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Using controlled vocabularies to help organize ILRI’s information products


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Presented by Peter Ballantyne at the LD4D Livestock Ontologies working group meeting, Edinburgh, 12 December 2019

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Using controlled vocabularies to help organize ILRI’s information products

  1. 1. Using controlled vocabularies to help organize ILRI’s information products Peter Ballantyne LD4D Livestock Ontologies working group meeting Edinburgh, 12 December 2019
  2. 2. Where we started … (late 2009) We wanted: • new ‘proper’ repository • new ‘dynamic’ web site • new ‘social’ platforms • organized ‘flows’ for info/knowledge products We had: • Multiple (home-made) websites and databases • Many other home-made internal databases
  3. 3. Snapshot (Dec 2008) PA video WWW web ILRInet ILRI web public’s library multimedia contacts news PA news theme public’s training materials animal genetics training docs genebank info blog video blip ejournals slp cgvlibrary beca singer photos research mgmt bioinfo- matics
  4. 4. Choices • Make it open • Use standard open platforms (No DIY) • Allow, and encourage, diverse open (content re- usable) tools and platforms to reach target audiences • Use simple ‘descriptors’ and metadata to organize content for re-use • Consistent vocabularies to facilitate ‘publishing’ not ‘archiving’
  5. 5. Metadata; descriptors • AGROVOC for the repositories (CGSpace; Data) • ‘dublin-core’ and nowadays ‘cg-core’ for the repositories • ILRI-specific descriptor lists – to facilitate publishing across platforms: • repository, blogs, slideshare, flickr, youtube, website, feedburner
  6. 6. Process • Terms identified early 2010 in discussions with science and comms management – the key issues/topics for ILRI. What we want to ‘talk’ about. Over time, added new ones • Derived from AGROVOC; or created/adapted if missing … • Terms to help usefully present and share ILRI work; and integrate across platforms/formats • That could be used across social platforms • Small number of ‘controlled’ terms; always options for authors/editors to add others • Used alongside controlled lists of countries, languages, regions, institutional units, investors, CRPs, etc
  7. 7. What we have now • A controlled vocabulary for ‘ILRI’; not a ‘livestock’ vocabulary • Simple for use across platforms; to ‘publish’ and allow re-use • Used across most public-facing resources • Other specialized taxonomies in ILRI – animal breeds etc
  8. 8. More
  9. 9. This presentation is licensed for use under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Licence. better lives through livestock ILRI thanks all donors and organizations which globally support its work through their contributions to the CGIAR Trust Fund