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ILRI research on African swine fever in Southeast Asia


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Poster prepared for the ILRI Institute Planning Meeting, Addis Ababa, 17-19 September 2019

Published in: Science
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ILRI research on African swine fever in Southeast Asia

  1. 1. Take-home messages on ASF • Since the first report of ASF in Vietnam in February 2019, the disease has spread to 62 out of 63 provinces/cities and caused approximately 3.8 million pig losses. • ASF notifications followed for Cambodia (April 2019), Laos (June 2019) and Myanmar (Aug 2019), Philippines (September 2019). • ASF is expected to be endemic in the region as short-term eradication is unrealistic. • ASF is different from classical swine fever, or ‘hog cholera’ which is caused by another virus. • ASF does not harm humans. • There is no treatment or effective vaccine currently available for ASF but research to find a vaccine has been intensified. • Early detection and fast outbreak control for ASF is crucial to avoiding further spread. • An effective prevention from ASF is consequent on-farm biosecurity measures. This will also help to reduce other infectious pig disease. ILRI engagement and research on ASF Socio-economic impact of African Swine Fever (ASF) in Vietnam (June–July 2019) Following the call of the Vietnamese government for international support to tackle ASF, FAO contracted ILRI to conduct an impact assessment of ASF outbreak in Vietnam. The project looked at the socio-economic impacts of the disease and proposed medium- and long-term action plans to safeguard the livelihoods of those involved in the pig sector, particularly vulnerable groups. The final report was submitted to FAO for review. Contact ILRI Vietnam This document is licensed for use under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Licence. Date Year. Problems/issues African Swine Fever (ASF) is a highly contagious disease which is harmless to human but fatal to pigs. The first ASF outbreak in Vietnam was officially announced by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development on 19 February 2019. Since then, the government has put quite a lot of efforts to contain the spread of the diseases, however, it is seemingly uncontrollable, especially under the context of no vaccine and treatment. Some risk factors to Vietnam: • Long borders over which thousands of people and vehicles cross daily. Vietnam detected ASF virus in illegal pork products • International travels to Vietnam with millions of people who could carry meats and food products etc. • Low biosecurity at small and medium households; only one reported outbreak in commercial farms • None-zoonotic disease but farmers could panic selling, especially during the Tet and festival events OIE posters on ASF were translated into Khmer, Lao and Vietnamese language for use at the grassroots level. ILRI research on African swine fever in Southeast Asia Impact assessment of African swine fever outbreak in Vietnam (2019) Funded by ACIAR, this project is to deepen the FAO’s project by using the Vietnam Pig Model (VPM) developed by ILRI and national partners to quantify the national and regional impacts of the current ASF outbreak in Vietnam under different scenarios. The project will be conducted by a consortium of ILRI, Institute for Policy and Strategy for Agriculture and Rural Development (IPSARD), Livestock Production Department (LPD) and Department of Animal Health (DAH) since September 2019. Gene expression profiling analysis of ASF virus after experiment infection in pigs in Vietnam (2019–2021) Funded by RDA in South Korea, this project is to better understand the gene expression of ASF virus in Vietnam. Risk communication with Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia Translation of OIE posters on ASF into local language of OIE materials for key actors of pig value chains. Engagement in conferences to talk about ASF • Regional Symposium on Research into Smallholder Pig Production, Health and Pork Safety, Mar 2019 organized by ILRI and University of Queensland, Australia • ASF international conference in VNUA, April 2019 • Many conferences and meetings on ASF organized by MARD and DLP. ILRI RDA-NIAS ChallengeexperimentofASFV Host genome analysis Challenge experiment Main objectives Host tissues and transcriptomic data collection from in vivo ASF virus infection for disease resistance research in pigs Identification of gene expression profiling of ASF virus after experiment infection in pigs Comparison of the genome sequencing data between commercial and African indigenous pigs Transcriptome analysisClinicaldatageneration Gene expression in host genome DB constructionSamplingofhosttissues