A Web portal on Ethiopian agriculture: Experience of IPMS and MoA


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Presented by Fanos Mekonnen at the 19th Ethiopian Society of Animal production Annual Conference, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, 15-17 December 2011.

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A Web portal on Ethiopian agriculture: Experience of IPMS and MoA

  1. 1. A WEB Portal on Ethiopian Agriculture: Experience of IPMS and MoA Fanos Mekonnen Presented at the 19th Ethiopian Society of Animal production Annual ConferenceAddis Ababa, Ethiopia, 15-17 December 2011
  2. 2. Improve access to information on valuechain development
  3. 3. Bridging the Gap‘it’s about time that we, those of us involved in the agricultural sector, manage the in-house knowledge we have on Ethiopian agriculture’
  4. 4. Knowledge management‘creating an environment which encourages Knowledge to be:created, shared , learnt, enhanced,organized and utilized in and outside of anorganization.’
  5. 5. through producing...a comprehensive, accurate, reliable andone stop source of information aboutEthiopian agriculture
  6. 6. How?Use ICT as a means for availing informationon agriculture development and develop aweb portalSet up ‘knowledge centers’ that facilitateaccess of the web portal and other digitalinformation sources
  7. 7. Result: KM framework developedNational Agricultural Information Resource Centre (NAIRC) 1. Infrastructure 2. Capacity development 3. Design and develop the Ethiopian Agriculture portal 4. Promote the web portal for increased usability
  8. 8. Infrastructure
  9. 9. Capacity DevelopmentCapacity building of MoA human resource • Abroad- MSc level • On the job training on server management, networking and software
  10. 10. EAP was developed and deployedWith a web interface of: simple, easy touse & maintain, attractive, ability to scaleup & sustainAnd also with complex and dynamicdatabase
  11. 11. www.eap.gov.et
  12. 12. EAP is unique because…• Focus Mainly on Ethiopia-specific agricultural information• Information sources in local languages are available• Information in fewer circulation are scanned
  13. 13. ResearchersEAP targets large audience
  14. 14. Use Knowledge centers to avail theEAP in districts, zones and regions Dial Up, Broadband, CDMA / EVDO Offline Versions of EAP
  15. 15. Promotion- throughposters, flyers, seminars, workshops….
  16. 16. Documentation
  17. 17. Documentation cont.
  18. 18. Lessons and challengesTechnology catches up on you andleaves you behind, so don’t worry ifyoure e too early!Smooth partnership and collaborationfrom the START is very crucial
  19. 19. Lessons and challenges cont ... Proper incentives for contributors and content managers is crucial for sustainable contribution An agricultural web portal requires a team of content managers for up-to- date and dynamic information and knowledge sharing
  20. 20. Major factors for Sustainability of EAP Internet Content human resource with the required capacity
  21. 21. www.eap.gov.et eagriportal@gmail.com