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Session 1 summary of acai use cases nigeria development partners presentation

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Session 1 summary of acai use cases nigeria development partners presentation

  1. 1. The primary partners in Nigeria: Summary of objectives, activities and requests towards ACAI | | Notore; OYSCGA; SAA; C:AVA II; 2SCALE; PSALTRY
  2. 2. Overview of use cases | | Use Case Partner Best Fertilizer Blends (FB) Site-specific Fertilizer Recommendations (FR) Best Planting Practices (PP) Optimal Intercropping with Cassava (IC) Scheduled Planting (SP) High Starch Content (HS) OYSCGA
  3. 3. Notore Chemical Industries Plc. (NOTORE) | | WHO we are: • Notore Chemical Industries Plc (Notore) is one of the leading fertilizer and agro-allied companies in Africa to help the Continent become self-reliant in food production and economic wealth • Current daily production capacity is 1,500 MT urea, 1,000 MT ammonia, 1500MT NPK. What we do: • Introduced affordable 1kg / 10kg fertilizer packs to meet the smallholder farmers needs. • Teach farming best practices via demonstration plots, video sessions and rural market storms through a private extension network of 5000+ trained Village Promoters (VPs) pan Nigeria,. • DFID (2014) recently reported 70-120% higher yields for trained farmers, increased grain outputs of 270,000MT, & generating N22.1 billion GDP as a direct result of Notore extension activities. Request to ACAI/Use cases: • Fertilizer Recommendation (FR) • Fertilizer Blends (FB) Goals and strategy/How we operate: • Leverage on Village Promoter network to do fertilizer field trials and develop the best fertilizer recommendations for cassava. • Plan to produce and Commercialize validated fertilizer blends for farmers to access through our network of appointed Distribution Partners .
  4. 4. Sasakawa Africa Association (SAA) | | Who we are? • SG2000 is an International NGO working with smallholder farmers in Africa to improve the productivity, income and livelihood Goals and Strategy • Improving livelihoods of small-scale farming families in Africa • SG2000/SAA works with: ▪ States ADPs ,Federal Ministry of Agriculture & Rural Development ▪ Agricultural Input Agencies ▪ National Agricultural Extension Services (NAES) ▪ Agro–Processors ▪ Traditional Institutions ▪ Research Institutions (National & International) ▪ Farmers & Farmer Organizations Current activities: • Strengthening the capacity of extension and advisory services in partner countries • Sustainably improving the productivity and production of crops of SHFs • Improving harvesting, post-harvest handling, storage & processing of agric. produce of SHFs & agro-processors • Promoting market-oriented agriculture among smallholder farmers • The current ACAI projects is being implemented in Anambra, Benue, Cross Rivers and Ogun states. Request towards ACAI • Fertiliser recommendations • Cassava/Maize Inter Cropping
  5. 5. Oyo State Cassava Growers Association (OYSCGA) | | Goals and strategy • Mass production of cassava for industrial use & towards attaining food security in Nigeria • Market linkages • Facilitate loans/grants for members, monitor to ensure utilization & recovery of loan facilities. • Acquire land for members’ use to form clusters Current activities • Participating in ACAI project • Working to link members to industries. • Current partnership: Oyo State Government on a new program ‘Agricultural Diversification Development program for farmers aged 18 – 35. Outreach / dissemination network • Send out information to grassroots farmers through State Executive Committee and Local Executive Committee via their monthly meetings Request towards ACAI • Training members on new practices from the trial results to boost yields. • Increase number of BPP trial farms.
  6. 6. Cassava: Adding Value for Africa (C:AVA-II) | | Goals and strategy • Improve livelihood of smallholder cassava farmers in Africa (Nigeria + 4 other African countries • Improve the incomes of >200,000 value chain actors & development of value chains in HQCF, Starch, Ethanol, packaged garri and other cassava product value chains Current activities • Trained farmers on GAP, assisting farmers in sourcing quality planting materials (>5000 bundles) with high starch contents and helped in setting up Cassava Demonstration plots for farmers and Large &SMEs in project areas. • Village and Community processors were trained in Confectionaries E.g. using HQCF for Snacks, other pastries & Master Bakers from SE, SS, NC and SW Nigeria on 10% of HQCF inclusion in bread production. • Works with partners to explore & develop new market opportunities for fresh cassava roots by building and linking smallholder farmers to large starch, ethanol , HQCF and livestock markets. Out reach/Dissemination network • Engagement of Service Providers in about 9 states but restricted to 8 in Nigeria • About 130 EAs currently working with CAVAII for Extension activities with farmers in Oyo , Ogun , Kwara, Kogi, Ondo, Ekiti, Osun and Rivers States with Extension arm of FUNAAB (AMREC) and Catholic mission Extension ,JDPM. Request towards ACAI • Use case Schedule planting and High Starch contents & Best planting practices. • Will benefit Allied Atlantic Distilleries Ltd, Igbesa, Thai Farm Ltd, Ososa, Matna Starch Ltd, Akure , Psaltry Starch International, Ado-Awaaye and Greentech Industries Ltd,Agbara.
