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21    Illinois Campus Compact 2011-2012                                      Issue #2, November 29, 2011       VISTAs GROW...
21    Illinois Campus Compact 2011-2012                                                Issue#2, November 29, 2011         ...
Illinois Campus Compact 2011-2012                                             Issue #2, November 29, 2011                 ...
3    Illinois Campus Compact 2011-2012                                         Issue#2, November 29, 2011                 ...
Illinois Campus Compact 2011-2012                                      Issue #2, November 29, 2011          Truman Vet Fai...
Illinois Campus Compact 2011-2012                                            Issue #2, November 29, 2011                  ...
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This is our November edition of the VISTA VISION, a monthly newsletter chronicling ILCC VISTA activity in the Illinois area.

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  1. 1. 21 Illinois Campus Compact 2011-2012 Issue #2, November 29, 2011 VISTAs GROW GOOD IN DOUGLAS PARK AND Issue #2, November 2011 BEYOND Contents: TURMAN VISTA HOLDS COLLEGE’S FIRST VET FAIR 2 FREE YOUTH DEVELOPMENT WORKSHOPS AT LOYOLA 3 THIS MONTH’S RESOURCES Volunteers rally for the Good Grows Event 4 On October 22, 2011 our from gathering trash and debris ILCC VISTAs operating to mulching trees and pulling under One Good Deed weeds. “It’s nice to have the Chicago and in partnership opportunity to come out and with Friends of the Parks give back to the community as a NOVEMBER VISTA SPOTLIGHT held a very successful park personal citizen of Chicago,” clean up in Douglas Park, said Kim Luckey, Make a 5 located in the North Difference Day volunteer and Lawndale community area member of the Lawrence Hall of Chicago. Youth Services organization. The event known as “Good Concerned citizens were not the Grows: A day of Service at only group who showed at the Douglas Park,” brought event to lend a hand. Members over 100 volunteers out on of the City Year Fulltime Youth a brisk yet beautiful Service Corps were on deck to Saturday morning to help help lead groups of volunteers to beautify the large Chicago their worksites and distribute district park. Dedicated tools. The White Sox Volunteer volunteers did everything
  2. 2. 21 Illinois Campus Compact 2011-2012 Issue#2, November 29, 2011 GOOD GROWS (Continued) felt at the event, eagerly braving an annual event that takes place the brisk morning temperatures on the fourth Saturday of to show up and help out. “ I feel October. great out here trying to help beautify the city,” stated VISTA Alexandra Baird says the Adrienne Vanorsby, a White Sox event served as “an opportunity Volunteer Corps member. to highlight One Good Deed Chicagos new plan and According to ILCC VISTA Helen priorities under Mayor Rahm Gerety the idea for the park Emanuels administration.” Visit the website: clean up was inspired by a routine outing with Friends of And though very successful, the Parks to become familiar this park clean up is only the with the condition of the parks beginning for the VISTAs in the in the Chicago area. At the Mayors Office. That same week conclusion of their visits to the team organized and hosted various parks in Chicago, Find Your Cause, a networking VISTAs Helen Gerety and Jamie event that brought together 50 Brisco-Riggs thought that it non-profits to hold a mixer in would be impactful to hold a Chicago’s suave Cultural Center, park clean up in honor of National Make a Difference Day, Continued on page 4 Networking at the Find Your Cause event TRUMAN COLLEGE VISTA HOLDS 1ST ANNUAL VET FAIR We’re proud to announce that Benita Rice, ILCC VISTA at Truman College, was able to assist in implementing the campus’s 1st Annual Veterans Resource Fair. The fair, held on Wednesday November 9, 2011, provided access to resources for veterans on campus and in the community. “Vets don’t often know certain services are free and available to them, so the fair brings awareness to the available resources,” says Rice. Benita Rice (far right) stands with members The 1st Annual Veterans Resource Fair featured at of the Veteran’s Art Project Program least 20 different community partners ranging from former vets like former 2nd Lieutenant Andrew L. Brown U.S. Army, now inspirational author, to John Continued on page 5 2
