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Gender research at ILRI over the last decade


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Poster prepared by Alessandra Galiè, Isabelle Baltenweck and Dorine Odongo for

This poster sets out ILRI's experiences with gender research, from an institutional fosu to the advent of CGIAR research programs.

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Gender research at ILRI over the last decade

  1. 1. Gender research at ILRI over the last decade Alessandra Galiè, Isabelle Baltenweck and Dorine Odongo Pictures Key components of CRPs’ strategies Research: • Transforma7ve and accommoda7ve approaches • Integrated and strategic research • Strategic partnerships • Capacity development in gender • Development of gender tools • Gender integra7on in learning & evalua7on • Maximize generalizability Management: • Dedicated budget • Accountability mechanisms • Clear deliverables Achievements to date • Poor women’s capabili7es and benefits enhanced • Gender dimensions in the CRPs’ topics researched • Gender integrated across the CGIAR research issues • Developed issue-­‐specific gender tools & approaches • Gender partnerships established • Increased capacity of CGIAR and partner ins7tutes • Gender teams formed and budgets assigned • Iden7fica7on of new gender issues in AR4D Way forward • New tools, social media and technologies for transforma7ve change • Concerted research across CRPs for evidence of global relevance • Inter-­‐linkages interven7on effec7veness Livestock and Fish gender strategy’s outcome ‘Poor women, men and marginalized groups have improved and more equitable access to and control of affordable animal source foods through gender equitable interven7ons’ Alessandra Galiè ● Interna7onal Livestock Research Ins7tute ● P.O. Box 30709-­‐00100 Nairobi, Kenya ● +254 20 422 3000 among AR4D gender issues that affect Acknowledgements: The CGIAR Research program on Livestock and Fish, Interna7onal Livestock Research Ins7tute (ILRI), Jemimah Njuki, Sheila Onzere, Immaculate Omondi and Joyce Wanderi This document is licensed for use under a Crea7ve Commons A^ribu7on –Non commercial-­‐Share Alike 3.0 Unported License September 2014 September 2014