New start' dialysis patients making avoidable trips to the ED and often being admitted unnecessarily Lack of care coordination with hospitalists, social workers, homecare nurses and others on the interdisciplinary care team Delays in answering new consultation calls from hospitals and community providers. Idaho Kidney needed a more efficient way to communicate patient health information within their practice and with dialysis services in a HIPAA compliant manner along with a vehicle to improve interaction and collaboration with dialysis patients, hospitalists, community physicians, social workers and home care nurses and techs. They wanted a secure messaging system that would be easy to implement with low cost and would enable them to keep the convenience of texting while staying HIPAA compliant. Organizational Communication Challenges 7650 SE 27th Street, Suite 200 Mercer Island, WA 98040 | 1 (800) 409 8078 Idaho Kidney Institute Objective “Approximately a year ago our practice implemented a secure, real-time messaging platform, IM Your Doc. It has improved the overall efficiency of our practice by streamlining our communication. Because of the simplicity of use and no IT requirements, there was easy adoption among our providers, staff and referring physicians and hospitalists. This encrypted, secure HIPAA compliant solution has allowed us internally and externally to share PHI, images, documents and encounter notes, on our mobile devices and desktops, through the speed and convenience of text. Not only have we benefited as a practice but our patient care and outcomes have also improved as a result of IM Your Doc. Our conclusion: IM Your Doc is a key element in avoiding unnecessary ED visits due to the timely and coordinated communication between patients, providers and their staff.” Fahim Rahim, MD, FASN, Managing Partner, Idaho Kidney Institute Benefits Realized by Idaho Kidney Institute Through IM Your Doc• • • •
  3. 3. 7650 SE 27th Street, Suite 200 Mercer Island, WA 98040 | 1 (800) 409 8078 IM Your Doc Improved Internal and External Communication and Patient Care About IM Your Doc IM Your Doc is a HIPAA compliant application that provides secure, real-time messaging for healthcare. IM Your Doc’s encrypted messaging and image sharing platform streamlines workflow, enhances coordinated care, maximizes against losses related to inefficient communication and ultimately improves patient outcomes. Developed to allow the convenience of texting that is easy to use and affordable to implement with the peace of mind of having a secure, compliant way to do it. IM Your Doc is built and can be customized to fit the needs of a single practitioner’s clinic, a multi-hospital system or a national healthcare service provider. For more information visit Minimized avoidable ‘New Start’ dialysis patients’ ED visits and increased patient compliance Simplified and expedited staff/physician communication related to critical lab values Faster response times improved patient care and outcomes Rapid and timely responses to new consult requests both from hospital and community providers Simple messages to patients like “Hope you are doing well, Mrs. Jones” have clearly increased patient satisfaction IMYourDoc IMYourDoc@IM_YourDoc