Coverage Mapping for Governor Election at West Java Indonesia 2013


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The Incumbent still dominate the coverage by using their power and position in politics.

By using their position in politics as a mean to socialize him/herself will cause a complicated matter in differentiate their current responsibilities and their responsibilities in the campaign. On the other hand, this could also ease political rival to bring this matter to the election supervisor.

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Coverage Mapping for Governor Election at West Java Indonesia 2013

  3. 3. Candidates Share Didik - Cecep 7% Yance - Tatang 17% Aher - Deddy 30% Dede - Laksamana 22% Rieke - Teten 24% • The most covered news for potential couple in governors election at West Java are for Aher-Deddy at 30%, followed by Rieke-Teten at 24% and the last one, Didik-Cecep at 7%.
  4. 4. Share for Every Candidate 350 300 250 200 150 100 50 0 Ahmad Heryawan Deddy Mizwar Rieke Diah Pitaloka Teten Masduki Dede Yusuf Lex Laksamana Irianto MS (Yance) Tatang Farhanul Hakim Dikdik Cecep Nana Muliana AM Suryana T • Coverage on potential governor is still more dominant compared to coverage about potential vice governor.
  5. 5. Coverage Dynamic 80 Aher 70 Deddy 60 Rieke 50 Teten 40 Dede 30 Laksamana Yance 20 Tatang 10 Dikdik 0 Cecep 10 - 16 Nov 17 - 23 Nov 24 - 30 Nov 1 - 7 Des 8 - 10 Des • Coverage share for candidates increased between 17-30 November.
  6. 6. Sources 160 140 Lainnya Kepolisian 120 Tokoh Agama 100 Tokoh Masy 80 Internet Panwaslu 60 KPUD 40 Parpol Tim Sukses 20 Kandidat 0 Aher Deddy Rieke Teten Dede Laksamana Yance Tatang Dikdik Cecep • Coverage about candidates are still the hottest topic compared to coverage about success team and political parties.
  7. 7. Coverage Positioning 180 160 140 120 100 In Title 80 In News 60 40 20 0 Aher Deddy Rieke Teten Dede Laksamana Yance Tatang Dikdik Cecep • Almost every potential governor, except Didik, turned up on the headline news. Meanwhile, most of the potential vicegovernor are inside the potential governor’s coverage.
  8. 8. Candidate Photos 200 180 160 140 120 100 Ada 80 Tidak 60 40 20 0 Aher Deddy Rieke Teten Dede Laksamana Yance Tatang Dikdik Cecep • Candidates’ photos which showed up the most in the news are of Aher and Rieke.
  9. 9. Candidates Share By Media 400 Oke Zone 350 Tribun Jabar 300 Antara Jabar 250 Bisnis Jabar 200 Pikiran Rakyat 150 DetikBandung 100 Kompas 50 InilahKoran 0 Galamedia Aher Deddy Rieke Teten Dede Laksamana Yance Tatang Dikdik Cecep • Aher and Dede got the biggest coverage portion in Inilah Koran and Pikiran Rakyat. Meanwhile, Rieke got the biggest portion from Tribu Jabar.
  10. 10. FINDING 1 #CANDIDATES POPULARITY • There are three pretty popular couples in media, namely Aher-Deddy Mizwar, Rieke-Teten and Dede Yusuf-Lex Laksamana. Coverage for each of the three couples are above 20% from total coverage. • The most popular couple is Aher-Deddy who got 30%. • They actually got the strength to complement each other from how popular they are.
  11. 11. Continuation....... • As news source, the candidates are still more popular compared to the success team and political figure. These affect dearly to candidate positioning in the news which usually became the headline. • Between the potential governor and vice governor, most of the potential governor usually became the news sources if compared to potential vice governor. That’s also the case in candidates photos positioning in the news.
