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Ils wg sl 13x3 45w

  1. 1. ILS WP SL 13x3 45W
  2. 2.LED LAMP  Physics and Basic Structure  LED Benefits  About Citizen  ILS LED Fitting  Technical Specification  Actual test report of 13X3 45w (Lux level)LED DRIVER  Features  SpecificationsFIXTURE & HEAT SINK  Fixture Specification datasheet  Heat Sink DetailsCOMPARISON & PAYBACK  Comparison with Existing HPMV Fittings  Payback DetailFINANCIAL  Capital Budgeting  Life cycle cost  Guarantee / warrantyENVIRONMENT  Benefits  CO2 Reduction Details LED LIGHTING SYSTEMS BY ILS
  3. 3.  LED LAMPPhysics & Basic Structure: Aluminum indium gallium phosphate ( AllnGap) and indium gallium nitride(InGaN) are the two most common LED technologies, displacing older gallium arsenide phosphide (GaAsP) LEDs. LEDs are solid state semiconductor devices that convert electrical energy directly into light. LED technology to produce brighter , more efficacious, long life, energy saver and colorful as well as white illumination LEDs has increased the tremendous possibilities of using this LED technology into range of lighting applications. The manufacturing of LEDs uses a process know as epitaxy in which crystalline layers of different semiconductor material are grown on top of one another.Benefits : LED having ever highest efficiency compare to other like CFL, Mercury, incandescent, sodium lamp etc. Very low power consumption Very Long life and Less maintenance cost. No production of UV light. Produce directional light- useful for directing light on specific areas rather than a diffused glow. Very low environment impact- due to very long life very low generation of lighting waste compared with conventional lights.
  4. 4. About CITIZEN  CITIZEN is Japan based world No. 1 Company in Electronics.  1970 - Founded as a joint venture between the Japanese firm Citizen Watch Co., Ltd. and the U.S.s Bulova Watch Company, Inc., with paid-in capital of 90 million yen.  1983 - Launch of CITILED chip LEDs.  LED Lamp Manufacturing Plant is in Japan.  Compact, lightweight, and long service life.  Environmentally- friendly light source for next generation, accompanied with aesthetic design and functionality.  Citizen Electronics meets customers needs by utilizing our original packaging technology and providing various products characterized by high power, high efficiency, and high color rendering.  Chip on Aluminum technique (Citizen Electronics has acquired a patent for this technique)
  5. 5. ILS LED FITTINGS: LED Fittings which technically designed by ILS is playing major role in lamp efficiency and lamp life.  Type of LED : Multichip ,latest technology, Highest Heat discharging, High Light , Bean strength. (120 lumen/ per watt)  Thermal management : Unique Aluminum Heat Sink (Alu. Alloy: Lm06) as per actual requirements and datasheet of LED Lamp from Citizen.  Junction Temperature : Junction Temperature ( TJ ) is critical parameter for life of LED Lamp. ILS Fittings are having TJ 80° C compare to other supplier’s fittings TJ is up to 120 ° C  Case temperature : Case surface Temp= Room temp + 15°C.  Heat Dispassion : The heat sink is directly mounted on fixture.  Temperature Class : T6  Viewing Angle : 120° (as actually require)  Lamp Life : Min 90000 hrs, to Max 120000 hrs at 70% efficiency.  Actual Testing Report for lamp life: Maximum tested for 34,000 Hrs with efficiency 90.3% (provided by CITIZEN)
  6. 6.  Technical Specification : Product Code : ILS WP SL 13x 3 45 W LED FITTING COST 9000/- LED Brand CITIZEN (Made in JAPAN) LED MODEL NO CLL030-1206A1-50KL1A1 LIGHT OUT PUT 1685 x 3 5055 LUMENS COLOUR (CCT) 5000K CRI 65 RA LED WATTAGE 13 x 3 = 39 W
  7. 7.  ACTUAL TEST REPORT OF Product Code : ILS WP SL 13x 3 45 W  Electrical INPUT VOLLATGE 243 INPUT AMP 0.17 P.F. 0.999 WATTS 42LIGHT OUT PUT LUX LEVEL 6 Mtr LUX
  8. 8.  LED DRIVER Manufacturer : SUNLIT ELECTRO CONTROLS P.V.T LTD Model No : BB56V720MA Features: Universal AC input / Full range Protections: Short circuit , Overload 100% full load burn-in test All using long life electrolytic capacitors Withstand 300VAC surge input for 5 second High operating temperature up to 70 Withstand 5G vibration test . High efficiency, long life and high reliability No load power consumption<1.5  Technical Specification: Input voltage range: 90V -270V Input frequency : 50/ 60 Output voltage :- 56V DC Output current :- 720MA Total harmonic distortion :- MAX 20% Power factor :- 0.99
  10. 10.  Heat Sink Details: A heat sink is a term for a component or assembly that transfers heat generated within a solid material to a fluid medium, such as air or a liquid. A heat sink is physically designed to increase the surface area in contact with the cooling fluid surrounding it, such as the air. Approach air velocity, choice of material, fin (or other protrusion)design and surface treatment are some of the design factors which influence the thermal resistance, i.e. thermal performance, of a heat sink. To understand how heat sinks work, think of heat energy itself as behaving very much like an electrical current, and temperature rise as the thermal equivalent of voltage drop. We also have to introduce a property of materials and objects known as thermal resistance, which behaves in a very similar way to electrical resistance: the more heat energy .flowing. through it, the higher the temperature rise across it. All semiconductor devices have some electrical resistance, just like resistors and coils, etc. This means that when power diodes, power transistors and power MOSFETs are switching or otherwise controlling reasonable currents, they dissipate power as heat energy.
