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Onion seed production and marketing in Fogera District


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Poster for the ‘Market-Oriented Smallholder Development: IPMS Experience-Sharing Workshop,’ Addis Ababa, 2-3 June 2011

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Onion seed production and marketing in Fogera District

  1. 1. Onion seed production  and marketing in Fogera district  Background  Interventions Results  • Production of onion seeds increased from 0.6qt. in 2005 to 205 qt. in 2011 and the number of farmers involved increased from 3 to 145 (see table)• Commercially‐oriented vegetable production • The profitability of onion seed production in 2009 and 2010 was Birr 83,636 & in Fogera started along the two rivers (Rib 147,669/ha respectively (see table) • The demand for FOSP seed is increasing outside the District i.e Tigray Region and Gumara) in 1997 and 1999, using gravity Cooperatives, Etfruit, Shewa Robit and neighbouring districts and pumps. To expand the area further, • A reliable input supply system encouraged more onion bulb production in the district‐ from less than 1000 ha of onion before seed production interventions motorized and pedal pumps, supplied by the Study tours to Zeway for farmers to get knowledge on onion seed production to 4,900. District Office of Agriculture, were promoted Cost benefit analysis on seed Seed production trend to lift water from rivers and hand‐dug wells production Table:1 Onion seed production trends and income  No Item Years• Most irrigated crops in the Districts are from 2005‐2011 Fogera Woreda 2009 2010 No of  Area  1 Costs grown after the rainy season, when the floods participan coverage in  Production  Income  1.1. Costs of land 8,000 8,000 Year ts (Ha) in (Q/l) (Birr) 1.2. Seed costs 20,506 26,600 have receded 2005 3 0.12 0.6 1.3. Fertilizer costs 2,448 3,182 150,00 1.4. Pesticide costs 240 360 2006 3 0.75 6 0• In 2005, when IPMS introduced the value 1,050,0 1.5. Watering (fuel) costs 1,262 1,893 2007 27 12.35 70 00 1.6. Annual depreciation costs 907 907 chain approach in Fogera, about 1,135 459,00 1.7. Estimated labour costs 9,752 13,653 Training of staff and farmers on  2009 16 6.5 27 0 hectares of land were under irrigated 702,00 Subtotal 43,114 54,595 agronomic practices and post harvest  2009 17 6.75 39 0 2 Revenue (Birr) vegetables (shallot, onion, garlic and tomato) Collective action by seed producers to handling of onion seed by Adet ARC &  3,400,0 2.1. Total production (kg) 650 524 2010 89 16.88 88 00 2.2. Average price (Birr/Kg) 195 386 production utilize planting materials (bulbs) from OoA 6,560,0 Subtotal 126,750 202,264 Zeway and Afar 2011 145 33.78 205 00 3 Return to labour (Birr) 93,388 12,321, 4 Estimated labour costs 9,752 13,653• Vegetable seeds (including onion) were Total  77.13 435.6 000 5 Profit per hectare 83,636 147,669 obtained through efforts of individuals, the OoA (50‐60 kg of seeds annually free of Lessons and challenges charge) and an irrigation cooperative i.e. 6‐7 • Prices of seeds fluctuated over the years, as a result of fluctuating market qt annually, supplied on credit demand. Therefore, farmers should be made aware of the risks and collective Field supervision by regional plant  action for marketing should be explored• The results of the 2005 participatory rural laboratory experts and input supply  • For sales outside the District, certification by the government regulatory appraisal identified that the onion seed Laboratory testing of planting  department is essential and needs to be further strengthened department personnel to certify quality  materials at the regional plant  • Onion seed production is dominated by business oriented farmers, who have supply system was not able to meet potential seed. laboratory their own financial sources. To encourage smallholder farmers to enter into demand ‐ poor seed quality, high prices, this business, credit should be made available to purchase bulbs insufficient quantity and unavailability. It • So far, attempts in Fogera to grow bulbs out of season to produce planting Establishment of a  materials for seed production have not been successful. Further attempts are was also noted that 2 innovative farmers had market brand name  being made since this could considerably reduce the cost of production for called “FOSP”  seed producers (planting material cost up to Bir 30,000/ha) initiated onion seed production in 2004 for • Farmers are attempting to carry out their own action research to solve their own use. current and immediate problems (planting material owning via staggered production) • Poor farmers used first year share cropping as a mechanism to own means of Establishing onion seed producers platform  production (water pump, financial resource) for the coming production year Marketing and promotion through and facilitate regular meetings, experience  • Financial institutions should provide credit services to poor farmers. participation in fairs, exhibitions and sharing workshops and field days   linkages outside the District. This document is licensed for use under a Creative Commons Attribution‐Noncommercial‐Share Alike 3.0 Unported License.