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Seminario: Pequeños sistemas modulares para centrales solares termoeléctricas
Coorganizado IMDEA Energía con EOI

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Tessera brendan o’brien. sistema disco-stirling

  1. 1. TESSERA SOLAR 1 Julio 2010
  2. 2. Table of Contents (I) Background and Overview (II) Technology (III) Maricopa Solar Case Study (IV) Utility Scale or Distributed Systems
  4. 4. SES & Tessera Solar Corporate Profile $155m investment (controlling stake) in SES / Tessera Solar since May 2008 Leading international developer and operator of renewable energy and NTR plc waste management assets Sold Airtricity for 1.8bn to E.ON and SSE in 2007/08 Based in Ireland with more than 4,100 Solar employees worldwide Pioneers Global developer of large scale solar projects using the SunCatcher SES Ltd. technology 1.5 MW reference plant operational since December 2009 in Arizona Around 60 employees worldwide Engineering / Manufacturing Project Development TSI - London based entity leading international development Tessera Solar Tessera Solar TSA - Three existing PPAs for up to 1,627 SES Inc. Americas International MW in California and Texas (TSA) (TSI) Developer and manufacturer of the SunCatcher Technology Formed in 1996 to develop and commercialise Dish-Stirling technology Over 100 employees based in Phoenix NTR backed vertically integrated concentrating solar power company
  5. 5. NTR Track Record of Success Pre 1999 1999 - 2002 2002 - 2006 2007 - 2008 Toll Road Pioneer Irish Diversification Int l Development Transition Today Sale & RECYCLING UK 2003 Ireland 1984 1999 US 2006 monetisation UK $780m North America Sale of NA & UK 2002 European SOLAR 1990 1999 businesses Americas US 2004 $2.8bn and International Germany Withdrawal 2001 2006 from Germany WIND US 2007 North America Merged with 2002 Imagine ETHANOL North America Acquired 2008 TOLL ROADS Acquired Ireland 2008 Acquired 2008 WATER Ireland Leading international operator and developer of renewable energy and sustainable waste management
  6. 6. SES and Tessera Solar History May 08 - NTR plc Tessera Solar is Commiss. of Signs Power Purchase (renewable energy formed by Maricopa Agreements with each of operator and developer) splitting the Solar, the first San Diego Gas & Electric completes a $100m development commercial Formed in 1999 in Phoenix, SES (750 MW) and Southern investment in May to take and plant using acquires dish system technology California Edison (850MW) a controlling interest in manufacturing SunCatcher previously developed by McDonnell SES (followed by a further business of SES technology Douglas, Southern California Edison, $55m in November 2009) (PPA with the Dept. of Energy and Sandia SRP) National Laboratories 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 Focus on Integration well underway - Reference plant developing and headcount triples in first six Maricopa Solar commercialising months construction start the SunCatcher Hire of key management with technology for relevant business / finance solar thermal expertise (e.g. GE, BP, Ford, applications Goldman Sachs, Lazard) 2 x AFCs submissions (key permitting filing in CA) filed with the CEC 4 new dishes using the X0 design are successfully constructed and commissioned at Sandia Two of world s largest solar PPAs in California Significant expansion driven by NTR investment
  7. 7. SunCatcher Operational Experience Legacy and Pedigree 1970s Track record of 30+ years of R&D and testing at a total cost of $500m 1990s Model Power Plant (MPP) In 2004, SES began construction of a 150 kW pilot plant at Sandia 2004 Six 25 kW SunCatchers in operation at Sandia National Lab. (NM, US) since 2005/2006 New Generation of Dishes X0 Four X0 dishes deployed at Sandia in early 2009 as part of the MPP 2009 Accelerated life testing of a further 6 engines being performed in cooperation with McLaren Maricopa Solar Plant (MSP) 1.5 MW (60 units) commercial power plant in Peoria, Arizona Plant is online since December 2009 was officially opened on 22 2010 January 2010 Large Scale Commercial Deployments Proven testing record and system based on known technologies 7
  8. 8. SunCatcher Commercialisation Past Today Technology Commercialization Program Commercialization Product Commercialization Supply Chain Development Development Projects - Model Power Plant (on-sun) - ALT Test Rigs - Reference plant (Maricopa) Company Infrastructure Goals Starting Point US & International Markets 30 Year History Supply Chain US Based Development units Independent Engineers with Global Reach HB, NV, SA, SNL report (RW Beck) to validate SunCatcher Ultra-Low Cost Systems Model Power Plant High Volume technology 6 Systems Manufacturing (1Q10) SES Supply Chain Advanced Systems Units redesigned for high volume manufacture
  10. 10. SunCatcher 25 kW solar power system The system consists of a solar concentrating dish structure that supports an array of parabolic mirrored facets Dish concentrator tracks, collects, and focuses the Sun s energy onto solar receiver tubes which contain hermetically sealed hydrogen gas This heats and pressurizes the gas in the heater head tubing, powering a high-efficiency four-cylinder, reciprocating Solar Stirling Engine The Stirling engine converts thermal energy to grid- quality electricity by utilizing hydrogen as an internal working fluid that is recycled through the engine A new paradigm clean energy solution 10