  11. 11.  COMPARISON & PAYBACK COMPARISION - LED V/S EXISTING LAMP FITTING Sr Characteristics LED HPMV (As no. (Proposed) per existing) 1 Power 45 watt 160 Watt consumption 2 Initial Cost 9000 4500 3 Running Power 1360 4838 Cost- One YEAR 4 Maintenance cost- 0 1200 One Year 5 Total cost/year 1360 6038 6 Lamp Efficiency 108-120 40-45 Lumen/watt Lumen/watt 7 Lamp Life 90,000 Hours 5000 Hours @ 70 % Effi. 8 Environment Very low High impact 9 Maintenance time Very low High 10 Maintenance cost Very low High 11 Initial Cost High Low
  12. 12.  Technical Specifications – 45w LED Vs.250 W HPSVS. Parameter Specifications# 45 W LED 250 W HSPV1 Operating Voltage 90 – 275Vac 170 – 260 (Vac) Vac2 Lamp Source High Power Sodium White LED Vapour3 Power 45w 250 W Consumption4 Color Temperature 5000 – Not (k) 6000K spectrum based5 Expected Lamp 60000 Hrs 10000 Hrs Life6 Lumens at 6mtr 45 lm 13 Lm pole7 Restart Time 1 Sec 120 seconds
  13. 13.  Energy Saving – Calculations (LED v/s HPSV) High LED - Energy Pressure Specifications Efficient Light SodiumOperating Voltage(Vac) 90 ~ 275Vac 220 ~ 275VacPower Consumed(watts) 45 250No. of Lights 1000 1000Operating Time (hrs) 12 12Total Power (watts) 45000 250000Total PowerConsumed inOperating time (watts) 540000 3000000Daily Expenses(Rupees @ Rs. 5.0per electric unit) 2700 15000Yearly OperatingExpenses (Rupees) 985500 5475000Yearly Savings(Rupees) 4489500
  15. 15.  FINANCIAL LED FITTING COST 9000/-
  16. 16.  LIFECYCLE COST
  18. 18.  ENVIRONMENT www.ils.c ENVIROMENT BENIFIT c LED lights are a wonderful invention that has changed the way the world is lit. LED lights are four times more efficient than a regular incandescent light bulb and last 10 times as long. LED lights are considerably less expensive to operate, however are a little more expensive to purchase. LED lighting requires only one third of the energy that an incandescent bulb will use. A single 18-watt LED light can replace a 75-watt incandescent and in the lifetime of the LED light, will save 570kWh of energy. LED lighting in which even one bulb will keep one half of a ton of carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere through the lifetime of the bulb instead of using incandescent bulbs. Switching also keeps sulfur oxide and nuclear waste out of the atmosphere as well, leading to a cleaner world and one that will last much longer. By simply switching, our environment could easily revitalize itself without having to deal with the excess carbon dioxide, sulfur oxide and nuclear waste emissions that are currently being released into the atmosphere every day. CO2 REDUCTION Monthly Energy Savings from kWh Reduction 41.4 Annual Energy Savings from kWh Reduction 496.8 CO2 Emissions Reduction (Lbs) 660.744
  19. 19.  LED LIGHTING SYSTEMS BY ILS High Quality Thermal Management by unique aluminum Heat Sink. ILS LED Lamp We are Controlling TJ Much Better Junction Temperature in ILS LED Lamp is < 80° C. (Other Supplier’s light is having TJ up to 120°c ) Technically Designed high quality Fitment/ Fixture as per actual requirements of CITIZEN. Maintaining the maximum power quality. Dealing directly with customers – No Extra marketing & Retailing cost. We can design the products as per customer requirements. 100% Technical support & tested product’s. Highest Guarantee period -2 Years ( lumens maintain 90 %, CCT, CRI ) Specially concentrating on industrial products. We are Intelligent In Flameproof LED Lamps.
  20. 20. Please send us an email if you have any question or askmore detail information. We will respond it as soon as possible.Plot No.209/9, GEB Office Road, G.I.D.C. Ankleshwar- 393002Gujarat , INDIA. OFFICE – 02646-220245, FAX- 02646-222713Email,info@ils.ccMob. No :-+91-9227882313+91-9428886668 Have a nice day.