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Diagnosis of porcine cysticercosis using lateral flow assay and HP10 Ag ELISA


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Poster by V. Kivali, L. Thomas, P. Toye P and E. Fèvre presented at the 47th annual scientific conference of the Kenya Veterinary Association, Mombasa, Kenya, 24-27 April 2013.

Published in: Technology
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Diagnosis of porcine cysticercosis using lateral flow assay and HP10 Ag ELISA

  1. 1. Diagnosis of porcine cysticercosis using lateral flow assay and HP10Ag ELISAVelma Kivali 1, Lian Thomas1,2, Phil Toye1 and Eric Fèvre1,21.International Livestock Research Institute, PO Box 30709, 00100-Nairobi, Kenya2.Centre for Infectious Diseases and Centre for Immunity, Infection and Evolution, University of Edinburgh, Ashworth Laboratories,West Mains Rd, Edinburgh, EH9 3JT UKSampling AreaBusia District in WesternKenyaAg ELISAConducted ELISA inthe laboratory todetect Cysticercosisantigens in sera(Gold standard test)Rapid pen sidetestUsed lateral flowassays to detectCysticercosisantigens in sera130 samplestestedpositive outof 343Life cycle of T. soliumIntroduction• Cysticercosis is parasitictissue infection withlarval cysts of T. solium(pork tapeworm)• Pigs are the intermediatehosts of T. solium andthey get infected byingesting T. solium eggs.• Diagnosis is done bylingual palpation andusing serological tests inthe laboratory.ObjectiveTo compare thesensitivity & specificity ofa new serological testagainst the HP10 AgELISA as the goldstandard test.The LFA test is stillundergoing furtherdevelopments but with aninitialsensitivity of 73.84% andspecificity of 66.67% and akappa index of 0.38 it hasclear potential tobe developed and used fordiagnosis purposes in thefield.ResultsHP10LFATest sensitivity -73.84%Test specificity -66.67%Kappa index-0.38Methods+ - Total+ 96 34 130- 71 142 213Total 167 176 343Results167 samplestestedpositive outof 343