  12. 12. ANALYSIS #1 CANDIDATE POPULARITY • Seeing from the quantity of coverage, the pairing of Ahmad HeryawanDeddy Mizwar could excel if compared to other candidates. Both of them indeed got the strength to complement each other from their popularity. Aher with his status as a Regent, supported by Deddy Mizwar’s popularity. But, Aher is still the biggest contributor from this couple, especially from his government activities. Seeing that most of the issues developed in West Java, starting from disaster until cases involving local officials has highlighted Aher even more. That’s why, his popularity is not because of his decisions, but mostly because of his clarification and explanation about an incident and certain cases. For that, Aher frequently became the sources and headline for news. Meanwhile, coverage about Deddy Mizwar usually involved his nomination activity as a potential vice governor. Although, in every coverage, Aher and Deddy Mizwar usually become one major force.
  13. 13. Continuation..... • • The second most highlighted pair from the media in West Java is Rieke-Teten. The interesting thing about this couple is that both of them have picked up interest from media and therefore, the coverage not only came from the potential governor, but also from the potential vice governor himself. If the coverage from the other pair usually seems a little bit one-sided (between the potential governorvice governor), but not for this couple as they could perform in balance. The popularity from Rieke as a member of legislator with her background as an artist, could be matched by Teten who is actually an activist from LSM in Jakarta. But what’s interesting is that both of them didn’t always appear together in a coverage, but each of them got their own news. This suggest that both of them actually have their own attractiveness to the media. The other couple who can also perform in balance is Didik-Cecep. Even though they are in the last position in the matter of coverage quantity, but this pair could showed up together. This is caused by activities they usually did together and that has caused them to always appear together in news.
  14. 14. Continuation…. • • Just like Aher-Deddy Mizwar, the pairing of Dede Yusuf and Lex are also experiencing the same thing, where most of the coverage were given by Dede Yusuf as the potential vice governor who also has a background as an artist. Not only that, Dede Yusuf frequently became the news source. Meanwhile, Lex Laksamana is less popular in the media and that’s the reason he didn’t got much coverage. Even if you viewed the coverage portion, news about Lex Laksamana mostly came from his success team. The other couple who is not so different are Yance (Irianto MS) and Tatang. Both of them were Regent in their region. But from coverage side, Yance is still one of the largest contributor to the news portion. Other than because of his position as potential governor, Yance is also the Chairman for West Java DPD Golkar. Yet, they can still complement each other, just like Rieke-Teten, because they can appear in balance. Even though Tatang has relatively fewer coverage, but he has always appear at the headline and often became the news source. From media analysis perspective, news sources are one of the most important part in forming political paradigm in public.
  15. 15. 2# Candidate Tone
  16. 16. Tone for Candidate 350 300 250 Positif Negatif 200 Negatif 150 Netral Positif 100 50 0 Aher Deddy Rieke Teten Dede Laksamana Yance Tatang Dikdik Cecep • In general, coverage tone for every candidates are neutral.
  17. 17. Quotes from Academics 9 8 7 Positif-Negatif 6 5 Negatif 4 3 Netral 2 Positif 1 2 0 Aher Deddy Rieke Teten Dede Laksamana Yance Tatang Dikdik Cecep • Most academics still see the nomination of an artist as a potential governor or vice governor to be negative, because they (the artist) are considered as not capable.
  18. 18. Quotes from Public/Clergy 6 5 4 Positif-Negatif 3 Negatif Netral 2 Positif 1 0 Aher Deddy Rieke Teten Dede Laksamana Yance Tatang Dikdik Cecep • Yance–Tatang got the most compliment from the Clergy and the public.
  19. 19. Quotes from Public 4,5 4 3,5 3 Positif-Negatif 2,5 Negatif 2 Netral 1,5 Positif 1 0,5 0 Aher Deddy Rieke Teten Dede Laksamana Yance Tatang Dikdik Cecep • Most of the people are complimenting Dede Yusuf and Aher.
  20. 20. FINDING 2 #CANDIDATE TONE • There are three couples with the most negative tone, namely Aher-Deddy Mizwar, Rieke-Teten and Dede-Lex Laksamana. • The negative tone are usually caused by the fact that most of the candidates are public figure/artist that are deemed not capable in leading West Java. • The main negative tone came from academic. • But the Clergy and other public figure really supported Yance-Tatang.
