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Arifu IITA zanzibar


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Intro for ARIFU

Published in: Science
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Arifu IITA zanzibar

  1. 1. Company Overview
  2. 2. Arifu is an East African social enterprise placing information and opportunity in the palm of everyone’s hands. The Arifu chatbot - with its basic-phone compatibility and content marketplace - enables personalized advisory services that makes learning free and relevant while generating valuable insights and analytics for partners. Arifu launched in March 2015 and has grown to provide learning to over 1 million learners in Kenya, Zambia, Tanzania, Rwanda and Nigeria. ARIFU
  3. 3. Available without airtime or internet Interactive, narrative-based and engaging content Personalized learning paths based on segmentation Hi! It's ARIFU. Reply with a number to learn for FREE how to: 1. Grow my money 2. Build my business 3. Increase my yields 4. Products 5. Tell friends Different topics to suit all your learning needs Available on any type of phone DEMO LEARNEREXPERIENCE
  4. 4. Analytics Disaggregated and downloadable data based on learner profiles Location View where your users are located on our heat maps Engagement Measure preferences and interests by level of engagement Learner profile Learn more about your users through their individual profiles Knowledge Score See how your users’ learning changes over time PARTNERDASHBOARD
  5. 5. Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Design Content Deliver Content Get Insights SERVICES
  6. 6. Fertilizer Recommendation Example: The flow diagram shows a sample learner journey for a farmer requesting a fertilizer recommendation. It shows how farmers’ inputs will be used to generate a recommendation. USECASES
  7. 7. No. User Case Recommendation given 1 Fertilizer recommendation Recommendation on fertilizers to use and the total estimated cost 2 Best planting practice (PP) Give the best tillage recommendations 3 Scheduled planting Gives the recommended planting and harvest dates 4 Intercropping recommendation Recommendations on cassava-maize intercropping USECASES
  8. 8. Let’s place information and opportunity in reach of everyone. How do I get in touch? Send an email to