Community Knowledge Worker Program [in Uganda]


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Presented by Erin Connor at the Closing Workshop of the BecA‐ILRI‐CSIRO‐AusAID Project on Understanding ASF Epidemiology as a basis for Control, Nairobi, Kenya, 2‐3 October 2013

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Community Knowledge Worker Program [in Uganda]

  1. 1. Community Knowledge Worker Program Closing workshop of the BecA-ILRI-CSIRO-AusAid project October 2, 2013
  2. 2. Grameen Foundation A global organization committed to helping the world’s poorest people achieve their full potential by providing access to financial services, actionable information and business opportunities
  3. 3. Grameen Foundation Approach Lack of essential, actionable information Inability to tolerate shocks and manage risks Insufficien t & inconsisten t income Needs are not understood and suboptimal services delivered Solution Areas INFORMATION SERVICES Build two way flows of trusted, actionable information FINANCIAL SERVICES Provide appropriate, innovative products to manage household cash flows and risk POVERTY TOOLS AND INSIGHTS Deliver services to the poor though use of client data and tools 3
  4. 4. Community Knowledge Worker: Addressing Information Poverty  Lack of access to information such as: • Basic agricultural practices • Market prices • Market linkages 12% The average price difference per kilogram of maize sold in Mozambique between households with and without information. (MSU 2011) 17% The average price difference in Uganda flanked by households with and without information. (Grameen 2011)
  5. 5. Community Knowledge Worker: Trusted Intermediaries  Two-way information flows through a network of over 1,200 CKWs in Uganda serving 186,000 farmers
  6. 6. Community Knowledge Worker: Offering Actionable Information  Expert-reviewed content delivered through multiple channels  Robust database featuring 46+ crops and 10 types of livestock, real time market prices, and other market information
  7. 7. Community Knowledge Worker: Offering Actionable Information CKW Survey CKW Search links to a database of over 40,000 tips and advice, which CKWs consult when answering questions for fellow farmers. Information can be found using menus, keywords or a photo-diagnostic tree allows CKWs to conduct complex surveys using a simple touch-based interface, to provide partner organizations with information to track their interventions, monitor disease outbreaks, understand farmer needs, and make decisions in realtime Pulse lets CKWs communicate problems and questions to GF staff in real-time. It also notifies CKWs of individual targets and performance status, allows GF field officers and peer leaders to send group messages, and transmit payment for performance via Mobile Money
  8. 8. Community Knowledge Worker: Value to Partners  Continuous capture of poverty and data/trends with 186,000 profiled/registered farmers  On demand M&E assessments for partners and clients  General research data collection  Automated back-end tools for self-serve survey products, analytics and dashboards
  9. 9. Community Knowledge Worker: Monitoring & Evaluation Support  Custom dashboard  Reporting and analysis  Individual targets  Team comparisons  Custom daily activity email
  10. 10. Community Knowledge Worker: Measuring Impact & Behavior Change IFPRI-led “Difference-in-Differences” study in 2011 found: • Increased knowledge of local prices: 20-35% • Adoption of crop spacing: 27% • Adoption of organic manure use: 31% • Price per kg of maize increase: 37%
  11. 11. Ecosystem of Partners
  12. 12. QUESTIONS?