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Task force for the HEARD project implementation


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Presented by Gewado Ayledo at the HEARD project regional public-private partnerships task force workshop, Amhara, 18 November 2019: Somali, 21 November 2019: Oromia, 26 November 2019

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Task force for the HEARD project implementation

  1. 1. Task force for the HEARD project implementation Gewado Ayledo (EVA-HEARD) Regional PPPs task force workshop Amhara, 18 November 2019: Somali, 21 November 2019: Oromia, 26 November 2019
  2. 2. Roles of the task force • A governing body (platform): for smooth and effective implementation of the HEARD project-essentially the feasible PPP models; • Intermediary: body between implementing bodies (regional and federal) of the project as related to the identified PPP models Regional , Federal and ILRI/EVA Components of HEARD project Implementation-PPP • Consulting entity: On problems, ways out, Sustainability of veterinary services after project termination • Overall lead: in contributing to improved, sustained and quality veterinary services delivery
  3. 3. Composition of the task force S/N Name of Institution/Participants Number 1 Regional HEARD coordinator 1 2 Private sector - drug shop, clinics 5 3 University 1 4 Livestock producer (medium scale dairy farm in periurban areas) 1 5 Regional laboratory 2 6 Woreda Veterinary Officer 1 7 ‘Kebele’ Veterinary officer/Paravet/CAHWs 1
  4. 4. Roles and responsibilities • The governing body (platform) for smooth and efficient implementation of the HEARD PPP component • Will be vested with a mandate to follow-up, monitor and evaluate (M &E) about the HEARD project to bring about the designated outputs • Stride to amend and/or correct erroneous matters in the course of the PPP implementation • Provide consultancy services for pertinent bodies on PPP implementation in their respective regions
  5. 5. How does the task force work? • Guideline: to be led by concrete TOR-to be formulated in participatory manner. • Structure: to have its own Chairperson/institution and secretary.
  6. 6. The Health of Ethiopian Animals for Rural Development (HEARD) project is financed by the European Union. Among the other objectives of the project, ‘improving the technical competencies of veterinary service providers to enable them to deliver better and provide rationalized services’ is implemented by the Ethiopian Veterinarians Association (EVA) and the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) lead HEARD project in partnership with the Ministry of Agriculture of the Ethiopian Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia.