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Performance recording and bull evaluation: Contrasting experiences

Presented by Enyew Negussie, Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke), at the African Dairy Genetic Gains Program Annual Planning Meeting, 20-23 February 2017

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Performance recording and bull evaluation: Contrasting experiences

  1. 1. © Natural Resources Institute Finland© Natural Resources Institute Finland Enyew Negussie Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke) African Dairy Genetic Gains Program Annual Planning Meeting, 20-23 February 2017 Performance recording and bull evaluation: Contrasting experiences
  2. 2. © Natural Resources Institute Finland Luke = Luonnonvarakeskus = Natural Resources Center 3/15/2017
  3. 3. © Natural Resources Institute Finland3/15/2017 Genetics Research - Luke • Animal genomics – Gene mapping of traits connected to animal health, productivity and quality, and genomic selection – Bovine embryo production – Nutrigenomics • Biometrical genetics – Genetic evaluation methodology – Design of breeding programs – Genomic selection • Genetic diversity – Conservation, management and utilization of genetic diversity of cultivated plants and domestic animals – economic and cultural values of genetic diversity • Plant genomics – Genetic diversity of crop plants – Marker systems for fingerprinting and selection – Doubled-haploid methodology – Cryo preservation methodology
  4. 4. © Natural Resources Institute Finland3/15/2017 Biometrical Genetics Genetic evaluation methodology Fish Pigs Fur Animals Dairy cattle Healthy Cow Udder health evaluation for Nordic dairy cattle Genomic Selection Genomic selection and genomic breeding value estimation Test-day model Milk yield evaluation for Nordic dairy cattle Farm compass Tools for farm management monitoring BLUP Shop Animal evaluation and genetic models - Toolbox FurGenetics Genetics of economically important traits in fur animals Pig-SNiP Utilization of animal models and genomic information: Pork in human diet. PigBreeds Breed differences in pro- duction and quality traits Productive Pig New applications in pig breeding Fish Survival New breeding traits to reduce nutrient effluent Diversity Sustainable farm animal selection and genomics Across-Country Evaluation Variance component estimation method for international across-country evaluation Noble Fish breeding programmes GREEN DAIRY Genetic and nutritional tools to mitigate methane emission - Energy balance and feed efficiency Dairy Dev’t Dairy recording & farm advisory animal evaluation
  5. 5. © Natural Resources Institute Finland3/15/2017 Development of genetic evaluations for industry • Milk yield evaluation for Nordic dairy cattle – Nordic Test Day Model – Dairy cattle of Denmark, Finland and Sweden (Norway) – Holstein, Red Cattle, Jersey – Developing a model that utilizes over 100 million observations on milk, protein and fat yield from over 3 million cows of over 50 000 dairy herds to predict genetic values for over 7 million animals – Developing a model to describe the environmental variation within and across the dairy herds • Udder health evaluation for Nordic dairy cattle – Utilizing observations on milk somatic cell count, clinical mastitis incidences, and on udder conformation to predict genetic values for Nordic dairy cattle
  6. 6. © Natural Resources Institute Finland3/15/2017 Prediction of animals’ genetic values • Animal evaluation and genetic models – Toolbox Developing computationally efficient computing programs for animal genetic evaluation – MiX99 General software package for analysis of large and complex mixed models – Best linear unbiased prediction software for breeding companies and universities – Development of a stochastic method for estimation of genetic parameters  significant reduction in computational time (days in stead of months) • Genetic parameters estimation method for international across-country evaluation – Method to estimate all genetic correlations between 26 countries in one single analysis • Genomic selection and genomic breeding value estimation – Blending/Combining of direct genetic values and estimated breeding values – ClubWare (http// software development for genomic selection
  7. 7. © Natural Resources Institute Finland3/15/2017 Example about transfer of expertise Herd management monitoring tool - MAITOISA
  8. 8. © Natural Resources Institute Finland CONTRASTING EXPERIENCES 3/15/2017
  9. 9. © Natural Resources Institute Finland PERFORMANCE RECORDING INFORMATION COLLECTED 3/15/2017
  10. 10. © Natural Resources Institute Finland3/15/2017
  11. 11. © Natural Resources Institute Finland3/15/2017
  12. 12. © Natural Resources Institute Finland3/15/2017
  13. 13. © Natural Resources Institute Finland3/15/2017 Feed intake & Feed Efficiency
  14. 14. © Natural Resources Institute Finland3/15/2017 Carbon foot-print & Environmental impact traits Next 5-10
  15. 15. © Natural Resources Institute Finland3/15/2017
  16. 16. © Natural Resources Institute Finland Performance recording : Organization 3/15/2017 • Milk recording – • ~ 80% of herds under milk recording • those under MR gets advisory, AI, periodic farmers trainings at discounted price • Milk recordings are done by farmers themselves/family members and sent to the MLOY • Edition and checking incoming records done at MLOY with edition rules
  17. 17. © Natural Resources Institute Finland Summary : Information collected 3/15/2017 • Production as well as functional traits – correlated traits • Functional traits: udder health Nordics • Start with few core traits and build stepwisely • Don’t overstreach • Standardize/harmonize traits and recording systems across boundaries • Harness advances in digital and ICT
  18. 18. © Natural Resources Institute Finland BULL EVALUATION 3/15/2017
  19. 19. © Natural Resources Institute Finland3/15/2017
  20. 20. © Natural Resources Institute Finland3/15/2017 VikingGenetics International Denmark VikingGenetics International Sweden VikingGenetics International Finland • VG coordinates AI, ET, AI business and also finance R&D
  21. 21. © Natural Resources Institute Finland3/15/20173/15/2017
  22. 22. © Natural Resources Institute Finland ACROSS COUNTRY EVALUATION 3/15/2017
  23. 23. © Natural Resources Institute Finland3/15/2017
  24. 24. © Natural Resources Institute Finland3/15/2017 Udder health
  25. 25. © Natural Resources Institute Finland3/15/2017
  26. 26. © Natural Resources Institute Finland3/15/2017 The breeding goal is described in the NTM, which is an economic index, ~ 70 traits
  27. 27. © Natural Resources Institute Finland3/15/20173/15/2017
  28. 28. © Natural Resources Institute Finland3/15/20173/15/2017
  29. 29. © Natural Resources Institute Finland3/15/2017
  30. 30. © Natural Resources Institute Finland3/15/2017
  31. 31. © Natural Resources Institute Finland Summary : Animal evaluations 3/15/2017 • Start simple • Ethiopian experience • 15000 animals & ~100,000 TD records • Simple RPT TD model • Strong national developments are a plus for future across country evaluations • Training in animal breeding & programing • Advances in genomic selection – Reference popn
  32. 32. © Natural Resources Institute Finland Important Issues 3/15/2017 • Data and data quality • Realistic assumptions • across country evaluations • HV • Improved statistical models & suitable softwares and • HV corrections
  33. 33. © Natural Resources Institute Finland Thank you!