  21. 21. ANALYSIS 2 #CANDIDATE TONE • In general, coverage about the candidates are neutral. If you see it one by one, the negative tone for some candidates are caused by many factors. For the candidates that are currently the governor or the vice governor, the negative tone are mostly caused by their not-so-optimal performance while still in charge. Meanwhile, for Rieke, Deddy Mizwar or Dede Yusuf, they are deemed as not capable to lead West Java because of their background as public figure. These negative evaluation didn’t just come from the public, but also from the academic.
  22. 22. Continuation...... • In contrast to those three couples, the pair of Yance-Tatang, even though they didn’t get coverage portion as big as them (Aher-Deddy Mizwar, Rieke-Teten and Dede Yusuf-Lex Laksamana), but most of the coverage are either neutral or positive. This fact shows us how big the supports from the public was, even though they are not the favorite candidate. Most supports for Yance-Tatang came from Clergy and public figure.
  23. 23. 3# PERSONS’ QUOTE
  24. 24. Institution Quote 450 400 350 300 250 200 150 100 50 0 • All candidates are still the most covered topics compared to other institution.
  25. 25. Top 10 Quotes from Non-Candidate Ruddy Gandakusumah Netty Heryawan Ihat Subihat joko widodo Iwan R Sulandjana Imam Budi Teten Setiawan Tubagus Hasanuddin Didin Supriadin Pulihono 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 • Pulihono (Secretary of West Java DPD Golkar) is the one who frequently became news source.
  26. 26. FINDING 3 #PERSONS’ QUOTES • Compared to other institutes, the candidates are still the most reported person/parties. • KPU and Panwaslu seemed not too optimal in doing their job as regulator and the supervisor.
  27. 27. ANALYSIS 3 #PERSONS’ QUOTE • Candidates are still the center of coverage from every media. Coverage about the candidates almost covered every aspect available, such as their activities, behaviors and quotes from the candidates. These aspects, added with comments from related parties have even put the candidates in the central coverage even more. On the other side, either KPU and Panwaslu as the regulator and supervisor haven’t really showed a meaningful performance. This could be seen from how few the coverage about them from media.
  29. 29. Candidates Activities 18 16 14 12 10 8 Penguatan Mesin Partai 6 Pencarian Dukungan Partai/Nonpartai 4 Penguatan Pencitraan Kandidat 2 0 • Activities done by candidates have reach to the point of finding supports and strengthening their image.
  30. 30. Activities Capacity Cecep Dikdik Tatang Yance Kandidat Laksamana Organisasi Dede Partai Teten Pemerintahan Rieke Deddy Aher 0 20 40 60 80 100 120 • The candidates still frequently use their position in doing activities, either as a government or political party.
  31. 31. FINDING 4 #CANDIDATES ACTIVITIES • Post registration, some candidates are still focusing on strengthening the solidity inside a political party. Meanwhile, other candidates have started to strengthening their image and try to find supports from non-political parties. • In doing their activities, the candidates still couldn’t stripped off their position, like the government official.
  32. 32. ANALYSIS 4 #CANDIDATE ACTIVITIES • There are three main activities done by candidates after the political parties registered their candidates, namely strengthening the engine of political parties, finding supports from every non-political parties and strengthening image of the candidates. Strengthening engine in political parties could be done by consolidating the internal of their political party, while supports from every non-political parties could be earned by visiting villages, marketplace and etc. When seen from the candidates perspective, at least three of the candidates have their own activities target. The first one, Rieke Diah Pitaloka who concentrated on her image by visiting marketplace, villages and factories. If examined carefully, what’s being done by Rieke has been done before by Jokowi at Jakarta. Maybe, what Rieke has done is something we called “Jokowi Effect”. She wanted to emulate what has been done by Jokowi at Jakarta. This could also be seen from how she always wear clothes with square pattern, which is also being used by Jokowi at Jakarta.
