Social War - How do fashion brands perform on Facebook?


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Social War - How do fashion brands perform on Facebook?

  1. 1. SOCIAL WAR Improve your brand’s Facebook strategy  with the key findings of our Social War report! #Socialwar 120621
  2. 2. Conclusions Social Media Strategies Promotions and collaborations Celebrities and social media Social media integration Associative behaviour (compensation)
  3. 3. richard derks Internet Is Zero Tolerance Respectance, community that remembers dead loved ones KaZaA, file sharing success Telecom Finland Export of Dutch cheese to France
  4. 4. iizt MEN_at_WORK J.C. Rags DEPT adidas in’n out parties G-Star Raw city guide NY
  5. 5. About Social War Best practices of 55 national and international fashion brands on Facebook Use these findings to improve social media strategies Focus on interaction, patterns, trends and developments Know what your competitors do! The Social War research started in January 2011
  6. 6. Highlights DKNY / G-Star / Hugo Boss / Jack & Jones JC Rags / DEPT adidas / Armani / Dior / Le Coq Burberry Prada
  7. 7. Jack & Jones/DKNY/Hugo Boss/G-starSocial Media Strategy / budget 2012
  8. 8. Jack & Jones/DKNY/Hugo Boss/G-starSocial Media Strategy/ budget 2012 More active on Facebook since January 2012 Big increase of fans since January 2012 Budget for social media/online Must-have for all brands: The bigger you are, the more im- portant it is to have a well thought-out online strategy. The user gets more and more influence on the brand’s image G-Star
  9. 9. DEPT / J.C. RagsPromotions and collaborations
  10. 10. DEPT / J.C. RagsPromotions and collaborations Winnings Promotions Awareness via collaborations with blogs/artists/celebs/ events The ideal strategy for smaller brands with a limited geo- graphic distribution J.C. Rags
  11. 11. Adidas / Armani / Dior / Le CoqCollaborations with celebrities
  12. 12. Adidas / Armani / Dior / Le CoqCollaborations with celebrities adidas: Katy Perry, Messi Armani: Rihanna, Megan Fox, Christiano Ronaldo Dior: Charlize Theron, Natalee Portman, Mila Kunis Le Coq Sportif: Joakim Noah Celebrities create instant recognition, trust and more in- teraction Benefit from pre-existing social networks (fanbase) Optimal result when the celebrity and target group match Dior
  13. 13. BurberrySocial media integration
  14. 14. BurberrySocial media integration Increase of 60% of the marketing budget of 2011 is used for digital media. (3 times more than the average market budget) More social media, less traditional campaigns More direct communication (dialog) with your fans Free sample give-away of the new Burberry perfume for Facebook fans only (250.000 notifications within 10 days) 50% increase in fans in 9 months (8 to 12 million fans) For brands who want to increase engagement with their fans Burberry
  15. 15. PradaAssociative behavior (compensation)
  16. 16. PradaAssociative behavior (compensation) Associating with an expensive luxury brand (to show your friends / together with friends) Personal branding & self expression For haute couture and high-end brands that aren’t available for everyone (desire) Prada
  17. 17. Conclusions Social War IIZT | March 2012 Brian Solis | June 2012 Social Media Strategies Serve a purpose Promotions and collaborations Deliver engagement Celebrities and social media Offer entertainment Social media integration Enable commerce Associative behaviour (compensation) Contribute to self expression or personal branding
  18. 18. google ranking
  19. 19. the only way is up!
  20. 20. questions? Yves Saint Laurent: Fashion fade, Style is eternal. Bullshit Terrier says: Doggy forever!
  21. 21. NetherlandsPrinseneiland 3031013 LP AmsterdamThe Netherlandst. +31 (0) 20 693 3131f. +31 (0) 20 693 3374