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IMDEX and Innovation


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An abridged version of a presentation delivered at a breakfast seminar in Johannesburg on 31/01/2019

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IMDEX and Innovation

  1. 1. IMDEX & INNOVATION What is it, Where is it, Now? Michelle Carey, Dave Lawie, Noleen Pauls
  2. 2. IMDEX’s 6 Solution Sets
  3. 3. LeapFrog Central Admin Portal Central Browser Surveys Gamma Assays Structural Features IMDEX HUB-IQ -- Seequent Central 20% Already of Global Fleet
  4. 4. 4 In Real Time At Rig Data… Earth Station Inmarsat I4 Constellation Inmarsat BGAN
  5. 5. North Seeking Continuous Gyro Sprint-IQ
  6. 6. IMDEX MOBILE Now available SaaS in IMDEXHUB-IQ
  7. 7. AMC MUD AID™ • Live samples the drilling fluid system against project-specific mud programs or API’s • Instant recommendations for maintenance or treatment • Drilling fluid parameters are optimised 24/7 • Reduces potential operational delays or need for having an on- site Drilling Fluid Engineer • Integrated into IMDEX HUB-IQ™, providing real-time data & reports The only in-field, remotely monitored drilling fluid testing unit
  8. 8. Real-Time Structural Logging from IQ Logger to Central
  9. 9. to <150μ in ~2 mins 60g of 1-2mm material to 1-2mm in 1-2 mins 1 kg of 25mm material Complete End-to-End Solution Sample Preparation …
  10. 10. Complete End-to-End Solution • Inbuilt QAQC procedure • Secure chain of custody … to Decision Support
  11. 11. The Solution Measure > Combine > Categorise > Optimise > Implement > Execute > Outcome > Learn Imdex Components 1. Blast DOG Multi-Sensor 2. Multi-Sensor + MWD Analytics 3. Predicted Material Properties 1 3 2 2
  12. 12. Thank you for your time For more information contact E