  33. 33. Analysis • Secondly, Dede Yusuf can be seen concentrated himself on consolidating the intern of his political parties. Partai Demokrat as the registrant of Dede Yusuf-Lex Laksamana, is indeed not in a very conducive situation, seeing how there are still some people inside who didn’t really support the registration of Dede Yusuf-Lex. This is the main job which must be resolved by Dede Yusuf. That’s why, his activities in one month after being registered as candidate, consisted of visiting the member of his political parties in order to strengthen the consolidation inside Partai Demokrat. • The third one was Irianto MS (Yance) who’s trying to gain support from all non-political parties in the public and other communities. From the beginning, Yance has been the chosen one, selected by members of Golkar to be the potential governor in West Java, so the condition inside Golkar is greatly consolidated. Now, to strengthen these supports, Yance and Tatang frequently visit public organizations and other communities to gain extra supports.
  34. 34. Analysis • • Seeing from the capacity in doing their activities, generally, every candidates are acting as the potential governor and vice governor, the government, political parties and organization. Two candidates who already have position inside the government are Aher and Dede Yusuf. Indeed, they did most of their activities in the capacity as the governor and vice governor. But, if we compare both of them, there is a very big gap between Aher and Dede Yusuf in doing their activities. Compared to Dede Yusuf, Aher is the one who frequently did the government activities. This matter might be because of the rivalry between both of them as candidates and that’s why, the vice governor never really got a strong position in the government and they usually ended up being an extras. Government activities are mostly done by Ahmad Heryawan. Especially for Aher and Dede Yusuf, their activities could hardly categorized as a regent and candidate and this has resulted in authority overlapping. Meanwhile, other candidates are seemingly doing most of their activities on behalf of themselves as candidate. But there are some candidates who also did political parties activities, like what’s being done by Yance and Rieke, but the scale is not massive.
  35. 35. 5# DYNAMIC ISSUES
  36. 36. Issues Response by Candidates as the Government 100 80 60 40 20 0 Aher Deddy Lingkungan Peternakan Sosial Budaya Pendidikan Kependudukan Ekonomi Politik Rieke Teten Dede Laksamana Pertambangan/Energi Perikanan/Kelautan Olahraga Kesehatan Korupsi Pengangguran/Tenaga Kerja Pemerintahan Yance Tatang Dikdik Cecep Pertanian Keagamaan Pariwisata Jalan & Transportasi Keamanan Kemiskinan Lainnya • Aher and Dede Yusuf mostly talked about government and environment issues, meanwhile Rieke still focused on economy and labors issues.
  37. 37. Issues Response by Candidates as Political Parties Member 14 12 10 8 6 4 2 0 Aher Deddy Lingkungan Peternakan Sosial Budaya Pendidikan Kependudukan Ekonomi Politik Rieke Teten Dede Laksamana Pertambangan/Energi Perikanan/Kelautan Olahraga Kesehatan Korupsi Pengangguran/Tenaga Kerja Pemerintahan Yance Tatang Dikdik Cecep Pertanian Keagamaan Pariwisata Jalan & Transportasi Keamanan Kemiskinan Lainnya • As a member of a political party, every candidates still focused on political issues.
  38. 38. Issues Response by Candidates as Members of Organization 2,5 Lainnya Pemerintahan 2 Politik Kemiskinan 1,5 Pengangguran/Tenaga Kerja Ekonomi 1 Keamanan Korupsi 0,5 Kependudukan Jalan & Transportasi 0 Kesehatan Aher Deddy Rieke Teten Dede Laksamana Yance Tatang Dikdik Cecep • Dede Yusuf response to sports issues in his capacity as the ambassador of Persib.
  39. 39. Issues Response by Candidates 25 20 15 10 5 0 Aher Deddy Lingkungan Peternakan Sosial Budaya Pendidikan Kependudukan Ekonomi Politik Rieke Teten Dede Laksamana Pertambangan/Energi Perikanan/Kelautan Olahraga Kesehatan Korupsi Pengangguran/Tenaga Kerja Pemerintahan Yance Tatang Dikdik Cecep Pertanian Keagamaan Pariwisata Jalan & Transportasi Keamanan Kemiskinan Lainnya • From every issues available, most of the candidates still focus on political condition. But unlike other candidates, only Rieke who is still actively commenting about economical and labors issues.
  40. 40. Candidates Joining in Issues Cecep Dikdik Tatang Yance Laksa… Dede Teten Rieke Deddy Aher 0 50 100 Lingkungan Pertambangan/Energi Pertanian Peternakan Perikanan/Kelautan Keagamaan Sosial Budaya Olahraga Pariwisata Pendidikan Kesehatan Jalan & Transportasi Kependudukan Korupsi Keamanan Ekonomi Pengangguran/Tenaga Kerja Kemiskinan Politik Pemerintahan Lainnya 150 • Environment issues, especially, di sasters, economical and labor and political issues have become three main issues which have gain attention from all candidates.
  41. 41. FINDING 5 #ISSUES • The main issues which get the most attention from all candidates are about politic and economy. • Political issues that’s being discussed a lot are about determining candidate process by the political parties, registration candidates in KPU and medical test. • Economical issues are more inclined toward labors. Meanwhile, discussion about environment mainly focused on handling natural disaster sector.
  42. 42. ANALYSIS 5 #ISSUES • Seeing the issues response from all candidates, it was also affected by their position and capacity. As public officials, Aher, Dede Yusuf and Rieke became the most active candidates in responding to issues developed in West Java. Generally, Rieke mostly talked about economical and labor issues. This is supported by her background as an activist who is very close with labors and workers, who is also a legislative member specializing in labors, health, etc. • Meanwhile, Aher as the governor of West Java looked quite active in responding to issues developed at West Java. This part is also his responsibility as leader. On the other hand, Aher’s activeness is also a part of how he socialize himself to become the potential governor for the second time.
  43. 43. Continuation.... • Dede Yusuf in his capacity as a government official, mostly respond to issues about environment. In every disasters happened in West Java, Dede Yusuf always appear to observe the site. This is also supported by his organization activities in social field. But the interesting thing, is that in his candidate capacity as organization activist, Dede Yusuf is the only candidate who actively giving comment in media. • As for other candidates, indeed they mostly speak in their capacity as candidates. But, generally, the candidates mostly speak about political issues regarding election and nomination.
  44. 44. 6# SITE VISITATION
  45. 45. Candidate’s Visitation Location 40 35 Tpt. Lainnya 30 Lokasi Bencana 25 RS/ Puskesmas 20 Sekolah/ Kampus Tempat Iabadah 15 Tpt. Hiburan 10 Pasar 5 Perkampungan 0 Aher Deddy Rieke Teten Dede Laksamana Yance Tatang Dikdik Cecep • Marketplace and villages became the most frequently visited by all candidates.
  46. 46. Visitation Location 180 160 140 Cecep 120 Dikdik 100 Tatang 80 Yance 60 Laksamana 40 Dede Teten 20 0 Rieke Deddy Aher • Bandung and district area of Bandung became the main location for candidate activities, especially Aher and Dede Yusuf.
  47. 47. FINDING 6 #VISITATION LOCATION • Marketplaces and villages became the most frequently visited by all candidate. • Any location hit by a disaster were also visited a lot by the candidate who is currently in the position of local official. • Rieke and Dede Yusuf are two candidates who frequently visited marketplaces and villages.
  48. 48. ANALYSIS 6 #VISITATION LOCATION • Villages and marketplaces are still the most favorite place for every candidates to visit. This trend (visiting villages and marketplaces) has begun since the election began in Indonesia, where every candidates always tried to compete to visit people in the villages or seller at the marketplace. Beside the villages and marketplaces, other favorite place are factories (others) and location that just suffered from a disaster. Factories or a group of labors must be considered, considering that West Java has quite a few cities that have become an industrial center. Aside of that, West Java are also the center for agricultural and farming, because in general, the main occupation for most people in West Java are farmers.
  49. 49. Continuation.... • When all candidates were being compared, Dede Yusuf and Rieke are two of the most active candidates in making visitations. Dede Yusuf frequently visited villages. Meanwhile, Rieke mostly visited marketplaces. As for Aher, he mostly observed the place that’s being hit by a disaster. For Yance, he seems to frequently attend events being held by the people. • Visitation sites for all candidates still centered on the capital, namely Bandung and the regent of Bandung. This visitation sites will eventually expand along with the fact that time for election grew near.