  7. 7. 2SCALE | | Goals and strategy • 2SACLE is a consortium of three organizations: the International Fertilizer Development Center (IFDC), The BoP Innovation Center (BoPInc), and ICRA. • The Dutch-funded project entitled “Toward Sustainable Clusters In Agribusiness through Learning in Entrepreneurship” (2SCALE) started in June 2012, to improve rural livelihoods, food and nutrition security in Africa Current activities • Strengthens the capacity of smallholder farmers and SMEs to accelerate value chain and private sector development, through innovation and coordinated action. • Supports cassava farmers in increasing productivity and revenue. • Strengthens linkages and coordination among stakeholders to upgrade the value chain and increase competitiveness. Outreach / dissemination network • Extension Agents of partners within the value chain. • Farmer coaches. • External coaches (BSS – for specialized services) Request towards ACAI • 2SCALE partners ACAI in developing a ‘use case’ inter cropping (IC) tool to enhance the Nigerian productivity and food security. • This will benefit Psaltry International Company Limited via consistent and considerable supply of cassava roots and food security.
  8. 8. Psaltry International Company Ltd. | | Goals and strategy • Psaltry International Company Limited,(PIL) is an agro allied company in Nigeria, established in 2005 to market cassava produce & produce food grade cassava starch. • Psaltry has a robust outgrowers’ programme of >650 farmers cultivating 2500Ha in 6 clusters and 16 farmers’ organization in a 50km radius. • Psaltry runs a 50TPD starch plant at installed capacity Current activities - Production of Cassava Starch - High quality cassava flour - High quality Garri - Extension Services - Farm development and management Outreach / dissemination network • PIL have an extension team of 8 staff who supervise the farms, provide extension services and trainings. Request towards ACAI • Psaltry partners ACAI in developing a ‘use case’ tool of high starch content and schedule planting to enhance the productivity and profitability of cassava in Nigeria using own existing dissemination structures. • This will benefit PSALTRY INTERNATIONAL by providing consistent and considerable source of cassava roots.
  9. 9. Current collaboration with ACAI | | ACAI and primary partners have engaged together in… • Extension Agents/Farmers Linkages: Facilitated access to and interaction with farmers in the key cassava growing areas to provide basic baseline data & characterization required for the project. • Trainings: Knowledge sharing on protocols and appropriate approaches to determine nutrient deficiencies for cassava cultivation - NE, QUEFTS, SSNM, etc. • Hosted trials for various use-cases, monitoring same to collect data required for research testing on the trial farms: Notore has leveraged the Village Promoter network to establish 98 fertilizer recommendation trials in Edo & Osun states; OYSCGA farmers have collaborated in setting up trials for the Best planting Practices in Oyo State; Sasakawa Global 2000 is working on the Cassava/Maize Inter Crop Use case in in Anambra, Benue, Cross Rivers and Ogun states; CAVA II is working on Schedule planting/High Starch contents, Best planting practices use cases in Ogun and Oyo States. • Inputs Sensitization: Farmers are linked and closer to inputs vendors (CPP, Planting materials, Cutting, Fertilizers, etc.). • Local Conformity: Influencing local cassava production system and farm socio-economics /biophysical variability/ and historical/current management practices on cassava yields in the target areas.
  10. 10. Benefit from collaboration with ACAI | | • Higher productivity and profitability:  More than 20% increase in yield.  Help to tailor cassava production to suit specific soil nutrient needs.  Optimization of cassava/maize intercropping production.  Food security and job creation. • Cost saving on R & D fertilizer blends for cassava in the study areas. • Maximization of the planting windows relative to the agro-climatic factors. • Improving the income of smallholder farmers along the value chains and; • Provide raw material upgrade for the cassava based industries.
  11. 11. Expectations from ACAI and this meeting | | Primary partners would like ACAI to… • Collaborate further with Development Partners to validate trial results and action plan for dissemination to farmers. • Plan on modalities for the deployment of Decision Support Tools for the respective use cases. • Facilitate Trainer Training for extension agents (development partners) on the new DSTs. • Support the commercialization of new fertilizer blends for cassava. • Set up interaction milestones for all developmental partner activities. We expect to leave this meeting with… • Clear vision of how the validation of trial results will be conducted and the roles of each development partner. Learning from Tanzania experiences will be an added advantage. • Plan on how to test and evaluate the efficiency of the Decision Support Tools on the respective programs of the primary partners and their farmers. • Work plan for 2018 activities.