  3. 3. Illinois Campus Compact 2011-2012 Issue #2, November 29, 2011 VISTA Ashley Slupski (center) with City Year Trainers Phil Horn and Kate Stoogie LOYOLA VISTA GIVES FREE YOUTH WORKER DEVELOPMENT SESSIONOn Monday November 14, 2011 ILLC VISTA and The workshop was well-attended and included notCommunity Support Specialist at the Loyola Center only leaders from various community-basedfor Experiential Learning, Ashley Slupski organized organizations, but also students from the Loyolaand hosted a free development workshop for those community and beyond.who work with youth, particularly in schools andurban settings. “The networking at these events can create new opportunities for partners as well as help renew theThe workshop was lead by City Year Trainers Phil passion that other youth workers have for the field,”Horn and Kate Stoogie and covered topics such as said Schlupski of the diverse crowd that gathered forproviding adequate teacher/student support, the workshop.building and maintaining relationships with young Slupski also plans to hold more workshops in thepeople and overall enhancement of the ways in future with the next session, a Spring Opportunitieswhich those who work with youth operate. Fair being held January 25, 2012. The all day event promises more developmental workshops as well as“The goal is to focus on community based a recruitment fair that will showcase volunteerorganizations that serve youth,” said Schlupski. “We opportunities throughout the local community. Forwant them [community partners] to feel better about more information on that event and the Loyolayouth development concepts so that they’ll be able to Center for Experiential Learning feel free to shoot anbetter explain those methods to the students in their email to Ashley at who use them in their communitywork.” 3
  4. 4. 3 Illinois Campus Compact 2011-2012 Issue#2, November 29, 2011 Good Grows (Continued) allowing for scores of young professionals to get meaningful face time in with non-profits searching for volunteers, donors and junior board members. Both the Good Grows and Find Your Cause events constructed by terVISTA/Non- the One Good Deed team went extremely well, displaying the Competitive_Eligibility_Frequently_Ask precise planning and thorough execution necessary for VISTA’s to An important topic of an October VISTA make an impact on the City of Chicago’s community. bag lunch, this link provides information concerning status after completion of one full year of service making you eligible for appointment by a federal agency into the federal competitive service and to compete for certain federal employment jobs that only federal employees are also eligible to compete for. bl_servestores_cat_id=11 The National Service blog shares stories of veterans in national service. Also includes information about tackling veteran unemployment, Vet Corps, and ways to support and honor vets. OGD Chicago’s Chief Service Officer and VISTA Supervisor Jenne Myers addressing community partners in attendance at the Find Your Cause event Serves as a voice to further community college involvement in service-learning and civic engagement throughout higher education. Provides presentations, articles, syllabi, and workbook on service learning. Have an interesting or insightful link to share? Feel free to send an email to or so it can be included in the next newsletter! 4
  5. 5. Illinois Campus Compact 2011-2012 Issue #2, November 29, 2011 Truman Vet Fair (Continued)Belo, a personal banking representative from FifthThird Bank demonstrating that no matter theorganization, office or title all were present toprovide their services to veterans in need.The fair also served as a tool for providing muchneeded recognition to some of the student veteransin attendance. Truman College President ReaganRomali, along with alderman James Cappleman of Sergeant Crawford, Recruiter for theChicago’s 46th Ward, presented Certificates of National Guard, stands ready to offerAchievement as well as gift certificates to the assistance and informationstudent veterans in attendance with both speakersacknowledging the importance of helping ourveterans who return from the difficult experience ofwar.“Our goal is to provide you with all the socialservices and educational and employmentopportunities we can,” concluded Romali in herspeech.Cappleman, who’s father had served during WorldWar II, continued with a personal account, “My Truman students and vets visiting differentfather didn’t have the support he needed, so his partner tablesstory died with him, we must help all we can whilethey are here…the world is a much better placebecause of our veterans.”Overall the fair was a success and helped advancepart of the AmeriCorps VISTA mission byproviding the many veterans and military familiesin attendance with tools for health, healing andwellness, invaluable aspects of human life not easilyattainable after experiencing the long-reachingeffects of war. Representatives from the Edward Hines Jr. VA Hospital stand by for guidance regarding benefits 5
  6. 6. Illinois Campus Compact 2011-2012 Issue #2, November 29, 2011 NOVEMBER VISTA SPOTLIGHT This edition’s VISTA Spotlight shines brightly on the three VISTA’s operating under the One Good Deed Chicago’s Cities of Service Initiative. Hats off to the OGD crew for successfully completing two events within the same week, engaging at least 130+ volunteers in their park clean up project and linking at least 50 non-profit groups with many potential volunteers, advocates and junior board members through the Find Your Cause event. Helen Gerety, Jenne Myers (Supervisor), Jaime Brisco- Keep up the great work ladies! Riggs and Alexandra Baird Illinois Campus Compact 55 E. Jackson Blvd 8th Floor Suite 800 Chicago, IL 60604