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The road to CGSpace


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Presented by Alan Orth and Abenet Yabowork at IITA, Ibadan, Nigeria, 19 - 22 October 2015

Published in: Science
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The road to CGSpace

  1. 1. The Road To CGSpace Alan Orth and Abenet Yabowork IITA/AfricaRice CGSpace Training Ibadan, Nigeria, 19 October 2015
  2. 2. What is DSpace? • Open-source software for creating digital repositories • Driven by demands to have all outputs and products available and accessible • Stewarded by DuraSpace with input from the user and developer communities • Not a “library” management system
  3. 3. CGIAR Science Council in 2008: Research benefits must travel across borders Access to Public Goods, Long on CGIAR Agenda
  4. 4. CGIAR Circa 2008 Our research outputs and results were in bad shape! • Addresses were not permanent • Not on the internet (or digital!) • Not captured • Kept inside intranets
  5. 5. DSpace Helps Make Information “F.A.I.R” Free: no subscriptions, passwords, or “paywalls” Accessible: is publicly available (long term) Indexed: can be found in search engines Reusable: has a permissive license Addresses both the moral and legal imperatives… aka the “carrot” and the “stick”.
  6. 6. History of DSpace at ILRI Before: InMagic, physical library 2009: ILRI launches Mahider (“repository” in Amharic) 2010: Other CGIAR research centers and programs join our platform and share hard / soft costs 2011: Rebranded as “CGSpace” 2015: 8 CGIAR centers, 5 CRPs, other projects, ~50,000 items, ~200k hits/month
  7. 7. “Mahider” in December, 2010
  8. 8. “CGSpace” in October, 2015
  9. 9. What’s coming soon in CGSpace...
  10. 10. • Primary location for institutional outputs! (No posting PDFs on corporate website!) • Content people embedded in each department help capture results (presentations, papers, brochures, etc) • Integrate with website and blogs via RSS feeds (Direct ALL traffic to DSpace!) • For data sets, videos, etc we make a metadata- only accession with a link to eg YouTube How ILRI Uses “Mahider”
  11. 11. What is “CGSpace”? • “Multi-tenant” use of a DSpace application • Shared admin, look and feel, publishing, content management, hosting, training and support • Enhances access to—and use of—knowledge (~30,000 open access materials currently) • Indexes and preserves outputs by giving persistent identifiers • Allows searching across centers, CRPs, projects, etc
  12. 12. open access + open standards + open licenses = enhanced visibility of research outputs Publications, journal articles, books, training materials, project reports, factsheets, links to digital audios, videos, presentations and posters Hosted content Content ‘out’ Harvested content CGSpace as “Publishing”
  13. 13. Centres,CRPs,projects CGSpace communities
  14. 14. Example of how we use it at ILRI (“Mahider”)
  15. 15. Mahider: Home Page Browse by programs and projects Narrow search using Discover Subscribe Find content
  16. 16. Mahider: Home Page Browse by department Browse by type of doc More Discover and Browse by options Reports Admins Recent items
  17. 17. Page views and downloads for the past 6 month Mahider: Home Page, Stats
  18. 18. Mahider: Home Page, Stats From ILRI community, collections, by region and time
  19. 19. Mahider: Home Page, Stats From ILRI community, collections, by region and time
  20. 20. Mahider: Home Page, Stats Filter results by community, collections, and time
  21. 21. Mahider : Item display List of items Subscribe to only the specific collection (ILRI publications) Example: ILRI Publications
  22. 22. Mahider Item display Bibliographic info Full text of item Specific Item View
  23. 23. stats Item: Statistics
  24. 24. Mahider : Publishes to web sites Mahider outputs from RSS Mahider: Publishes to Websites
  25. 25. Mahider : Publishes to intranet Mahider outputs from RSS Mahider: Publishes to Intranet
  26. 26. Mahider: Publishes to Twitter Mahider outputs from RSS
  27. 27. Mahider: Publishes to Blogs Mahider outputs from RSS
  28. 28. Mahider outputs from RSS Mahider: Publishes to Email
  29. 29. Search result Search, browse, subscribe Search result Outputs harvested Research results Video/audio Presentation Publications Journals Outputs re-published User
  30. 30. Running “CGSpace” • We are “cost” and “expertise” sharing • Requires “more than basic” expertise to exploit in terms of admin, customization, interface, content architecture • All code changes deposited in GitHub (where main DSpace code development now is) • Staff time—Linux admin, information systems and content specialists • Dedicated production and development servers • Active Yammer network • Annual CGSpace partners meeting
  31. 31. Ongoing Work • Migration of legacy content by centers • Align CGSpace metadata to draft “CG core” • Upgrade to version 5 (testing in the past two weeks) brings many new features, like ORCID, Linked Open Data, etc • DSpace to WordPress • DSpace to Drupal • AGROVOC plugin • Harvest from other DSpace instances
  32. 32. This presentation has a Creative Commons licence. You are free to re-use or distribute this work for non-commercial purposes, provided credit is given to ILRI. better lives through livestock Box 30709, Nairobi 00100, Kenya Phone +254 20 422 3000 Fax +254 20 422 3001 Email better lives through livestock ILRI is a member of the CGIAR consortium ILRI has offices in: Central America • East Africa South Asia • Southeast and East Asia Southern Africa • West Africa