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Using the information sharing journey model


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Presentation at the Improving Information Sharing & Management dissemination event at the LGA in London on May 24th. Presented by Nicola Underdown, IISaM project.

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Using the information sharing journey model

  1. 1. Working the modelNicola UnderdownIISaM Project Officer
  2. 2. What model?The Information Sharing Journey model
  3. 3. What were we trying to achieve?• Better services for target group• Cost savings on service delivery
  4. 4. Designing and planningWhat information do weneed to make this work?What are the risks?Is it legal? How will we monitorwhat is going on?
  5. 5. Turning theory into practiceBe innovative and find a way!
  6. 6. ImplementingMonitoring and Evaluation - do we need tochange anything?
  7. 7. Realising BenefitsWhat have we achieved?Better services, cost savings, etc
  8. 8. MainstreamingMonitor and evaluatethe processes andprocedures tomake sure theyremain fit forpurpose
  9. 9. So what does this mean for theway we work?
  10. 10. The Improving Information Sharingand Management
  11. 11. ActivityOn your tables take a look at the template forapplying the IISaM Toolkit to the InformationSharing Journey.Start anywhere you want on the journey anddecide which of the tools on the index fitwhich stage.You will be moving around the tables to help fillin the other templates.
  12. 12. FeedbackWhat worked well?Can you see any gaps?
  13. 13. Working the modelNicola UnderdownIISaM Project Officer