Knowledge Management—Supporting Ethiopian agricultural extension


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Poster for the ‘Market-Oriented Smallholder Development: IPMS Experience-Sharing Workshop,’ Addis Ababa, 2-3 June 2011

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Knowledge Management—Supporting Ethiopian agricultural extension

  1. 1. knowledge Management - Supporting Ethiopian agricultural extension Achievements E t h i o p i a n A g r i c u l t u r e P o r t a l ( E A P ) - Developed a web-based repository of agricultural documents and information relevant to Ethiopia • upgraded 40 Farmer training centers to facilitate easier access to Provision of systems and tools for enhanced knowledge the EAP is currently managed and operated by MoA with the support of the IPMS Project. agricultural knowledge & information – including the provision of management knowledge (Information) centers • Developed the Ethiopian agriculture portal -- including offline a computer, a printer, tv, DvD player, books, manuals, and some 28 knowledge/Information centers, each equipped with at least five computers, tv/DvD players, books, version that can be accessed without Internet connection demonstration materials for each of the 40 Ftcs. Objective manuals, periodicals, etc have been established in 10 Woredas (districts), 10 Zonal offices of agriculture, 4 • Supported the MoA in setting up enterprise e-mail system regional Agricultural research centers, and 4 regional Bureaus of Agriculture. • Provided numerous books, manuals, and other printed resources to all Woredas E n h a n c e d F a r m e r tr a i n i n g c e n t e r s DEvELOP AgrIcuLturAL knOWLEDgE MAnAgEMEnt SyStEM At WOrEDA 40 Farmer training centres (Four Ftcs in each of the districts where IPMS works) have been upgraded to AnD FEDErAL LEvELS, hIghLIghtIng InnOvAtIOnS AnD APPrOPrIAtE • newsletters, videos, working papers, toolkits, … broaden their utility to farmers and development agents tEchnOLOgIES videos, a digital window of Ethiopian agriculture Several short videos have been produced to promote successful interventions and to share knowledge of field-proven good practices. (e.g. apiculture innovation, bee colony splitting, fruit nursery management, fruit grafting and budding techniques,Approaches Publications 26 working papers documenting lessons, studies, and analysis have been publishedFacilitation of connections, collections, interactions, and Market information collection and dissemination of market information are being promoted and supported at various locationsvenues to develop a culture of knowledge sharing Field visit organized in Adaa PLW for farmers from Bure PLW non-Ict knowledge Sharing Evetns and Activities 28 knowledge centers established in project operation areas: Frequent farmers’ field days, study tours, exchange visits, seminars, and exhibitions are held to help advance • ten Woreda knowledge centers in the ten pilot learning Woredas knowledge sharing on specific topics and to help develop a knowledge sharing culture in general • ten Zonal Information centers in the 10 zones • Workshops, seminars, study tours, training programs • Four information centers in regional Bureaus of Agriculture • Field days and informal farmer-to-farmer knowledge sharing • Four information centers in regional Agricultural research Institutes events • Exhibitions featuring agricultural technology and innovations held in regional capitals and several Woredas and some PAs IPMS Working Papers Series 1 - 16 Alaba PLW knowledge center national Advisory & learning comittee meets in Mekelle during a joint technol- EAP is hosted at the Ministry of Agriculture & rural Development ogy exhinbition IPMS inovations series documentary videos IPMS training manuals This document is licensed for use under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License.