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IMES Research: About Us


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IMES Research is regarded as the industry standard for market research on dairy, beverage & packaging sectors across the Middle East and North Africa.

Based in Dubai, clients vary from multinational food business looking to expand in the region to regional & local companies seeking to enter new categories. Visit us to find out more.

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IMES Research: About Us

  1. 1. Corporate Profile 1
  2. 2. IMES Research is both well-established & brand-new. Formerly part of IMESConsulting, the long-standing Middle East consultancy, IMES Research has longprovided the industry standard for dairy & beverage information in the region. InOctober 2010 IMES Research was acquired from IMES Consulting & amalgamatedinto the ManSci Professional services group.IMES Research is an industry market research & consultancy company specializingin dairy, beverage & related packaging markets in the Middle East & North Africa.We are widely used as a key input to companies budget & planning cycles &provide valuable back-up in forming individual companies marketing strategies.Managers use us in addition to retail audit rather than instead of - strategy vstactics - & our forecasting is of particular interest. We provide data, but we alsoassist actively in strategic planning. 2
  3. 3. In October 2010, Jeddah-based ManSci Group acquired theContinuous Research function from IMES Consulting and createdIMES Research as a dedicated Dairy and Beverage industry marketresearch entity. For the time being IMES Research operates as adivision of ManSci’s corporate vehicle in the UAE. Before After 3
  4. 4.  We provide two services - published analysis and forecasting, and customised data and consultancy solutions for our beverage, dairy, packaging and ancillary services customers. 4
  5. 5.  We publish annual market research reports, separately for dairy and beverage consumption. These reports are structured in the same manner for all countries in order to make them directly comparable. They are aimed at a wide range of audience - from ingredients suppliers, machinery or packaging material vendors via the dairies and fillers themselves to multinationals who need to organise their resources across the region. Our reports are considered cost-effective to quickly gain knowledge about any given market. 5
  6. 6.  Our data can also be worked over and presented in a clients own format. Internal planning procedures often mean that stock presentations may need to be refreshed on an annual basis. For various companies we already fill in their own data templates, making the lives of Knowledge and Insights Managers infinitely easier. Derivatives of our consumption data can notably include production or filling data, but of course also stretch to producing ready-made Powerpoint slides. 6
  7. 7.  IMES Research takes pride in its comprehensive market coverage in the Middle East region. We carry out ground research in 18 countries. Consultants conduct trade interviews, store audits and scan the local market for data gathering, trend analysis and market sizing. 7
  8. 8.  Feed-in data ranges from the detailed to the general, from the sharing of actual sales data by interviewees via discussion of individual companies performance to discussions on general market development. All discussions we have with industry participants at any level, are then cross-checked with desk research results gathered by our team of analysts - any relevant published data, journal articles, press releases, company websites, import and export statistics, and governmental production statistics, academic papers are reviewed continuously. Cross-checking information is the most important task our industry experts undertake. This will eliminate issues with agendas that may be pursued by interviewing partners, data transcription issues, data discrepancies or weaknesses in official statistics. Explaining the data - this is our main focus. We provide market measurement, we provide market segmentation and shares, we provide trend analysis - but above all we provide an explanation on why a market has behaved the way it has behaved, and crucially, we provide market forecasts together with the necessary assumptions that have to be taken. Through years of operating in a region that has proved to be fairly unpredictable, both on supply and demand levels, we have learnt how to provide forecasts with which our customers can agree with- and if they disagree with certain assumptions, various scenarios can be built. 8
  9. 9.  Retail audit is the mode of research most companies in the dairy and beverage industry are familiar with - research among retail outlets and subsequent extrapolation to arrive at market sizing and trend analysis. Our approach is different from retail audit - we employ industry market research, from the top down. We conduct field interviews with all the stakeholders involved in the supply chain: Local Producers Licensee brand owners Regional offices of multinational suppliers Importers Distributors Retailers Packaging suppliers Packaging machinery suppliers Raw material suppliers Finance houses Government departments- all with a stake in regional dairy and beverage market performance. 9
  10. 10.  With an established regional presence spanning three decades, IMES Research boasts of a clientele ranging from multinational via regional to local. We are lucky to count many customers among our interviewing partners so our feed- in data is second to none, and many companies use our data as their planning standard. 10
  11. 11. Almarai (Saudi Arabia) Arla Foods Taanayel Les Fermes/RJW FoodsAl Safi Danone (Saudi Arabia) Nestle Orangina SchweppesNadec (Saudi Arabia) Nestle Waters Al Rihana (Syria)Arcoma (Hochwald Saudi Arabia) International Dairy & Juice (Pepsi/Almarai JV) Al Naseem (Libya)Al Othman (Saudi Arabia) Pinar SIG CombiblocTetra Pak Lactalis Saudi Industrial Development FoodPepsi Beverages Fromageries Bel Bord BiaCoca-Cola Liban Lait Tiger Global ManagementLebanese Beverage and Dairy Kuwaiti Danish Dairy Co (Kuwait) Friesland CampinaIndustries Al Al Ain Dairy (UAE) KPMGAujan Industries Al Bunnia (Iraq) AMS Baeshen (Saudi Arabia)Al Rabie Saudi Foods Sadafco (Saudi Arabia) Ball PackagingNational Food Industries Co/Hayel Anabtawi Group (Palestine/Jordan) Crown Beverage CanSaeed Hijazi Investment (Jordan) Rexam Beverage CanFonterra Arrow Foods (Saudi Arabia) Gulf & Safa Dairy (UAE) Juhayna (Egypt) Dandy Co (Qatar) 11
  12. 12. Tel: +971 4 457 9185Fax: +971 4 457 9186 Connect with us @Address:Jumeirah Business Centre 1, Cluster GOffice 2308/9, Jumeirah Lakes TowersPO Box 334212, Dubai, United Arab EmiratesEmail: marketing@imesresearch.comBlog: http://www.imesresearch.wordpress.comWebsite: 12