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Optimizing benefits from the Egyptian farmed fish value chain


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Poster prepared by WorldFish, 20 May 2013

Published in: Technology
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Optimizing benefits from the Egyptian farmed fish value chain

  1. 1. ISSUESOPTIMIZING BENEFITS FROM THE EGYPTIAN FARMED FISH VALUE CHAINA value chain approach is helping researchand development partners overcome barriersto sustainable growth.Egyptian aquaculture is booming, yet greater fishquality and effective industry support are stillneeded.Egyptians need secure employment andaffordable food supplies to thrive and prosper.ACTIONSNEEDEDEgyptian Nile tilapia has a history of cultivationstretching back 4,000 years to the time of the Pharaohs.Domestic aquaculture provides almost 65% of Egypt’stotal fish consumption and is its lowest cost animalprotein source.Increases in Egyptian aquaculture production place itas one of the top10 aquaculture producers in the world.Over 100,000 people (around 50% youth) areemployed in Egyptian aquaculture and relatedactivities.More jobs can be created through intensification ofproduction on existing fish farms and developingadded value processing.Aquaculture production has reached almost 1 milliontonnes annually, yet underexploited markets andopportunities to replace imports remain.Value chain efficiency can be achieved by improvingfish quality, management practices, standards, policyenvironment and industry organization.Increasing aquaculture production by 10% will leadto 10,000 additional jobs in areas with few alternativeemployment opportunities.Support for women fish traders and developmentof pro-poor aquaculture will help to secure livelihoodsfor vulnerable households.Aquaculture will play an even more important strategicrole, providing domestically produced, affordable anutritious food for all.THE IMPORTANT ROLE OF EGYPTIAN AQUACULTURE OPPORTUNITIES IMPACTBest management practicetraining for fish farmers and othersinvolved in the aquaculture valuechain.Develop improved policyenvironment that recognizes theimportance of aquaculture as astrategic food production sector.Improve quality standards to enablegreater market access and additionalopportunities for added valueprocessing.Identify and exploit opportunitiesfor poor people to benefit fromgrowth of this dynamic sector.www.worldfishcenter.orgPoster: 2013-25© 2013. WorldFish. All rights reserved. This publication may be reproduced without the permission of, but with acknowledgment to, WorldFish.