Teff value chain development


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Poster prepared for the Market-Oriented Smallholder Development: IPMS Experience-Sharing Workshop, Addis Ababa, 2-3 June 2011.

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Teff value chain development

  1. 1. Improving Productivity and Market Success (IPMS) of Ethiopian Farmers Project የኢትዮÉያ Ñu_­‹ U`ƒ“ U`T’ƒ TdÅÑ>Á “ ¾ÑuÁ eኬƒ ýaË¡ƒ TEFF VALUE CHAIN DEVELOPMENTINTRODUCTION: Teff (Eragrostis tef ) is a cereal crop widely grown and used as food grain inEthiopia. The IPMS project used value chain approach to development of Teff commodity to makefarmers more competitive and increase economic benefit and increase Teff productivity in one of theproject sites in Southern Ethiopia, Alaba Special district. Teff is the second largest crop (rain fed) interms of land cover (20% of arable land) growing as source of cash in the area. The average landallocation per HH is 0.5 Ha and improved teff varieties have been introduced by OoARD in the woreda.PROBLEMS: Major problems identified from value chain perspective in teff commodity development arelow productivity (8 qt/ha), poor access to improved seed and poor agronomic practices, inferior seedquality due to poor threshing practices, inadequate and untimely supply of inputs and absence of collectivemarketing.SOLUTIONS: The project organized farmers’ seed multipliers (Fig. 1), capacity building effort (Fig. 2).Intervention in input supply focused on establishment of private crop protection (Fig. 3) introduction ofthresher (Fig. 4) and input shop (Fig. 5). Marketing intervention focused on market data collection anddissemination (Fig. 6) and collective marketing (Fig. 7) to Ethiopian and South Seed Enterprise. PRODUCTION SEED MULTPLYING FARMERS GROUP FARMERS CAPACITY BUILDING: VISIT Fig. 1- Farmers grouping Fig. 2 -Farmers and OoARD stff visit to Deber Ziet INPUT /SERVCIE SUPPLY PRIVATE CROP PROTECTION CROP THRESHER INPUTSHOP Fig. 3- Crop protection to reduce crop loss Fig.4- Teff Tresher for quality seed Fig. 5- Inputshop to supply inputs MARKETING MARKET PRICE DISSMINATION SEED COOPERATIVE AND MARKETING Fig -6- Teff market price dissmination with billboarad Fig -7- Progress with Teff Seed Producers for MarketingCONCLUSION: Teff seed multipliers increased from 57 HH in 2006 to 362 HH in 2010 as result ofCapacity built to strengthen the informal seed system, proper supply of inputs and technologies like(Thresher machine, improved seed). The total seed sale increased from 0.05 million to 1.75 millionBirr to Ethiopian Seed Enterprise and South Seed Enterprise. Average yield has increased from 8qt/ha to 12 qt/ha leading to establishment of seed cooperative.