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Challenges of designing pig diets using local feedstuffs for Ugandan subsistence farmers



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Presentation by Natalie Carter, Cate Dewey, Ben Lukuyu, Delia Grace and Kees de Lange at the 34th Annual Centralia Swine Research Update, Kirkton, Ontario, 28 January 2015.

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Challenges of designing pig diets using local feedstuffs for Ugandan subsistence farmers

  1. 1. Challenges of designing pig diets using local feedstuffs for Ugandan subsistence farmers Natalie Carter PhD Candidate University of Guelph Cate Dewey, Delia Grace, Ben Lukuyu, Kees de Lange 34th Annual Centralia Swine Research Update Kirkton, Ontario, 28 January 2015
  2. 2. Outline • Uganda • Feedstuffs • Challenges • Diets • Trial • Farmers’ response Photo:
  3. 3. Photo: N. Carter
  4. 4. Map: daneenleidig Photo: N.Carter
  5. 5. Photos: N. Carter and ILRI
  6. 6. Photos: and N. Carter Dewey et al. 2011
  7. 7. Photo: E. Smith Housing from local materials
  8. 8. Photo: ILRI Tethered and tied under a tree
  9. 9. Photo: N. Carter Free-range management
  10. 10. Photos: L. Thomas 4.3km per 12h! 76% of their time Thomas et al. 2013
  11. 11. Photos: E. Smith Average daily gain = 130 grams/day Carter et al. 2013
  12. 12. Photo: C. Dewey Village boar
  13. 13. Fresh feedstuffs Photos: C. Dewey and N. Carter
  14. 14. Purchased feedstuffs Photos: C. Dewey and N. Carter
  15. 15. Agricultural co-products Photo credit: N. Carter Photos: N. Carter
  16. 16. Kitchen scraps and leftovers Photos: C. Dewey
  17. 17. Human/pig food/feed competition Photo: N. Carter
  18. 18. Poor roads Photos: F. Mutua
  19. 19. Basic or no transportation Photos: E. Smith, N. Carter, C. Dewey
  20. 20. Finding a solution • ADG of local and local x exotic pigs • Nutrient requirements • Sample feedstuffs and nutrient analysis • Seasonal availability and cost per kg • Least-cost balanced diets Photos: N. Carter
  21. 21. Photo: N. Carter Local diet
  22. 22. Local and commercial diets Photos: N. Carter and E. Smith
  23. 23. Photos: N. Carter
  24. 24. Silage diet Photo: N. Carter
  25. 25. Silage diet Photos: N. Carter
  26. 26. Photos: N. Carter
  27. 27. Photo: N. Carter
  28. 28. Photo: N. Carter Silage diet
  29. 29. Preliminary trial results • Better suited to bigger pigs • Commercial>silage>local Photos: N. Carter
  30. 30. Workshops Photo: N. Carter
  31. 31. Workshops Photos: N. Carter
  32. 32. Photo: C. Dewey
  33. 33. Acknowledgements Dr. Cate Dewey Dr. Kees deLange Dr. Ben Lukuyu and Dr. Delia Grace
  34. 34. Questions? Photo: N. Carter
  35. 35. References • Carter, N., Dewey, C., Mutua, F.K., de Lange, C., Grace, D. (2013): Average daily gain of local pigs on rural and peri- urban smallholder farms in two districts of western Kenya. Trop. Anim. Health Prod. 45:1533–1538. • Dewey, C.E., Wohlegemut, J.M., Levy, M., and Mutua, F.K. (2011). The impact of political crisis on smallholder pig farmers in Western Kenya, 2006–2008, Journal of Modern African Studies, 49,3, 455-473. • Thomas, L.F., de Glanville, W.A., Cook, A., Fevre, E.M. (2013): The spatial ecology of free-ranging domestic pigs (Sus scrofa) in western Kenya. BMC Vet. Res. doi:10.1186/1746-6148-9-46.