  50. 50. 7# SUPPORTS
  51. 51. Supports Toward Candidates 45 40 35 30 25 20 Partai 15 Non Partai 10 5 0 Aher Deddy Rieke Teten Dede Laksamana Yance Tatang Dikdik Cecep • Yance and Teten Masduki are the candidates that got most of their support froms a non-political parties.
  52. 52. Supports From Political Parties 45 Partai Lainya 40 Nasdem 35 Gerindra 30 PDIP 25 PAN 20 PKB PKS 15 PPP 10 Hanura 5 Golkar 0 Demokrat Aher Deddy Rieke Teten Dede Laksamana Yance Tatang Dikdik Cecep • The couples of Dede-Lex Laksamana and Aher-Dedy Mizwar have the most supports from political parties.
  53. 53. Forms of Supports by the Registrant Parties for Every Candidates 12 10 8 6 Konsolidasi 4 Komitmen 2 Program Aksi Lainnya 0 Golkar Yance Tatang Hanura PPP Aher - Deddy PKS PKB PAN Demokrat Dede - Laksamana Gerindra PDIP Rieke - Teten • Registrant parties for Dede-Laksamana are the most active party in making programs and are well known for their acts to win the election.
  54. 54. Supports From Non-Political Parties 7 6 5 Agama 4 Adat Selebritis 3 Ormas 2 Lainnya 1 0 Aher Deddy Rieke Teten Dede Laksamana Yance Tatang Dikdik Cecep • Yance and Teten getting most of their support from public organizations.
  55. 55. Form of Supports from NonPolitical Parties Tatang Yance Laksamana Dede Program Aksi Komitmen Teten Konsolidasi Rieke Deddy Aher 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 • Support from non-political parties are mostly in the form of commitment rather than action and consolidation.
  56. 56. FINDING 7 #SUPPORTS • Support from political parties are mostly given to the pair of Dede Yusuf-Lex Laksamana and Aher-Deddy Mizwar. • Form of the supports, mostly are just commitment and not yet reach the part they actually act. • Yance-Tatang mostly getting supports from nonpolitical parties. • Support from non-political parties are usually in the form of commitment only.
  57. 57. ANALYSIS 7 #SUPPORTS • There is no real problem in the context of supports from political parties for all candidates. The intern of a political parties are usually quite resolute in sounding their support. Only Partai Demokrat that got a little problem, considering a few of the members are still voting for other candidates rather than their candidates from Partai Demokrat. Aside of that, all intern in the political parties have no real issues. But, judging from the form of supports from political parties to the candidates, almost every political parties have only reach the level of commitment. That means, most of the political parties still haven’t given a real contribution to raise the chance for their candidates to get elected. Only Partai Demokrat, Gerindra, PAN and PKB, the registrant parties for the pair of Dede Yusuf-Lex Laksamana, that has started to show progress (starting making program to socialized their candidates.) Meanwhile, other political parties have done nothing. This only prove that, in a direct election, the candidates themselves are still holding the most important role in getting elected. As for the political parties, most of them stopped at the commitment level.
  58. 58. Continuation... • When you see the supports from outside of political parties, there’re at least two names whose got a lot of support, namely Yance who got much supports from public organization at West Java and Teten Masduki who got supports from LSM. Their backgrounds actually affected any supports they got from nonpolitical parties. Yance, for example, is one of the senior political figure at West Java who leads a couple of public organization at West Java. Meanwhile, Teten is a well known figure in LSM, not only at West Java, but also nationally well known. But nonetheless, all supports are still limited to commitment level and haven’t reached the level where they actually act.
  60. 60. Performance from Election Organizer 200 180 174 160 140 120 100 80 60 40 7 20 12 Panwaslu Kepolisian 0 KPU Kejaksaan Pengadilan • Most of the coverage about election organizer talked about KPU’s activities if compared to other institutions. Because at current period, it’s the time for registration, verification and analyzing all candidates.
