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Galaxy Forum Japan 2012 - Daigo Fugita (eng)


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Galaxy Forum Japan 2012 - Daigo Fugita (eng)

  1. 1. GALAXY Forum@ScienceAgora2012 Why Leave a Nests Space Education Project Engaged So Many People? Leave a Nest Co.,Ltd. Daigo FUJITA
  2. 2. About Daigo FUJITAB.Day July 7 th(The festival of Vega.)12/11/10 (c)Leave a Nest 2
  3. 3. My Sons. Sora means Good Sky 空良♂ 1 year old 悠地 Yuji means eternal Land ♂ 3 year old Love Nature 12/11/10 (c)Leave a Nest 3
  4. 4. Tokyo Institute of Technology Miraikan Museum Researched T4 phage structure 1st Volunteer12/11/10 Love Science (c)Leave a Nest 4
  5. 5. What IsLeave a Nest? 60% Rate of Ph.D. Company with all scientists12/11/10 (c)Leave a Nest 5
  6. 6. mission Next Young ScientistAdvancing Generation Education EncouragementScience & Technologyfor Global Happiness Research &Development 12/11/10 (c)Leave a Nest 6
  7. 7. Contribute travel to study Common Research with foreign laboratory , company. Univ. Company.Scientific ResearchWorkshop for young Development Material Plant Factory Science Media (magazine,radio…)12/11/10 (c)Leave a Nest 7
  8. 8. SpaceEducationProject12/11/10 (c)Leave a Nest 8
  9. 9. Question Why Leave a Nests Space Education Project Engaged So Many People?12/11/10 (c)Leave a Nest 9
  10. 10. Answer① Heart + System ⇒specialist12/11/10 (c)Leave a Nest 10
  11. 11. Sep. 3rd 2007 Yomiuri.Shinbun. One news paper We want to do space education with12/11/10 “Real” (c)Leave a Nest 11
  12. 12. Education system18species 44variety To ISS “Kibo”Plant seeds 12/11/10 (c)Leave a Nest 12
  13. 13. We callScientist & Educatorto contribute our project 12/11/10 (c)Leave a Nest 13
  14. 14. 【Space Education Committee】 【Adviser】 西尾健氏 山口 淳二氏 法政大学生命科学部 北海道大学大学院 生命機能学科 先端生命科学研究院教授 教授 植物医科学専修 教授 ©大学Webページ 丸山 茂徳氏 高橋秀幸氏 東京工業大学大学院理工学研究科 東北大学大学院 地球惑星科学専攻 教授 生命科学研究科教授 ©大学Webページ 太田啓之氏 川口正代司氏 東京大学大学院 ©大学Webページ ©大学Webページ東京工業大学バイオ研究支援 総合センター 教授 大学院理学系研究科 日野友明氏 松永三郎 氏 生物科学専攻 准教授 北海道大学大学院 東京工業大学大学院理工学研究科 工学研究科量子理工学専攻教授 機械宇宙システム専攻 准教授 幸節雄二氏 久保田 弘敏氏 九州大学大学院工学研究院教授 帝京大学大学院理工学研究科 総合工学専攻 理工学部航空宇宙工学科 教授 保尊 隆享氏 西平順氏 北海道情報大学 上嶋右子氏 宇田川紗良氏 大阪市立大学大学院理学研究科教授 医療情報学科 教授 青山学院高等部教諭 相模女子大学高等部教諭 井尻憲一氏 東京大学 アイソトープ総合センター 【Space seeds management comittee 】 教授中村日出夫氏 中野完氏宇宙航空研究開発機構(JAXA) 宇宙航空研究開発機構(JAXA) 宇宙教育センター 主任 宇宙教育センター 参事 明石良氏 藤井義晴氏 田畑哲之氏 宮崎大学 農業環境技術研究所 かずさDNA研究所 12/11/10 (c)Leave a Nest フロンティア科学実験 副所長 14 生物多様性研究領域 総合センター教授 上席研究員
  15. 15. Answer②Education program⇒ Gathered Schools12/11/10 (c)Leave a Nest 15
  16. 16. MottoThe universe becomes "Kibo" which connects children and science. Space Science Workshop Observation of Plants Presenta Seed (5 hr) (3 months) tion. Ceremony [Lecture] Sprout Astronaut Space/Radio Wave Growth message /DNA Bloom Send space [Experiment] Fruits & seeds seeds DNA / Fog chamber Plant training Education program12/11/10 (c)Leave a Nest 16
  17. 17. Gathered Research Based Education Research Schools 3years 28⇒ 37⇒43 +3000 schools with Benesse .cop.12/11/10 (c)Leave a Nest 17
