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Innovation in Situated & Sensory Media, Gunnar Liestøl, UiO


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VERDIKT conference 2013

Published in: Technology, Education
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Innovation in Situated & Sensory Media, Gunnar Liestøl, UiO

  1. 1. Innovation in Situated & Sensory Media Text Gunnar Liestøl Department of Media & Communication University of Oslo
  2. 2. Digital media as a dependent hierarchy General context of... Meaningware Indivdual texts, genres and conventions producers/ users Software Operating system, applications, protocols users/ producers Hardware CPU, screen, memory etc. … cultural, social & economic relationships > Institutt for medier og kommunikasjon (IMK)
  3. 3. Positioning – where in the world the device is (GPS, WiFi, and cell towers). Orientation – in which direction it is pointed (magnetometer/digital compass). Movement – how it is moved and gestured (accellerometer and gyroscope). Touch input – how the user touches and manipulates the phone's interface (screen and physical buttons). Light – (camera for recording still images/video, and pattern reckognition). Sound – (microphone to register audio input or radiowaves for wireless networking). = Sensory Media
  4. 4. Simulation Oseberg Viking Ship, Norway
  5. 5. 2008–2010: Acropolis in Athen
  6. 6. Viking settlement, Borre
  7. 7. Gokstad ship burial mound and harbour in Norway
  8. 8. 2010: Ancient Phalasarna 333BCE
  9. 9. App: Borrehallen
  10. 10. Roman Forum simulation: A window to the past.
  11. 11. Roman Forum
  12. 12. Roman Forum
  13. 13. Holy Mount sitsim (Jerusalem) #sitsim
  14. 14. 2013: ClimSim pre–project (Opera)
  15. 15. 2013: ClimSim pre–project (Ullensvang)
  16. 16. DEMO Project site: