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Adrian Boulding - ILC-UK Future of Ageing Conference


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Presentation slides from Adrian Boulding's speech at the 2017 ILC-UK Future of Ageing Conference, 29 November 2017, London.

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Adrian Boulding - ILC-UK Future of Ageing Conference

  1. 1. My call for a National Care Service Adrian Boulding
  2. 2. Life in 1948 • 1 in 4 homes had no electricity • Many had no indoor bathroom • No central heating • No fitted carpets • No supermarkets • Most houses had no telephone • Less than 1 in 10 households had a car • Foreign travel was mostly by ship • Healthcare was a mixture of charity and paid for, under local authority control
  3. 3. Aneurin Bevan had a vision • Free at the point of use • Available to all who needed it • Paid for from general taxation • Used responsibly • £437m pa • (about £15bn in today’s money) • 3.5% of GDP And a Budget
  4. 4. Creation of NHS was opposed by many • Opposition party voted against it 21 times in Parliament • They wanted an extension to private insurance • The Cabinet was divided • Some believing that local authorities should continue to run healthcare • Fears free treatment would lead to abuse • 7.5 million spectacles dispensed per year • Many healthcare professionals opposed • Fears for hospital endowments
  5. 5. NHS today • “I believe the creation of the NHS is one of the greatest achievements of the 20th century.” • “When your family relies on the NHS all the time – day after day, night after night – you know how precious it is” • Spending on NHS now 8.2% of GDP
  6. 6. Could we have a National Care Service ? •
  7. 7. A National Service • The local authorities resisted the NHS • But are care needs really different by postcode • Elderly admissions to hospital arising from inadequate care vary by a factor of nine across the UK • “For far too long people’s needs assessments have been driven by the service on offer in a particular area” • Care Quality Commission
  8. 8. Free at the point of use • Today, the State takes away her money to pay for care • Did she consent?
  9. 9. Is it affordable ? • Dilnot Commission contains lots of data on costs • They proposed adding 0.2% GDP to care costs • I’m suggesting adding 1% GDP to care costs
  10. 10. A universal service paid for from universal taxes • 21/2p onto income tax rates • A levy of 10% on all estates on death after State Pension Age
  11. 11. A National Care Service • The creation of a National Care Service could be one of the greatest achievements of the 21st Century