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Galaxy Forum Southeast Asia 2013 - Dr. Chatief Kunjaya


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Galaxy Forum, Galaxy, Galaxy Education, 21st Century Education, Astronomy

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Galaxy Forum Southeast Asia 2013 - Dr. Chatief Kunjaya

  1. 1. Astronomy In IndonesiaPresent Status and Vision for Future Development C. Kunjaya Institut Teknologi Bandung Indonesia
  2. 2. History in short• 1923 start building a new observatory, financed mainly by a tea plantation owner K.A.R Bosccha, 1928 start operation• 1951 start higher education in astronomy• 1999 start post graduate school• 2006 start doctor course
  3. 3. Public Service Activities• Visitor Service at the Bosscha Observatory• Lunar Crescent observation, in cooperation with Ministry of Religion and Ministry of Communication and Informatics• Astronomy Olympiad, in cooperation with Ministry of Education and Culture• Others
  4. 4. Other Observatories/ Astronomy Related Institution• Watukosek Solar Observatory, East Java, belongs to LAPAN• Mount Lokon Observatory, in Tomohon, North Sulawesi, belongs to a private institution• Jakarta Planetarium• Tenggarong Planetarium in East Kalimantan
  5. 5. Astronomy Organization• International Astronomical Union (IAU)• Indonesian Astronomical Association (HAI)• South East Asia Astronomy Network (SEAAN)• South East Asia Young Astronomer Cooperation (SEAYAC)• Amateur Astronomers Clubs
  6. 6. Motivation to grow• Long history of astronomical research and education in Indonesia• International cooperation in Astronomy grows continuously• New big observatory has been built in Thailand• Astronomical facilities is developing quite fast in Malaysia and other ASEAN countries
  7. 7. Future Satellite Launching Station• Advantage of Geographical position, close to equator.• Site : Morotai Island, North Maluku• Institution : LAPAN (Indonesian Aeronautics and Space Institute)
  8. 8. Plan for Future Observatory• Bandung and Lembang cities grow very fast, demographically and economically• Polution around Bosscha Observatory become worse and worse• More and more difficult to obtain research quality data, need a new site for observatory• Many region has been analyzed, including highest mountains in Papua and East Nusa Tenggara (NTT), the driest region• The site search focused in NTT Region• Season pattern is opposite of those in Thailand
  9. 9. Sky Clearness
  10. 10. TIMAU
  11. 11. Timau Environment
  12. 12. Summary• There is long history of astronomy in South East Asia• Astronomical research facilities is growing in the region• Regional cooperation organization is developing and become stronger• New observatory has been built in Thailand and been planned in Indonesia, cooperation between both observatories will be beneficial for South East Asia Astronomy
  13. 13. Thank You