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Galaxy Forum Southeast Asia 2013 - Dr. Boonrucksar soonthornthum


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Galaxy Forum, Galaxy, Galaxy Education, 21st Century Education, Astronomy

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Galaxy Forum Southeast Asia 2013 - Dr. Boonrucksar soonthornthum

  1. 1. Roles of NARIT in Developing Galaxy Science/ Astronomy in Thailand and ASEANBoonrucksar 9 March 2013Soonthornthum Science CenterDirector, NARIT,
  2. 2. 21st Century Education:Understanding Our Place in the Universe Galaxy Science Forum: Advancing 21st CenturyEducation worldwide to provide greater global awareness,capabilities and action in Galaxy
  3. 3. presentation:1.Astronomy Education inThailand2.The Establishment ofNARIT3.Network andCollaboration4.Roles of NARIT inDriving Astronomy
  4. 4. stronomy Education in Thailan School Level (approximately 10,000 high schools from 30,000 schools all over Thailand): “National Curriculum in Earth, Astronomy and Space Science” University Level
  5. 5. Mission of NARIT1. Carry out research and development on astronomy and astrophysics2. Establish a network and co- operation with organizations and research institutes, both domestic and international3. Support and co-ordinate astronomical collaboration
  6. 6. The New Infrastructure of the21st Century in Southeast Asia:The Thai National Observatory (TNO)- Flagship Project of Thai Astronomy Under the Royal Comment of HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn- Located at Doi Inthanon National Park, Chiang Mai, Thailand at 2,457-meter above the sea level, Latitude 18º 34’ 21’’ N และ 98º29’ 07’’E 6
  7. 7. Inauguration of the TNO on 22nd January 2013 7
  8. 8. The 2.4-meter Class Thai National Telescope (TNT) Specification - 2.4 m f/10 F=24000 mm - 2 Nasmyth Foci - Pointing Accuracy 3 arcsec - Tracking Accuracy 0.5 arcsec8
  9. 9. Information Service and Training Center Inthanon Mountain in Chiang Mai, Thailand (1200 above the sea level)Office andAccommodationfor Astronomers
  10. 10. Thai 2.4m Instrumentation Format Brand Model Pixel RON FOV Filters Delivery Status Johnson + 2k x 2k Apogee Alta U42 13.5 μm 7e- 3.6 x 3.6 Installed Temporary StromgrenImagers 3k x 3k Apogee Alta U9000 12 μm 12e- 4.8 x 4.8 Red Oct-12 2ms TDI UBVRI,Hα, Red 4k x 4k ARC E2V232-84 15 μm 4e- 8 x 8 Jan-13 Facility C, Clear Broad + 1k x 1k ULTRASPEC EMCCD 13 μm 0e- 7.7 x 7.7 Jan-13 Visitor Narrow Type Manuf. Long Slit R CCD Spectral Range Delivery Status Fiber Meaburn Yes 3,000 (Vmag ~ 12) 390-800 nm Available ??Spectro Fiber Shelyak No 10,000 QSI632, 2184x1472 430-710 nm Nov-12 Temporary Fiber NIAOT No 18,000 Andor 2048x512 380-900 nm Dec-13 Facility Status: October 8, 2012
  11. 11. 5 Key Sciences of NARIT Optical Astronomy Radio Astronomy Solar Physics and High Energy Astrophysics Space Weather and Cosmology Astronomical Instrumentation
  12. 12. East Asian 2m optical-infrared telescope network OAO(Japan) 2.2 m Xinglong (China)2.4m 1.9m BAO(Korea) GMG (China) 1.8m 2.0m 8.2m 2.4m NARIT(Thailand) Lulin (Taiwan) Subaru
  13. 13. CCD-Images from 2.4 m-TNT Jupiter Image
  14. 14. CCD-Images from 2.4 m-TNTSaturn Image Mars Image
  15. 15. CCD-Images from 2.4 m-TNT Dual Lobe PlanetaryGhost of Jupiter in Hydra Nebula in Gemini NGC 3242 NGC 2371
  16. 16. CCD-Images from 2.4 m-TNT Eskimo Nebula (NGC 2392) in Gemini
  17. 17. CCD-Images from 2.4 m-TNT M 95 in Leo M 96 in Leo
  18. 18. CCD-Images from 2.4 m-TNTM1 Crab Nebula M13 Globular Cluster In Taurus in Hercules
  19. 19. CCD-Images from 2.4 m-TNTComet ISON -> Comet ISON Minor Planet 2012 DA14
  20. 20. Astro ParkAstro Park is located in down town ChiangMai (20 acres area) and the whole project will
  21. 21. Astro ParkAstro Park consists of Main Office,International Office, Auditorium, Laboratory,
  22. 22. Public Provincial Observatories Provincial observatory ProjeThe project was approved in the cabinetmeeting on March 2009. Six observatories
  23. 23. Main facilities for each public provincial observatory include: An up-to-standard observatory equipped with a 0.6-metre reflecting telescope, a CCD camera, a spectrometer, an office building and standard training accessories.
  24. 24. Human Resource Development in Astronomy Ministry of Science and Technologyprovides scholarships according to thehuman resource development plan ofNARIT. The number of scholarships areas follows: - 2007 B.Sc-M.Sc-Ph.D 1 M.Sc-Ph.D or Ph.D 3 - 2008 B.Sc-M.Sc-Ph.D 2 M.Sc-Ph.D or Ph.D 2
