Update on monitoring and evaluation and impact assessment component 3.3


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Presented by Nancy Johnson at the CGIAR Research Program on Livestock and Fish Planning meeting, Nairobi, 27-29 September 2011

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  • Projects from list in countries and have funds in 3.3
  • Update on monitoring and evaluation and impact assessment component 3.3

    1. 1. Update on monitoring and evaluationand impact assessment component 3.3 Nancy Johnson (ILRI) CGIAR Research Program on Livestock and Fish Planning Meeting ILRI Nairobi 28 September 2011
    2. 2. Improved design and delivery of program interventions with valuechain actorsObjective: The objective of this subcomponent is to develop a robust set ofmonitoring, evaluation, impact assessment and learning mechanisms that willserve multiple functionsa) maximizing the probability of achieving intended impact among targetbeneficiaries, including women and vulnerable groups,b) documenting the level and manner of that impact, and the outcomes thatbrought it about,c) understanding and supporting the processes of innovation and research todevelopment, to improve the performance of the program and its partners,d) supporting the internal M&E, planning and decision functions, and thecommunication strategy of the Program to continually ensure efficiency,accountability and relevance.
    3. 3. Activities• Activity 1: Development of a monitoring and evaluation framework and appropriate tools at program and value chain level• Activity 2: Process monitoring to improve learning during project implementation• Activity 3: Assessing outcomes and behavioural change among value chain actors• Activity 4: Analysis of household and community outcomes and impact• Activity 5: Implementation and link to other learning and M&E elements
    4. 4. Current Activities & ResourcesOverallIndia Ongoing engagement in Assam on dairy policy; Enhancing dairy-based livelihoods in India and Tanzania through feed innovation and value chain development approachesEthiopia LIVES*; Introduction of Napier grass clonesMali PROGEBE, CORAFTanzania Integrated dairy and root crop production in Tanzania; Enhancing dairy- based livelihoods in India and Tanzania through feed innovation and value chain development approaches; EADD; PAAP; Livestock data innovationVietnam Improved forage-based feeding systemsUganda Aquaculture for food security, poverty alleviation and nutrition; Catalyzing the emerging smallholder pig value chain in Uganda; Livestock data innovationEgyptNicaragua Eco-Efficient Crop and Livestock Production for the Poor Farmers in the Sub-humid Hillside areas; More chicken and pork in the pot, and money in pocket; Improving competitiveness of informal actors in dairy value chains; Climate smart crop-livestock systems…
    5. 5. Staff• ILRI (>50%) – Pamela Pali, New Scientist, New Post-Doc• ICARDA – Aden aw Hassan• CIAT – Michael Peters, Doug White• WorldFish -
    6. 6. Proposed Priority Outcomes & Outputs 2012 2013Outcomes Program and partners use Better understanding among program harmonized frameworks and tools and partners of key determinants of for monitoring and evaluation development outcomes and impact and strategies to influence them Increased awareness of forage impactsResearch (1) Monitoring and evaluation (1) Paper(s) using baseline data toOutputs framework for value chain model potential impacts of value projects developed and chain interventions and key adapted for target VCs determinants of value chain (2) Baseline report (qualitative performance (link to 2.1) and quantitative value chain (2) Meta-analysis on impacts of actors for pigs value chain In forages completed Presentation at selected sites/countries the IGC 2013 3) Database designed (3) Evidence of impacts and their 4) Evidence of impacts and their determinants updated determinants compiled and assessed (methods and findings)
    7. 7. Key PartnersOverallIndiaEthiopiaMaliTanzaniaVietnamUgandaEgyptNicaraguaOther
    8. 8. Priorities for Resource Mobilization (1) Funds for harmonized qualitative and quantitative baseline studies across all proposed value chains /countries Funds for centre and partner meetings to develop detailed monitoring and evaluation plan for the CRP Funds for implementation of process monitoring and evaluation across value chains, design of panel data set and design of M&E data base system
    9. 9. 2012 Priorities for Organisational, Capacity Development and Communication Activities Restructure team to match CRP needs Identify gaps for priority recruitment and partnership Identify strategy and mechanisms for working links internally with other CRP3.7 components, and externally Dissemination of harmonized framework and tools for gender and livelihoods, value chain performance to partners Work with partners to develop process monitoring tools for continuous monitoring, evaluation and improvement during project implementation