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Economics and ecohealth


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Presentation by Lucy Lapar at the EcoZd-FBLI One Health/Ecohealth training course held at Hanoi, Vietnam, 27-30 May 2013.

Published in: Technology, Economy & Finance
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Economics and ecohealth

  1. 1. Economics and EcoHealthEcoZd-FBLI One Health/Ecohealth training courseHanoi, Vietnam, 27-30 May 2013Lucy Lapar
  2. 2. What economics is not• Money• Accounting• Mathematics• Profit• Rich vs poor
  3. 3. Economics is about• Decision-making• Making choices• Allocating scarce resources• Optimizing returns
  4. 4. Key economic concepts to remember• Utility– satisfactionExercise: what would you do with $100 that willmake you extremely happy?• Opportunity cost– Nothing is freeExercise: what would you give up to achievethis?
  5. 5. Questions that economics can helpaddress in an EcoHealth study• What is the economic burden of a zoonoticdisease?• What surveillance system will effectively andsustainably work in the context of Vietnam?• What modalities of private-public partnershipin trans-boundary animal disease controlwould be effective and sustainable?• How much can small farmers afford to pay forvaccination?
  6. 6. Some examples• Evaluating cost-effectiveness of massvaccination• Evaluating economic viability ofslaughterhouse upgrading• Evaluating ex-ante between different optionsfor disease control• Evaluating economic impact of a specificdisease or zoonoses