AsNaSA - First Portuguese Life Saving Association


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30 years in lifesaving voluntary work - education and training.
Author: Fernando Martinho

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AsNaSA - First Portuguese Life Saving Association

  1. 1. AsNaSA - Associação de Nadadores Salvadores
  2. 2. AsNaSA First Portuguese Life Saving Association: 30 years of lifesaving voluntary work, education and tranning Martinho F †, Meyrelles A, Pinto N, Nunes R, Gabriel R, Menezes A, Pinto T and Seabra R AsNaSA Portugal National Water Safety Association
  3. 3. Summary AsNaSA – Associação de Nadadores Salvadores “ Patrão Salva Vidas Ezequiel da Silva Seabra” was founded in 1977, not long after Fernando Martinho and Joaquim Campos, at the time ISN Life Saving Trainers, made contact with an SLSA Team visiting ISN in 1975. AsNaSA’s foundation also intended to honour the memory of the Angeiras’ ISN Lifeboat, namely its first patron Ezequiel da Silva Seabra.
  4. 4. Summary After its approval in 1977 by the ISN’s Leixões Delegation, many lifesaving initiatives were designed in cooperation with ISN, but, as an independent and autonomous organization, AsNaSA has planned numerous other initiatives on its own, namely on the themes of Education and Training.
  5. 5. Summary Twenty years after its foundation, in 1997, a major step was achieved when a European initiative approved SalvArco, at Eurathlon. Moreover, the 1st SINSALVA International Seminary, held at Matosinhos, with the honourable presence of ILS’s General Secretary, and the official approval of CSSMA-III and CTSA- II professional courses, which set a new legal definition for the Water Safety Professional Technicians, were also landmarks of that period. In 1999, under the wing of AsNaSA, asnaSAcoop – a Professional Water Safety Cooperative – was created to provide professional lifesaving and water safety technician work.
  6. 6. Summary In 2003, after a long and demanding work, AsNaSA and many other Lifesaving Associations and Waters Safety related entities, jointly founded AsNaSA Portugal – National Water Safety Association. AsNaSA Portugal, which is an open networking association with a wider scope, integrates AsNaSA as its member, along with other collective members: AsNaSApsvESS delegations (Viana, Esposende, Matosinhos, Porto, Gaia, Gondomar and Almada); ANSA – Algarve; ACHALE – Grândola; ANS Figueira da Foz; asnaSAcoop; Mar de Angeiras; epESaJMS; UniNorte and individual members with professional qualified competences.
  7. 7. <ul><li>Summary </li></ul><ul><li>Today, AsNaSA Portugal accumulates 4 years of experience in networking and in the organization of the Lifesaving Sports in Portugal, as well as in the management of various projects such as: </li></ul><ul><li>the SInQSalvA Model Project; </li></ul><ul><li>the EnSIQSalvA qualified courses, that target trainees from: Portugal, Europe and from the Portuguese Speaking Countries Community – “CPLP”. </li></ul>
  8. 8. Summary Learning Outcomes To provide information about AsNaSA Portugal’s vision and mission. To plan futures initiatives/projects for international exchanges and cooperation in Europe. To display AsNaSA Portugal as an open, diverse and multipurpose entity aiming to promote new standards for Water Safety Education and Training within the “CPLP” space . AsNaSA´s: AsNaSApsvESS+asnaSAcoop+AsNaSA Portugal Address: Casa Patrão de Salva Vidas Ezequiel da Silva Seabra Av. Praia de Angeiras, 191 # 4455-191 Lavra # Matosinhos, Portugal