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Ilac 2020 presentation 17 sep 10 am - april frazier camera

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Ilac 2020 presentation 17 sep 10 am - april frazier camera

  1. 1. Lead. Train. Advocate. Inspire.
  2. 2. “Each day, Black defenders show up in courts across the country to fight for justice and dignity for their communities… and then the fight comes home with them. For BPDA members, the work is professional and personal.” The Black Public Defender Association was founded in November 2018 to equip Black defenders with the tools to end mass incarceration and dismantle the racist criminal legal system. BPDA prepares Black public defenders to be powerful advocates and transformational leaders, because Americans need and deserve legal representation that is not just sympathetic to racism and oppression, but meaningfully informed by and fighting against it. About BPDA “Mass incarceration will have to be dismantled the same way it was constructed: piecemeal, incrementally, and, above all, locally.” - James Foreman, Jr.
  3. 3. Black defenders share lived experience with impacted communities. Black defenders are experts who understand how law and institutionalized racism oppress people across intersecting systems: the criminal legal system, the housing market, public education, family defense, voting rights, food access, and more. Black Investigators Black social workers Black client advocates Black trial attorneys Black civil rights attorneys Black legal support professionals “Black public defenders” include All advocates working to bring justice and racial equity to their communities. Black public defenders are allies, advocates, and systems experts poised to: Elevate the voices of their clients and their communities, Provide most excellent possible representation to clients, Shine a light on systemic inequities and design alternatives, Write the playbook for dismantling systems of oppression. Who are Black public Defenders?
  4. 4. “Black public defenders have the experience, insights, and identities to understand the extent of the brokenness and violence of the legal system, and the expertise to make the changes needed to this system.” April Frazier-Camara, Co-Founder & Chair April co-founded BPDA while leading the National Legal Aid and Defense Association as its Chief of Lifelong Learning. She is a nationally recognized trainer in the area of leadership, racial equity, diversity and inclusion,and criminal justice reform. Previously, April worked for eight years with the Public Defender Service for D.C., and also served as the Special Assistant in the Juvenile Defender Unit at the Law Office of the Shelby County,Tennessee. Patrice James, Co-Founder and Vice-Chair Patrice James, Director of Community Justice at the Shriver Center on Poverty Law, has spent her career tackling the inequities of the criminal justice system. Most recently she was a founding attorney of Still She Rises in Tulsa, where she led holistic legal representation for low-income women of color, engaged in community building, and shifted the narrative of women involved in the criminal justice system “from broken women to broken systems.” BPDA’S Leadership
  5. 5. Are you grateful for black public defenders? Are you a black public defender? We’re here for you - with skills training, a supportive community, and shared commitment to racial equity. Contact Us: Your dollars will make all of this possible. Support this fight: All donations are tax-deductible. Become a BPDA member! Join us as an ally!
  6. 6. Learn CONTACT US:BlackPublicDefenderAssociation SUPPORT THIS