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Levon pogosian


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Galaxy Forum Canada 2011
Levon Pagosian
'The Universe Outside our Galaxy'

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Levon pogosian

  1. 1. THE UNIVERSE outside our galaxy Levon Pogosian PHYSICS Simon Fraser University
  2. 4. Edwin Hubble 1889-1953 The universe is expanding
  3. 5. What does it mean? The universe was smaller which means denser which means things hit each other atoms… which destroys galaxies stars…. Can we see this?
  4. 6. Looking far away = looking back in time
  5. 7. Us in the center
  6. 8. The map
  7. 10. Live, from NY Big Bang!
  8. 11. Universe, baby album, page 1: ( 400,000 years of age)
  9. 13. Gravitational Instability
  10. 14. How did it get like this?
  11. 15. Werner Heisenberg Quantum Uncertainty
  12. 16. Is this a fact? We may find out soon
  13. 17. CMB is hairy! (i.e. polarized) Image by M. Kamionkowski, CalTech
  14. 18. Polarization Patterns Search for hair whirlpools !
  15. 19. CMB is hairy! (i.e. polarized) Image by M. Kamionkowski, CalTech
  16. 22. THE END