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Market Your Local Resources


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Learn more about how Illinois workNet can help you market the resources, events, and more of your organization!

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Market Your Local Resources

  1. 1. Market Your Local Resources Illinois workNet
  2. 2. Featured Employers • Featured Employers • Market the company • Inbound links to the website • Identify if you are hiring
  3. 3. Events • Market • Job Fairs • Hiring Events • Workshops • Career Events • Audience • Grade level • Field of Interest • Add to your website – it’s a widget!
  4. 4. Success Stories • Share how someone improved through a program. • Share how someone learned new skills. • Share how a business mentored a new worker. • Share SUCCESS!
  5. 5. Adding Partner or Referral Sites • Employer customers find resources. • Individual customers find resources. • Partners find other resources. • Everyone wins!
  6. 6. Let’s take a look live!