  18. 18. A stalk branches off Growth of the SpaceThe root was unusually. seed and earth seed isextended unusual ly. almost same. Interesting Results12/11/10 (c)Leave a Nest 18
  19. 19. March 9t. 2010 April 27th 2011 Sep. 24th 2012 missionZERO Space Education Forum Space Dream Forum We also built the place which students try to presentation.12/11/10 (c)Leave a Nest 19
  20. 20. Answer① Heart + System ⇒specialistAnswer② Education program ⇒ Gathered Schools However, it is only the charitable work or the national enterprise.12/11/10 (c)Leave a Nest 20
  21. 21. In order to use continuing operations as a private We needs Money12/11/10 (c)Leave a Nest 21
  22. 22. 2008年7月20日 朝日新聞 =Publicity 14 2008 2009 2010 2011 This project began to become the center of12/11/10 attention in a anewspaper. (c)Leave Nest 22
  23. 23. Answer③ Publicity=Profits ⇒Support of companies and a universities12/11/10 (c)Leave a Nest 23
  24. 24. Profits of Company & Univ= School Media Publicity12/11/10 (c)Leave a Nest 24
  25. 25. Sponsors(private company) 2年目以降 Sponsors(university / city)12/11/10 (c)Leave a Nest 25
  26. 26. Space Education Project® Schedule12/11/10 (c)Leave a Nest 26
  27. 27. Media took up further.12/11/10 (c)Leave a Nest 27
  28. 28. 2008年7月20日 朝日新聞 2009年3月23日 教育新 2010年6月4日 神奈川新聞 2011年6月4日 神奈川新聞 聞 14 45 61 59 +38 2008 2009 2010 2011 +38 were space seed loss incidents in NASA12/11/10 Report track record (c)Leave a Nest 28
  29. 29. Question Why Leave a Nests Space Education Project Engaged So Many People?12/11/10 (c)Leave a Nest 29
  30. 30. Answer① Heart + System ⇒specialistAnswer② Education program ⇒ Gathered SchoolsAnswer③ Profits⇒ Supports of Company & University12/11/10 (c)Leave a Nest 30
  31. 31. to Next Phase12/11/10 (c)Leave a Nest 31
  32. 32. We will make new pride in local Create “Space brand”, and revive Industry⇒20 areas already take part in the planning.12/11/10 (c)Leave a Nest 32
  33. 33. Example Space soy-bean Space HinokiSpaceYeast bread Miso Kit Dish ⇒Publicity +Goods sales12/11/10 (c)Leave a Nest 33
  34. 34. Talk “space” with children and adults Space festival to the biggest in the world! Space July 1978〜Sep 1979 Space Expo in Japan odaiba (now Miraikan Area ) Dream Park 12/11/10 (c)Leave a Nest 34
  35. 35. September 13th – 15th Space Dream Forum 2013 Professional talk Space Workshop (Students Adults) Astronouts ©大林組 ©スペースX Space Elevator Space Education Luna mission Presentation Model Rocket ©JAXA Astronomical observation High school etc. University ©JAXA students ⇒Collecting support company & organization12/11/10 (c)Leave a Nest 35
  36. 36. We Approach companies to get sponsors Media Partner(plan) Fuji TV Support Organization(plan) We also approach to many Universities & Colleges.12/11/10 (c)Leave a Nest 36
  37. 37. To picture dreams to oneself, Shortest distance to realization.The universe will be one step to make people picture a dream to oneself from children to all adults. Daigo FUJITA12/11/10 (c)Leave a Nest 37
  38. 38. Space Seeds snapshot in “Kibo” with “Kibo” private use Thanks.12/11/10 (c)Leave a Nest 38