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Draw Your Story - Creating Digital Platform for Joint Storytelling


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Behzad Joze Hashemian's presentation Digital Storytelling, Crowdsourcing and Science Education for International Research and Training -symposium, August 29, 2013.

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Draw Your Story - Creating Digital Platform for Joint Storytelling

  1. 1. Draw Your Story EdTech Research Group Behzad Joze Hashemian Doctoral Student School of Computing University of Eastern Finland Creating Mobile Platform For JointCreating Mobile Platform For Joint StorytellingStorytelling
  2. 2. Contents The Project2 DIS31 The Product33 Interactive Storyteller4 Architecture6 Authoring Tool35
  3. 3. Digital Interactive Storytelling Digital Storytelling  Using computer-based tools to tell stories Interactive Storytelling  Readers or audience can influence the storytelling process DIS: Story+ Multimedia + User Interaction DIS is a field between storytelling and computer games
  4. 4. Digital Stories  Traditionally stories used to have a beginning, a middle, and an ending that is told to an audience which is quiet and even receptive. Today DIS is changing this pattern.  Digital interactive stories have the possibilities of being  open-ended,  cross-media,  non-linear,  exploratory,  collaborative,  interactive,  unpredictable  Mobile and Web2.0 storytelling make it easy for every internet users to tell and share their own stories.  Merging the role of author and reader, do readers follow the storyline or do they create them by interacting with the story?
  5. 5. Collaborative DIS 1 Last year in Italy,PoliCultura project involved 20,000 students between 5 to 18 years old, in a large deployment of collaborative digital storytelling, as a fun way to ‘go beyond the school’s boundaries’ by creating a multimedia story using the 1001stories authoring system.In Sep 2012 there were 697 stories published. 2 On the Great East Japan Tsunami and Earthquake in 2011,Growing Documentary platform was born, a CSCW concept with nonlinear narrative structure for producing documentary film, which involves independent volunteers worldwide in the process of data and content production of a documentary movie. 3 Imagine technological possibilities that millions of movie fans and ordinary audiences can write the storyline or scenario of the next movie in a film series such as Star Wars, James Bond, Harry Potter, Shrek, Superman, ... Or in TV series such as The Simpsons, Friends, The X- Files, Star Trek , ....
  6. 6. Project Definition  Mobile and Web Based Educational Digital Storytelling Environment  A platform for storywriters to shaire their storybooks  Group storytelling for children ages 4-14  Developing kids imagination and creativity  Convey a meaning by making animation  Social interactions between characters  Inspiring story ideas by libraries LibrariesLibraries 1 2D Scenes 2Animated& Speaking Objects 3Characters, features and actions 4 Text, TTS, Audio 5 Background Music
  7. 7. EduGames Market 26% 17% 41% 8% 8% Children, 0-14 Youth, 15-24 Prime working, 25-54 Mature working, 55-64 Elderly, 65+ The Worldwide Game-based Learning market reached $1.2 billion in 2011, and revenues will more than double to $2.5 billion by 2016. Packaged mobile edugames will account for 90.5% of all mobile edugames revenues by 2015. Packaged mobile edugames are already out selling non-mobile (PC and console) edugames. In terms of revenues for packaged games, the greatest opportunities are for mobile edugames for young Pre K-3 children  70-80% of download to mobile devices are games.  Intent toward mobile learning:  64% to educate themselves  69% to do research  95% to keep informed
  8. 8. Interactive Storyteller Unlimited Storybooks Fun pictures, text & audio Reading stories out loud Voice dictionary & search Interactive Stories Tablet, Mobile & Web Free For All
  9. 9. Authoring Tool Children Professional Selection 2D Scene Building Library, Sounds, Voice Recording Objects Building Sys. Generated Text and Audio Text Writing, TTS, Audio files Selection Music Import Nonlinear Group Work No
  10. 10. Architecture  Non-linear  Keep tracking of all changes by all children  No Obligation to agree on changes  Final result is multiple stories
  11. 11. Biz Model Canvas
  12. 12. Milestones 11 Joze 22 Joze 33 Joze 44 Production Team LegislationLegislation ProductionProduction R&DR&D AdsAds
  13. 13. Added Values  Interactive Storyteller  Voice interaction, Voice dictionary & search  Fun animated, Sounded & Speaking Objects  Pedagogical design and educational  Open platform for writers  No programming skils  Unlimited books  Free for all  Authoring Tool  Library of scenes and objects, Voice Recording  Auto Generated Text and Voice for children  Nonlinear and group storytelling for children  Win-Win situation  Writers make money and so do we  Levereging writers for WOM ads.
  14. 14. Joze Hashemian