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The Data Cleansing Process - A Roadmap to Material Master Data Quality


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IMA Ltd. outlines the Material Master Data Cleansing Process to deliver high quality data, increased maintenance efficiency, improved asset performance, and MRO cost savings.

Join IMA Ltd. on the road to Material Master Data Quality.

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The Data Cleansing Process - A Roadmap to Material Master Data Quality

  1. 1. The Data Cleansing Process A Roadmap to Material Master Data Quality
  2. 2. Step 1 Perform Pre-Cleanse Data Evaluation • Assess Current (Raw) Data Condition • Calculate Data Quality Score Based On: • Duplicate Percentage • Review Item Percentage • Number of Manufacturer Names Populated • Number of Manufacturer Part Numbers Populated • Number of Nouns • Number of Modifiers • Description Length – Avg. Number of Words/Characters • Prepare Before and After Data Cleansing Samples • Determine Cost Savings Opportunities and ROI
  3. 3. Step 2 Establish Corporate Data Standard • Standard Naming Convention • Define Noun-Modifier Dictionary • Standard Abbreviations & Policies • Develop Standard Abbreviation List • Define Standard Cleansing Policies • Standard Data Format • Define Enterprise System Specifications (fields, features, character limitations, contents) • Develop Data Formatting Template • Product Classification System • Select and define Product Classification System • Example: UNSPSC, eCl@ss, Custom, etc.
  4. 4. Step 3 Review and Approve Test Data • Prepare 500-1000 SKU Test Data Sample • Implement Pre-Defined Data Standards • Utilize Pre-defined Data Formatting Template • Review Test Data Sample • Review and Critique Data Cleansing Deliverable • Perform Test Upload in Non-Production Environment • Modify Corporate Data Standard and Format as Required
  5. 5. Step 4 Pre-Cleanse Data Mining • Identify, Standardize and Populate Manufacturer Name & Part Number • Assign Valid Noun-Modifier Naming Convention Raw Data: 25mm Ball Brg, 62052RS-C3 Skf PART NUMBER MANUFACTURER 6205-2RS/C3 SKF MODIFIER NOUN BALL BEARING
  6. 6. Step 5 Standardize and Validate STYLE CLEARANCE CAGE MATERIAL C3 CLEARANCE SERIES TOW TYPE WIDTH OUTSIDE DIAMETER INSIDE DIAMETER 25MM ID • Standardize and Validate Existing Information by Attribute Raw Data: 25mm Ball Brg, 62052RS-C3 Skf PART NUMBER MANUFACTURER 6205-2RS/C3 SKF MODIFIER NOUN BALL BEARING
  7. 7. Step 6 Research and Enhance STYLE CLEARANCE CAGE MATERIAL 2 SEALS C3 CLEARANCE STEEL SERIES TOW TYPE WIDTH OUTSIDE DIAMETER INSIDE DIAMETER LIGHT DUTY SINGLE ROW CONRAD 15MM WD 52MM OD 25MM ID Raw Data: 25mm Ball Brg, 62052RS-C3 Skf PART NUMBER MANUFACTURER 6205-2RS/C3 SKF MODIFIER NOUN BALL BEARING • Research and Enhance Description • Utilize internal information resources, online sources, and Manufacturer, OEM or Vendor Catalogs
  8. 8. Step 7 Assign Product Classification Codes IMA PRODUCT CLASSIFICATION UNSPSC CLASSIFICATION 0101 – BALL BEARINGS 31171504 – BALL BEARINGS Raw Data: 25mm Ball Brg, 62052RS-C3 Skf • Assign Accurate Product Classification Code and Description • Typically based on Noun, Modifier, Type, and Material
  9. 9. Step 8 Identify & Consolidate Duplicates • Identify Duplicate Records and Assign Common Corporate Part Number • Duplicates may be identified by Exact Match and Fit-Form-Function Equivalent • Duplicates may be consolidated (merged) into a single item number (material record) while maintaining history of old item numbers ITEM NUMBER 12345 MANUFACTURER CR PART NUMBER 17231 DESCRIPTION oil seal ITEM NUMBER 54321 MANUFACTURER PART NUMBER DESCRIPTION 17231 CR Seal MANUFACTURER CHICAGO RAWHIDE PART NUMBER 17231 SHORT DESCRIPT. SEAL, OIL, CHICAGO RAWHIDE, 17231 LONG DESCRIPT. SEAL, OIL, 1 LIP, SPRING LOADED, CLOSED CASE, 1.75IN ID, 2.254IN OD, 0.313IN WD, NITRILE, CHICAGO RAWHIDE, 17231 UNSPSC CODE 31411705 UNSPSC DESCRIPT. LIP SEALS
  10. 10. Step 9 Identify and Address “Review” Items • Identify Items Containing Insufficient Information • Compile List of All Item Requiring Review • Perform Physical Part Review, Identification and Data Collection • Obtain Adequate Information for Cleansing (Manufacturer Name, Part Number, Item Number, Noun, Modifier, etc.) ITEM NUMBER 29573 MANUFACTURER PART NUMBER DESCRIPTION seal ITEM NUMBER 40858 MANUFACTURER PART NUMBER DESCRIPTION Brg 25mm !* Items missing pertinent part information for accurate identification, search ability, and usage.
  11. 11. Step 10 Perform Quality Control Review • Ensure Each Cleansed Record Meets the Service Level Agreement Manufacturer Name and Part Number Populated and Standardized Valid Noun-Modifier Naming Convention Description Complete, Correct, and In Compliance With Pre-Defined Standards Accurate Product Classification Code and Description Assigned Zero Spelling Mistakes Duplicates Accurately Identified Review Items Identified ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓
  12. 12. Raw Data: 25mm Ball Brg, 62052RS-C3 Skf Step 11 Format Data SHORT DESCRIPTION LONG DESCRIPTION BEARING, BALL, SKF, 6205-2RS/C3 BEARING, BALL, 25MM ID, 52MM OD, 15MM WD, CONRAD, SINGLE ROW, LIGHT DUTY, 2 SEALS, C3 CLEARANCE, STEEL, SKF, 6205-2RS/C3 • Format Data to Pre-Defined Template • Data Must Comply With Enterprise System Specifications including: Field Type, Features, Contents, and Character Limitations • Example: SAP Material Description Must Not Exceed 40-Characters and should include Noun, Modifier, Manufacturer Name, and Part Number for efficient search ability
  13. 13. Step 12 Final Delivery and Upload • Upload Final Cleansed File Into Live Enterprise System • .xls, .csv, .txt, .db and other supported formats ENTERPRISE SYSTEM
  14. 14. Post-Cleanse Data Governance • Implement Data Governance Strategy to Maintain Data Quality • Select and Implement a Data Governance Solution • Establish a Data Governance Team With Restricted System Access • Define the Data Governance Process (Workflow) • Implement Pre-Defined Corporate Data Standards for All New Item Creations, Modifications, Extensions, and Suspensions (Deactivations) • Prevent Duplication • Maintain Ongoing Data Integrity and Consistency REQUESTER(S) APPROVER(S) DATA GOVERNANCE MANAGER ENTERPRISE SYSTEM
  15. 15. Contact Us Head Office 500 Hwy #3, Tillsonburg, ON Canada N4G 4G8 t. 1 (519) 688-3805 f. 1 (519) 688-3807 e. Follow Us Online! Rob Hoffer Global Account Manager m. 1 (519) 403-8902 e. Troy D. Miller Vice President & COO m. 1 (519) 403-8788 e. Contact IMA for a No Cost, No Obligation Data Evaluation & Project Quote