Revision religion and human relationship


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Revision religion and human relationship

  1. 1. R.S REVISIONReligion and Human Relationship
  2. 2. Roles of men and women in the Christian and Church familyMain Facts First creation in Genesis it says, “So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them.” Second creation story in Genesis man was created first then woman as a companion and helpmate to the man. In the Old Testament women are seen as strong and important people and rulers. Jesus‟ in the gospel accounts treats women as equals to men. In the New Testament there are examples of women such as Priscilla and Lydia who appear to be in positions of authority within the early Church. The free churches have women ministers as do the Anglican Church, whereas the Roman Catholic and the Orthodox Churches do not. This Religion and Human Relationship is because they follow Jesus who only had men disciples.
  3. 3. Key textsThe two creation stories.Jesus heals the woman who has been bleeding for12 years. She is healed through faith.Paul taught that everyone was equal in Christ. Religion and Human Relationship
  4. 4. Marriage and Marriage ceremoniesMain Facts Marriage is seen as a gift from God and is part of God‟s bigger plan for creation. The importance of marriage is stressed by Jesus, “Therefore what God has joined together, let man not separate”. The words and vows stated in a marriage ceremony stress the promises the bride and groom are made before God. The priest reminds the couples of the seriousness of marriage and that‟s it symbolizes the relationship between Christ and the Church and that a marriage was the occasion of Jesus‟ first miracle. VOWS!!!!!! Exchanging of the rings represents eternity and their never ending love for each other. It is considered a sacrament (an outward visible sign of an Human Relationship Religion and inward spiritual grace).
  5. 5. Key textsJesus states that divorce is wrongThe first miracle: Jesus changes water into wine atthe wedding of Cana Religion and Human Relationship
  6. 6. Christian responses to civil partnershipsMain Facts Civil Partnership services are formal ceremonies between same-sex couples in which they make promises to each other and which gives them the same legal status as married heterosexual couples Civil Partnership ceremonies, by law, do not have any religious content in them. The Roman Catholic Church and the Church of England are opposed to civil partnerships because they teach that marriage is the proper place for sexual activity to occur and that one of the main purposes of sex should be to create a new life which homosexual sex cannot do. Roman Catholic Church dislike homosexual sex as they view it as masturbation which is in there eyes a sin of Onan. The Methodist Church are open for discussion but still state: “it does not consider homosexual sex acceptable”. This means they accept someone can be homosexual but not when the act up on that instinct. They do not bless civil partnerships. Religion and Human Relationship Only Quakers full support homosexual couples in their meetings.
  7. 7. Key textsThe story of the destruction of Sodom and GomorrahThe sin of OnanHomosexuality is condemnedPaul condemns homosexuality Religion and Human Relationship
  8. 8. Christian beliefs about divorce and remarriageMain Facts Divorce in the Old Testament is not welcomed. Jesus said on the mount that divorce was wrong. Jesus allows divorce on the grounds of adultery. The Church of England and Orthodox Church both allow divorce and remarriage. The Roman Catholic allow divorce but still see the couple married due to the marriage being a sacrament between them and God which can not be broken. If they get remarried or have a relationship with someone else then they cannot receive communion as what they are doing is a sin. The Pope can allow annulments but only for certain circumstances, for example: if the couple were not mentally fit to understand the seriousness of marriage. Once annulled the couple are free to marry Religion and Human Relationship again in the Church.
  9. 9. Key textsJesus‟ teaching on divorce in the sermon on the mount. Religion and Human Relationship
  10. 10. Christian beliefs about sexual relationshipsMain Facts Christianity teaches that sex should take place within marriage. In Genesis 2:24 men and women are told to „become one flesh‟. Outside of marriage sex always constitutes a grave sin. St Paul remained thought that the ideal was for everyone to remain celibate. Some believe this was because it distracted people from loving and serving God. Agape – a non-sexual love which is completely selfless and spiritual is shown in the teachings of the New Testament. For example, when Jesus‟ sacrifice on the cross. It is given to everyone no matter who they are, what they have done or whether they return that love. The Christian Churches are all opposed to adultery, fornication and, with few exceptions, homosexuality. They view all these as going against the purpose of sex within marriage. Some Churches are prepared to all cohabiting couple into their congregations but the majority will not. Religion and Human Relationship
  11. 11. Key textsJesus says that adultery is wrong but thinkinglustfully about someone is just as badPaul says that casual sex is wrong because thebody is a temple for the Holy SpiritPaul says that it is better to get married than indulgein casual sexThis letter outlines Christian love Religion and Human Relationship
  12. 12. Christian beliefs about contraceptionMain Facts Christians believe that life is a gift from God and sacred and therefore many of them feel that contraception or birth control is preventing a new life which God wished to be born and its therefore a sin. Many others believe that the bible should be interpreted for the modern age we live in. They believe that yes life is sacred but due to the problems of overpopulation and poverty they think contraception should be allowed. The Roman Catholic Church considers that contraception is wrong as it goes against Gods command to Adam and Eve “Be fruitful and increase in numbers”. The only form of contraception allowed by the RC is the „rhythm method‟ as there is still a chance of conception. The Anglican Church teaches that the parents decision on how many children they want and want them is due to God‟s influence on them. The orthodox Churches do not have a single view about contraception Religion and Human Relationship except that abortifacients such as the morning-after pill are not permitted.
  13. 13. Key textsGod made humans in his own image Religion and Human Relationship