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Food Scrap Drop-off & Community Composting in NYC


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6th National Cultivating Community Composting Forum
Panel 1: New York City Rocks Community Composting!
Emily Bachman

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Food Scrap Drop-off & Community Composting in NYC

  1. 1. Food Scrap Drop-off & Community Composting in NYC Emily Bachman Compost Program Manager - GrowNYC Zero Waste Programs ILSR Community Composting Forum - New York, New York – May, 2019
  2. 2. GrowNYC: Making a Truly Livable NYC
  3. 3. GrowNYC Compost Program History GrowNYC Food Scrap Collections (2011-2018)
  4. 4. NYC Food Scrap Drop-off Sites (FSDOs) 160 FSDOs Citywide 60 GrowNYC FSDOs
  5. 5. Food Scrap Collections by Site, 2018
  6. 6. Compost at Greenmarkets Columbia University Manhattan Inwood Manhattan McCarren Park Brooklyn Corona Queens
  7. 7. Site-specific Data Average Weekly Food Scrap Collections (2011-2018) Grand Army Plaza Greenmarket March, 2011 collections begin Fall, 2015 Curbside Organics starts in Park Slope
  8. 8. Compost On-the-Go 110th St - Central Park North Manhattan Dyckman Street Manhattan Fordham Plaza Bronx 161st St - Yankee Stadium Bronx
  9. 9. Compost On-the-Go 181st Street Manhattan
  10. 10. 2.5x Increase Compost On-the-Go Average Growth in first year
  11. 11. Community-Hosted Food Scrap Drop-off Sites BronxWorks Bronx Imani Garden Brooklyn Mary Mitchell Center Bronx
  12. 12. Composting Year-Round Fort Greene Greenmarket Brooklyn Grand Army Plaza Greenmarket Brooklyn Saint George Greenmarket Staten Island Tribeca Greenmarket Manhattan
  13. 13. Kids Compost!
  14. 14. GrowNYC Compost Partners 12 Processing Sites Hosted By: JOE HOLZKA GARDEN Independent Compost Sites:
  15. 15. DSNY Food Scrap Hauling
  16. 16. GrowNYC Food Scrap Hauling
  17. 17. Windrow Builds Queens County Farm NYCCP hosted by Earth Matter Smiling Hogshead Ranch
  18. 18. In-Vessel Composting Hudson River Park Battery Park City Parks Conservancy
  19. 19. Hot Pile Builds The Youth Farm Joe Holzka Community Garden Olivet Presbyterian Church
  20. 20. Thank you!