  25. 25. Human Resource Development in Astronomy From 2010, the Institute for Promotion inTeaching Science and Technology , Ministry ofEducation also provides scholarships tohigh school students who are thenational representatives on the“International Olympiad on Astronomyand Astrophysics (IOAA)” competition asfollows: - 2010-2012 B.Sc-M.Sc-Ph.D 8 Some foreign astronomy instituteseg: Korean Astronomy and Space Science
  26. 26. Network and Collaboration IAU- Becoming membership of theInternational Astronomical Union, (August 2006)- Initiation of International Collaborations-Initiation of Thai National AstronomyNetwork (TNAM)- Initiation of South-East AsianAstronomical Network (SEAAN)
  27. 27. Thailand became National Member of the IAU during the 26th General Assembly of the IAU in Prague, August 2006 Official Speech delivered by Dr. Suchinda Chotipanich the Permanent Secretary of Ministry of Science and Technology Thailand (left picture)
  28. 28. International Collaborations and Networks
  29. 29. Korea-T M hai OU Signing, F ebruary,2008
  30. 30. TNAM Meeting in 2012
  31. 31. Southeast Asia Astronomy Network, SEAAN, M eeting
  32. 32. T 1st Southeast Asia Young heAstronomers Collaboration, SEAYAC, M eeting 5-7 November 2012, Palawan, Philippines
  33. 33. MOU Signing NARIT and UP B L NARIT has signed an MOU with theUniversity of Philippines, Los Banos(UPLB) on 20 September 2012. In 2013,UPLB will send 4 students for trainingin astronomical instrumentation atNARIT.
  34. 34. Visit Myanmar 16-20 December 2012
  35. 35. Visit Myanmar 16-20 December 2012
  36. 36. Visit Myanmar 16-20 December 2012
  37. 37. Roles of NARIT inSupporting Astronomy Education 1.Supporting Higher Education 2.Teacher Training in Astronomy in 3 levels11-01-2010 37
  38. 38. MOU signing between NARIT and 8 Cooperative Universitiesan NARIT makes MOU signing with 8 major universities in Thailand -Curriculum development -Supporting astronomical 38
  39. 39. Official MOU Signingbetween NARIT and IPST on 26 December 2012 39
  40. 40. Nation-wide Teacher Training Workshop
  41. 41. Project on “Teacher Training Workshop in Astronomy” Results from the MOU,NARIT and IPST agree tocooperate in organizing 3levels of workshops forschool teachers nation-wide:1.Basic Level 41
  42. 42. Teacher Training Workshop in 120 teachers/workshop Level Astronomy: Basic + 5 workshops/year  600 teachers/year Goals: To provide school teachers with1. sufficient knowledge in general astronomy for school teaching2. experiences in astronomical observations3. concept ideas on the development of astronomy curriculum in school 42
  43. 43. Teacher Training Workshop in Astronomy: Intermediate Level 30 teachers/workshop, 1 workshop/year select teachers from BASIC level workshop or teachers who has experiences in teaching astronomy in school Goals: To provide school teachers with1. More skill in astronomical observations, how to plan for observations and using telescopes and additional detectors for 43
  44. 44. Teacher Training Workshop in Astronomy: Advance Level 15-20 teachers with students/workshop, 1 workshop/year by invitation only Goals:1. To organize “Project-based” workshop in astronomy2. To provide observational, data collections and reduction skills for teachers and students by using NARIT’s telescope including the “Remote Control Telescope” in Chile 44
  45. 45. Learning through remote observations f Remote 0.6-meter telescope of NARIT (2012) at Cen Observatory (CTIO), Chile to join University of Noect for GRB monitoring. This will also serve as a pla ects, undergraduate and high school education in T 11-01-2010 45
  46. 46. Sample of a Research Project usingthe PROMPT telescope, CTIO, Chile A Teacher Training Project “A Study on Physical Parameters and Evolution a Close Binary System, AY Aquarius Light curve of a binary system, AY PROMPT Aqr in V-band by Telescope remote observation 46
  47. 47. Public Outreach Activities
  48. 48. You are Galileo! In Thailand (NAOJ- NARIT) in November and December 2012
  49. 49. Astrophotography Workshop
  50. 50. South-E Asia Regional Office of astAstronomy for Development (SEA ROAD) of the IAU The National Astronomical ResearchInstitute of Thailand (NARIT) has beenselected to coordinate the InternationalAstronomical Union (IAU) astronomy-for-development activities in the South EastAsian region. On 27 August 2012 the IAU signedan important agreement with NARIT who
  51. 51. South-E Asia Regional Office of astAstronomy for Development (SEA ROAD) of the IAU Signing Agreement on 27 August 2012
  52. 52. International Training Center inAstronomy Under Auspices of UNE SCO The Thai Cabinet approved the proposal on “The International Training Center in Astronomy Under Auspices of the UNESCO. The proposal has been submitted to the UNESCO Headquarter in Paris, FRANCE. This center will be