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Presented by Steffen Fritz (IIASA) at the Livestock Systems and Environment (LSE) Seminar, ILRI, Nairobi, 27 February 2014

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  1. 1. Steffen Fritz Livestock Systems and Environment (LSE) Seminar ILRI, Nairobi, 27 February 2014 A global platform to visualize, crowd-source and improve information on global land cover and land use
  2. 2. a global platform to visualize, crowd-source and improve information on global land cover and land use Steffen Fritz Food and Water Ecosystem Services and Management Group Leader: Earth Observation Systems
  3. 3. Crowdsourcing •Outsourcing to the crowd (Howe, 2006) –E.g. Amazon’s Mechanical Turk –Wikipedia With geographic context termed Volunteered Geographic Information –Open Streetmap –Geo-wiki •Different levels of participation (passive and active)
  4. 4. Technology In-Situ Value Added Mobile Phones Mobile Money Interested Citizens Existing Communities Improved Land Cover data Reliable statistics Land-use change Extending Geo-wiki to ground based data collection
  5. 5. GLOBIOM A globalrecursively dynamic partial equilibrium modelintegrating the agricultural, bioenergyand forestry sectors with the aim to give policy advice on global issues concerning land use competition between the major land-based production sectors. Environmental Resources and Development
  6. 6. Land Cover •GLC2000 (1km) •MODIS v.5 –2005 (500m) •GlobCover2005, 2009 (300m) •GLC v.2 (1km) •Regional products (CORINE, Africover) •National products
  7. 7. Disagreement in Africa in the cropland domain between GLC-2000 and MODIS v. 5 Fritz et al ERL, 2012
  8. 8. Why is it so important to improve global land cover? Critical input dataset for many societal benefit areas, e.g. Ecosystems, Biodiversity, Energy, Climate, Disasters Originally focus and applications -field of climate change projections Now increasing demand from the integrated assessment community and the global biophysical modelling community, e.g. REDD Cropland extent has been neglected, but is crucial for applications in the field of food security, assessing yield and production gaps Also important for investment decisions both by governments as well as foundations (e.g. Gates)
  9. 9. Motivations behind Geo-Wiki When different products are compared, there is a lot of disagreement between them One product might say cropland, another grassland Confusing if you are a user –which one is correct? Which is the best product to use? Disagreement overall and/or spatially Google Earth is one of the only affordable tools available to collect validation points globally (e.g. GlobCover, latest Chinese product) Repository of validation/calibration data Create a hybrid global land cover map (i.e. improve land cover)
  10. 10.
  11. 11. •Geo-wiki makes GEO data easy to visualize and analyze. •Volunteers from around the globe can classify Google Earth imagery, input their agreement/ disagreement with the existing data 12
  12. 12. Spatial Disagreements
  13. 13. Cropland
  14. 14. Fritz et al, 2013, Environmental Science and technology Downgrading recent estimates of land availability using crowdsourcing Caiet al., 2011 1107 mil. hectares Fritz et al. 375 mil. hectares
  15. 15. Field Size
  16. 16. Human Impact / Wilderness
  17. 17. Land acqisitions
  18. 18. Source: Deaths related to Drought
  19. 19. Land Grabbing Source:
  20. 20. Source: Anseeuwet al. (2012) –Transnational Land Deals for Agriculture in the Global South (Hectares) (# of deals)
  21. 21.
  22. 22. `
  23. 23. Land Acquisition Area (from Land Matrix Database) + Clear Evidence of Settlements (from Geo-Wiki Hackathon) = Areas of Conflict
  24. 24. Risk for conflict
  25. 25. Geo-Wiki Family of CrowdsourcingTools Livestock Cities
  26. 26. Choose a branch
  27. 27. Geo-Wiki Pictures
  28. 28. Photo upload
  29. 29. Provide feedback
  30. 30. Settings
  31. 31. Creating a Custom Legend
  32. 32. Custom Legend in the App
  33. 33.
  34. 34. Farmsupportapp
  35. 35. Expert Crowd Treated Crowd How can we gain confidence in the crowdsourceddata? Foody, See, Fritz et al., 2013
  36. 36. How can we integrate the crowdsourceddata? -Calibration / Validation of Remotely Sensed Maps -Map integration and hybrid map generation using many different sources including crowdsourcedand authorativedata
  37. 37. or Tablets of phones: search for ‘cropland capture’ Release date is 10. November 2013
  38. 38. Thank you! • •