  61. 61. FINDING 8 #ELECTION ORGANIZER • Coverage about KPU regarding the election implementation phase, starting from registration, verification and running medical test. • The police also got some portion of the coverage about security preparation while election’s in progress.
  62. 62. ANALYSIS 8 #ELECTION ORGANIZER • When it’s still on registration and verification phase of all candidates, KPU became the most highlighted institution by the media. Other than KPU, other institution that’s also being highlighted are the police squad. The police squad seems ready to welcome the election and you can see it by all their training, soldiers preparation and logistic.
  64. 64. CONCLUSION 1 #CANDIDATE POPULARITY • The Incumbent still dominate the coverage by using their power and position in politics. Implication By using their position in politics as a mean to socialize him/herself will cause a complicated matter in differentiate their current responsibilities and their responsibilities in the campaign. On the other hand, this could also ease political rival to bring this matter to the election supervisor. Recommendation All incumbent must explain to the public that every activities they’ve done is part of their job at the current position (as a local official) or as a campaign act (as a candidate)
  65. 65. CONCLUSION 2 #CANDIDATE TONE • Even though some candidates got high popularity, the incumbent and public figure also got a negative response from the public. Implication The negative tone has cause a declining in the public reception toward the candidate. This could be used as a chance for other candidate to maximize any supports from the public. Recommendation For candidates who got mostly positive coverage, they must keep trying to capture sympathy from the public who doesn’t like other candidates with their background as an artist and local officials.
  66. 66. CONCLUSION 3 #PERSON QUOTE • There is no distribution of task between the potential governor and vice governor in their effort to socialize with media and that has made most of the coverage to focus only on the potential governor. Implication Candidates popularity really depends on how popular they are. Therefore, the couple who could give away a balanced coverage portion will make them easily recognizable by the public. Recommendation Every humanity activities, whether it’s done by the success team or the political parties themselves, should become the main attention for every candidates. Because to form a good image for the candidates in the public, it’s also affected by the high intensity of coverage in mass media.
  67. 67. CONCLUSION 4 #CANDIDATES ACTIVITIES • The intern of a the registrant political parties will affect every activities being done by their candidates. Implication This condition will prove to be quite advantageous for some candidates who got a pretty solid political parties to find supports from a non-political parties and how to strengthen their image in front of the public. Recommendation All candidates who are still struggling with the intern of their political parties have to start making decision so they won’t lose in the matter of trying to draw sympathy from the public. How to do it, is by doing a lot of action program which can directly interact with the voters.
  68. 68. CONCLUSION 5 #ISSUES • The background of a candidate could affect the issues being discussed. Implication Each candidates have their own concentration on different issues. This actually could benefit the voters, because there will be more programs being offered by the candidates. Recommendation The public must be able to understand the issues being discussed with the candidates, because this is actually a part from work programs being offered.
  69. 69. CONCLUSION 6 #SITE VISIT • Any imaging strategy being done by the candidates still emulate what’s been done before by Jokowi at Jakarta, namely to visit marketplaces and villages. Implication Other locations deserve to be visited like farms and factories center, haven’t been utilized optimally. This is actually a chance for other candidates. Recommendation All candidates must extend their visitation sites, because West Java isn’t only dominated by marketplaces only, but also by farms and factories.
  70. 70. CONCLUSION 7 #SUPPORTS • Supports from political parties and non-political parties are only just commitment and not yet reach the level of actions. Implications Because it’s only commitment, then this matter still couldn’t be seen as a standard by the candidates, because those commitments could change anytime. This is true, especially for all non-political parties. Recommendation All candidates must make sure that every supports they got from political parties or non-political parties, could last until the election actually begin. This is to avoid the case where they (non-political parties) divert the supports to other candidates.
  71. 71. CONCLUSION 8 #ELECTION ORGANIZER • KPU’s performance in running the election is deemed not yet maximal. Implication KPU’s performance in running the election organizer has been highlighted by media. Recommendation KPU must work hard to held a perfect election so it could run smoothly.
  72. 72. THANK YOU