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India smallholder dairy value chain development


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Poster prepared by ILRI, 20 May 2013

Published in: Technology
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India smallholder dairy value chain development

  1. 1. Focus of the value chainEntry PointsThis document is licensed for use under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0Unported Licence May 2013 http://livestockfish.cgiar.orgIndia smallholder dairy value chain developmentResearch for development efforts / ProjectsOutputs• Methods for identifying and implementing pro-poor upgradingopportunities in animal-source value chains• R&D alliances created to promote pro-poor innovation in dairyvalue chains• Integrated pro-poor, gender-sensitiveintervention strategies and innovation support approachesformulated and piloted• Communication for development platforms establishedincluding value chain stakeholders frompublic, private and civil-society domains with an emphasis onup-scaling validated methods and approachesMilestonesPartners• MilkIT: Innovation platforms for improving dairy feedingand marketing• CSISA2: ILRI component on feeding and livestockintegration in cereal systems• MaizeLive: CIMMYT-led IFAD project on maize livestocksystems in Jharkhand and Nepal• GETDairy /OPEC• OPEC dairy intensification and milk marketing• Access to markets by the marginalised• Productivity of smallholders• Supply of inputs and services• Capacity development of farmers• Market access• Strengthen links between value chain actors• Improve capacity of milk traders• Feeding• Improve crop residues and food-feed crops• Promote underutilised resources• Farmer trials and training• Business development for feed processing and supply• Animal health• Foot and Mouth disease• Animal breeding• Sustainable cross-breeding• Superior indigenous breeds• CGIAR• IRRI, CIMMYT, ICRISAT, CIAT, IFPRI• NGO• FORWARD (Nepal), CHIRAG (India), INHERE (India)• Dairies• Dodla , Mulkanoor, Omfed, MilkMantra,• Input supply• Syngenta, feed processors and traders• Government research• ICAR institutes (India), BLRI (Bangladesh)• State universities• Uttarakhand, Bihar, Odisha, Andhra Pradesh (India)• Cultivars with superior residue quality identified• Sorghum, maize, rice, groundnut, wheat• Assessments• Rapid value chain assessments in focus sites• Feed assessments in project and focus sites• Innovation platforms established• Dairy value chain – dairy feeding• Feed & nutrition training modules established• Material consolidated• Trial system integrated