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Regional public-private parternships workshop objectives


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Presented by Solomon Gizaw at the HEARD project regional public-private partnerships task force workshop, Amhara, 18 November 2019: Somali, 21 November 2019: Oromia, 26 November 2019

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Regional public-private parternships workshop objectives

  1. 1. Regional public-private partnerships workshop objectives Solomon Gizaw (ILRI-HEARD) Amhara, 18 November 2019: Somali, 21 November 2019: Oromia, 26 November 2019
  2. 2. Introductions • MoA • Somali Region • Amhara Region • Oromia Region • Private Sector • Public Sector • NGO • Education/extension
  3. 3. Overall objectives of the HEARD project Increase sustainable livestock productivity and improve the marketing of livestock products 1. Strengthen the quality of public and private veterinary services and delivery through creation of an enabled and rationalized environment 2. Improving the technical competences (knowledge, skills and attitudes) and incentives for veterinary service providers to deliver better and rationalized services 2.1. Veterinary Service delivery: Pilot the veterinary service rationalization roadmap 3. Improving the food safety of primary products of animal origin and better control of zoonotic diseases achieved
  4. 4. Workshop aims These workshops aim to operationalize regional PPP task forces in Amhara, Somali and Oromia regions and to identify and formulate possible PPP models at woreda level based on the prioritised gaps in veterinary service delivery in the previous two workshops.
  5. 5. Workshop objectives • Form regional PPP task forces • Briefly review PPP typologies • Stakeholders to define/formulate feasible PPP models at region and woreda level in line with OIE guidelines • Agree on way forward in setting up PPPs and collaboration among HEARD components
  6. 6. Time Sessions Presenters 08:30 am Registration Region HEARD team 08.45 am Introduction: Objectives and agenda EVA/ILRI 09:00 am - Agree on TORs for the task force EVA/ILRI 09:30 - PPP typologies (OIE handbook) ILRI 9:45 am - Gaps identified in previous workshops and PPPs identified in Workshop 1 and 2 EVA 10:00 Discussion on presentations (including gaps specific to regions) EVA/ILRI 10:30 am Coffee Break 11.00 am Identification of feasible PPP models at region/woreda level - Using steps form OIE - Two working groups (grouped according to geographic locations) Groups 12:30 pm Lunch 1:30pm … preparing group work presentation Groups 2:00 Group reporting back - Group 1 - Group 2 Groups 2:30 Discursion on identified PPP models 03:00 pm Coffee 03.20 pm Way forward: - institutional, resource and technical issues for setting top PPPs at region/woreda level - framework for introducing/testing PPPs - next meeting Groups 4.30 pm Concluding remarks Region Veterinary officer
  7. 7. The Health of Ethiopian Animals for Rural Development (HEARD) project is financed by the European Union. Among the other objectives of the project, ‘improving the technical competencies of veterinary service providers to enable them to deliver better and provide rationalized services’ is implemented by the Ethiopian Veterinarians Association (EVA) and the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) lead HEARD project in partnership with the Ministry of Agriculture of the Ethiopian Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia.