Introduction 1 -_the_iks_project


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Introduction 1 -_the_iks_project

  1. 1. The IKS ProjectSemantic CMS Community Lecturer Organization From free text input to Date of presentation automatic entity enrichment Co-funded by the 1 Copyright IKS Consortium European Union
  2. 2. Page: 2 IKS Project „InteractiveKnowledge Stack (IKS) is an open source community, whose projects are focused on building an open and flexible technology platform for semantically enhanced Content Management Systems (CMS).” The mission of the IKS community is to provide an organizational platform and community for Open Source software projects in the Semantic CMS space. Copyright IKS Consortium
  3. 3. Page: 3 The Mission Interactive Knowledge will close the ...  … engineering gap for CMS architectures: the IKS will enable many open source CMS frameworks to become “semantic”.  … research gap on user interaction with knowledge objects: the use of semantics to support direct user interaction with knowledge content.  … research gap on empirical validation: six technology providers and 50 smaller CMS/KMS providers for controlled engineering experiments to ensure quantitative analysis of requirements and technology validation for semantically enabled, interactive knowledge and CMS.  ... impact gap for industrial take-up: six industrial partners in the consortium and 50 more European CMS/KMS providers and presence in standards bodies (W3C,OASIS, etc). Copyright IKS Consortium
  4. 4. Page: 4 EU Project “There are several hundred CMS and KMS provider for SMEs in Europe. Most of them are currently not able to leverage semantics-based technology for use in their systems. This has a negative impact downstream, on thousands of end-user organisations which are served by these providers.” Interactive Knowledge is funded in part by a €6.58m grant from the European Union Core consortium of seven research partners and six industrial partner Copyright IKS Consortium
  5. 5. Page: 5 The IKS Consortium Project Lead and Coordination Wernher Behrendt Salzburg Research Salzburg Research Forschungsgesellschaft m.b.H. Jakob Haringer Straße 5/3 | 5020 Salzburg, Austria T +43.662.2288-409 | F +43.662.2288-222 www.salzburgresearch.atDeutsches Universität St. GallenForschungsinstitutfür KünstlicheIntelligenz (DFKI)Consiglio SoftwareNationale delle Quality LabRicerche (CNR) Unversität PaderbornSoftware Research and SaarlandDevelopment UniversityConsultancy Ltd (SRDC)Nuxeo Sa. Alkacon Software GmbHTXT Polymedia Pisano Holding GmbHNemein Oy Day Software (now Adobe Systems) Copyright IKS Consortium
  6. 6. Page: 6 The Original Stack „Hypothesis“ Developing technical solutions for providing semantic capabilites on the different layers of the stack Reference implementations of the semantic stack Specification languages and models Methodologies for the systematic specification and development of semantic CMS Copyright IKS Consortium
  7. 7. Page: 7The „Four Layer Stack“ Copyright IKS Consortium
  8. 8. Page: 8 IKS Insights Copyright IKS Consortium