Honduras and Nicaragua Dairy Value Chain Component Situation Report 2012


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Presented by Rein Van der Hoek (CIAT) at the Livestock and Fish Value Chain Component Planning Meeting, Nairobi Kenya, 6-7 December 2012

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Honduras and Nicaragua Dairy Value Chain Component Situation Report 2012

  1. 1. Honduras and Nicaragua DairyValue Chain Component Situation Report 2012 Rein Van der Hoek Livestock and Fish Value ChainComponent Planning Meeting, Nairobi Kenya, 6-7 December 2012
  2. 2. CRP 3.7Dairy Value Chain - Nicaragua/Honduras Nicaragua and Honduras
  3. 3. Priority regions• Nicaragua Matagalpa Boaco RAAS• Honduras Yoro (Centro - Norte) ??
  4. 4. Gaps• Integrated analysis and innovation of value chains• M&E and gender analysis needed to strengthen to achieve large scale equitable impacts• Processing of dairy products, quality• Marketing, enterpreneurship• Seed accessibility for small farmers – need for private sector seed partner• Dry season feed availability• Genetics, husbandry, health• Secured funding for working with partners, operations and staff
  5. 5. Entry points to enhance smallholder dairy production: Overcoming production, supply and market constraints• Production: Enhancing dairy productivity and quality, genetics, added value• Supply: Overcoming seasonal variation and improving quality and hygiene• Market/Institutions: Responding to increasingly stringent food safety standards for internal and external markets (trade liberalization and urbanization)• Collaboration with dairy industry: Increase in milk production (emphasis on dry season) and milk quality (hygiene); added value (products, certification, carbon insetting)• Other considerations: Social justice (gender, value chain equity), ecological footprint and market differentiation
  6. 6. Funding Opportunities Theme (potential) Donor ProbabilityDry season forage options and dairy USDA through CRS Approved,processing starts early 2013Carbon insetting in dairy value chains BMZ (small grant) HighImproving productivity and mitigating climate Netherlands Fairchange through climate smart, forage based Government (FSP)livestock systems – CAC and EA / SolidaridadImproving competitiveness of small farmers CFC Fairin dairy value chains – partial loan-based,involvement farmer cooperatives and privatesectorIncreasing the productivity of dual-purpose ADA Highcattle in Nicaragua through use ofappropriate breed types and application ofbest husbandry practicesScaling of technologies – development focus IDB, … High
  7. 7. Current statusProposal development• In collaboration with CRS, GIZ, Solidaridad, ILRIDevelopment toolkit value chain assessment• Process guidelines and protocols finalized end of 2012• Full toolkit ready for adaptation for specific value chains by beginning 2013Targeting/Implementation• Oct 2012: stakeholders workshop in Nicaragua with partners (INTA, UCA, , etc.), including private sector (dairy industry) and farmers’ representations
  8. 8. Planning for 2013Component Activity TimeframeTargeting Characterizing areas VC- activities Q1 through GIS inputs and follow-up stakeholder workshops: selection intervention sites Ex-ante impact of best-bet Q2-3 interventionsVC-assessments Secondary data analysis, surveys, Q2-4intervention sites expert meetings .. along the VC ..Project current (BNI) and new (ADA-ILRI- Q1-4implementation CIAT-UNA-BOKU genetic improvement), ??, within LaF frameworkProposal In collaboration with Solidaridad, Q1development ILRI-CIAT, CFC,… (Solidaridad), Q1-2 (CFC) Q1-4 (others)
  9. 9. livestockfish.cgiar.org