  11. 11. SunCatcher Key Components
  12. 12. Stirling Engine & Generator Stirling Engine Generator
  13. 13. SunCatcher Stirling Engine Piston Rod Receiver Body Regenerator Cooler Cylinder Block Crankshaft The Stirling Engine Invented in 1816
  14. 14. The SunCatcher 30+ years of development Developed by leading solar industry pioneers: Ford, Kockums, Boeing, McDonnell Douglas, Southern California Edison, the Department of Energy and Sandia National Laboratories Track record of 20+ years of R&D and testing at a total cost of $500m
  15. 15. CSP Technology Overview The table below outlines the key characteristics of the various CSP technologies Trough Trough Tower Tower CLFR CLFR Dish Dish Concentration Ratio 70-80 300-1,000 25-100 1,000-3,000 250oC (482oF) - Current Operating 500+ oC 800oC (1,472oF) - Temperatures 400oC (750oF) (1,000+ oF) 316oC (600oF) 900oC (1,652oF) Average Net Conversion Efficiency 11 - 14% 15 - 22% 9 - 11% 24 - 27% Area requirements (MW /sq mile) 100 - 128 60 - 80 180 100 SunCatcher Near Term: Oil Near Term: Near Term: Future: Steam, Steam, Molten Steam Future: Near Term: - Technology Attributes Heat Transfer Fluids Molten Salt Salt Molten Salt Future: - 1 dimension 2 dimension 1 dimension 2 dimension Lowest Cost rotational rotational rotational rotational Tracking method tracking tracking tracking tracking Water usage (cooling & 24 years 1 year washing) (m3/MWh) 2.940 2.800 - 0.019 Lowest Water Use Stow speed: - Damage:150 Stow speed:35 Stow speed: 23 Stow speed: 22.5 mirrors, 100 Damage: 90 - Highest Efficiency Wind resistance (mph) Damage: 50 - 84 Damage: 87 receiver array 100 Parasitic Loss 10 - 14% 2 - 5% - 3 - 5% Announced Project Pipeline(specific projects Modular Design with completion dates through 2016) 6,011 MW 2,579 MW 748 MW 1,750 MW Aggregate VC funding $126.4M $440 M $109.1 M $166.5 M Abengoa, Terrain Flexibility Acciona, SkyFuel, BrightSource, Ausra, Novatec, & Minimal Land Stirling Energy Solel, Solar eSolar, SENER, Biosol, SkyFuel, Systems (SES) / Disturbance Millennium, SolarReserve, Solar Power Tessera Solar, Key Developers Sopogy Abengoa Group Infinia, Abengoa Source: Cleantech, Technology Innovation Report - Concentrated Solar Thermal, October 2008 The only modular, low water usage CSP technology with record breaking efficiency
  17. 17. Maricopa Solar Tessera Solar s First Commercial Plant 1.5 MW (60 units) commercial power plant in Peoria, Arizona Fully assembled and online in late 2009 PPA with Salt River Project Full commissioning 15th March 2010 Unveiled world s first commercial-scale SunCatcher Plant with Utility Partner Salt River Project on 22nd January 2010
  18. 18. Maricopa Solar: Installation of Pedestals §A low-amplitude vibratory piling §No excavation §No grading §No concrete §Ease of decommissioning
  19. 19. Dish Assembly § The Maricopa reached a target rate of assembling 2.5 dishes per day § A PCU can be swapped for routine or unplanned maintenance in <15 min
  21. 21. Large V Small Scale Solar June 29th 2010 ... energy experts now say developers' focus should be on deploying smaller solar plants ... But can CSP tap into this interim market for SunCatcher Technology Attributes distributed energy, or must it always be limited to utility-scale applications? Lowest Cost Building large central station solar plants and Lowest Water Use transmission lines to remote desert locations also involves major environmental trade-offs in Highest Efficiency terms of water usage and impact on virgin desert Modular Design The technology that is expected to dominate the distributed generation market is Terrain Flexibility & Minimal Land photovoltaics (PV). Most agree that CSP will Disturbance be left to niche applications. Scaling down SunCatcher technology is easier than other CSP due to low water usage and modularity 21
  22. 22. Solar Technology Landscape <10kW to 100MW 25MW to >100MW Dish systems occupy a unique space between conventional CSP and PV Systems
  23. 23. SunCatcher Modularity The modularity of the design allows commissioning of smaller blocks which significantly reduces commissioning risk and enables revenues during the construction phase
  24. 24. Tessera Solar Americas Projects Tessera Solar Americas has PPAs for up to 1,627 MW in place Calico Solar 1, California (850MW) Imperial Valley Solar 2, California (750MW) Western Ranch, Texas (27MW) Permitting completed; BLM Permitting completed; BLM Permitting in process Q2/3 2010 grant and CEC certification grant and CEC certification completion expected Q3 2010 expected Q3 2010 EPC - Mobilization for Phase I (275MW) Mobilization Phase I(300MW) Mobilization construction 4Q 2010 Final for construction Q4 2010, Final for construction Q4 2010, Final COD Q1 2011 COD Q2/3 2012 COD Q1/2 2012 Ongoing negotiation for Phase II (575MW) Mobilization Phase II (450MW) Mobilization extension up to 54MW for construction Q3/4 2013 Q4 for construction Q3 2011,COD 2013, COD Q4 2015/Q1 2016 Q4 2013/Q1 2014 Large scale deployment of SunCatchers to start in 2010
  25. 25. Maricopa Solar Thank You 25
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  27. 27. Maricopa Solar 27
  28. 28. Maricopa Solar 28
  29. 29. Maricopa Solar 29
  30. 30. Maricopa Solar 30